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Hello Friends, Most of the people think that starting a business is very difficult it’s difficult to be an Entrepreneur many people think that business requires lot of investment, lot of hard work, need to take financial risk need to leave job, and many such difficult thing needs to be done in a business which isn’t possible for everyone to do it but author of this book, who himself is a very successful businessman who runs million dollar software company since 20 years, he says that such believe related is business is wrong, it’s a myth problem is when most of the people think about business,they directly think about creating a BILLION DOLLAR business like TATA, ELON MUSK, BILL GATES, AMBANI But authors says that at start it will be best for people to create a side business which is profitable and sustainable which generates a good side income for you author says that creating side business is something which people can do easily without losing current job and studies and don’t need to invest much In this book author has shared different-different principles which he had learned through his years of experience and after following those principles anyone can start a successful business and i have shrink that into a magic sentence, you can call it a startup mantra which is somewhat like SCRATCH THE ITCH WITH CORE MINIMUM AND FIGHT PASSIONATELY WITH LESS Actually in these sentence 4 principles are hidden which i will explain to you one bye one first principle SCRATCH THE ITCH Vic Firth was a great drum player of a very good orchestra group after playing drum for many years he noticed one thing which frustrated him a lot the thing which used to irritate him was, which ever drumsticks he used to use to play drum wasn’t similar to each other, both sticks used to be different from each other in terms of density & weight because of it that drum never produces same level of pitch and sound this thing used to irritate him a lot Hence what he did in order to solve this problem, he went to his basement did research and created same density, weight and pitch drumsticks after which he named those drumsticks as THE PERFECT PAIR His Drumsticks became so famous that today his Company which creates Drumstick owns 62 percent of Drumstick market and dominates the market similarly, Bill Bowerman who was a Track Coach when he wasn’t getting a light weight perfect shoes in the market for his students then he himself went to a local work shop and he himself created a light weight and strong shoes which was liked by almost everyone and from then on Nike Company has started and today almost everyone knows about Nike company and brand similarly, even author started a consulting firm in the start when he was handling lots of projects of different companies at that time he realised and noticed in order to manage so many projects there is not perfect tool available in the market hence in order to tackle this problem what he did with his partners he created a software which can easily manage all the projects, and it was a very useful creation therefore every company was in need of that software hence many companies started buying his software and this way his business became successful and today he is earning in millions if you notice in all three examples, then you will come to know that everyone felt some problems in their lives, they felt some itch in their lives, and to tackle or to overcome that itch they came up with a useful solution, similarly even you notice in your day-to-day life what problems you are facing and how to can overcome that problem through a useful and perfect product your main aim should be solving a real problem and it would be best if you have your own problems because when you find solution for your own problems chances of understanding it properly becomes high and because of which you can take quick and better decisions while creating a product sometimes searching others problem solution can be like shooting an arrow in the dark second WITH CORE MINIMUM i will ask you a question, suppose you want to do a Burger Business what is the main thing requires to convert this idea to a successful business what is the thing without which you can’t have a successful business what you required the most is it a shop employees or anything else well obviously the most important thing which you need to start a successful business will be your BURGERS Your burgers should be the best, no matter how good or bad your shop or employees are people will come to eat only when you have best quality burgers hence here tasty burgers will be the core of your business and at start your maximum focused should be on your core maximum people has the same problem, they put their focus time energy and money on other things instead of having a maximum focus on their core lack of core focus at start isn’t a wise choice or decision example, When author started his Basecamp business, at that time he focused on core & invested very less they didn’t opened their own office they used a shared office space they didn’t used many servers, they used just one good server they didn’t hire customer support team, they themselves answered mails and calls similarly even you should focus on must have things not on nice to have things having a good degree is something nice to have, whereas you can learn various things on google and youtube it’s good to quit your job and start a business but maximum time you can handle both just by removing some extra time, instead of wasting your time of television useless shows and on social media and procrastination, you can save that time and utilise it on handling your business Taking an investment from outside is good but you can create something great at home just by using some cheap and free things the most important thing is that in today’s technology or in digital world doing things have become very easy things which were tough earlier is possible today with the use of computer hence ask yourself or better write it down, what are the must things you require to start a business after writing thoroughly notice everything and see like seriously you need it or not or you can use alternative cheap things to start your business example, when i was thinking about starting my seeken channel at that time i would have thought that before starting a channel let me first learn animation through classes, or i should learn to create videos on camera or i should save to buy an expensive mic only after all this i should start a channel, but i haven’t thought about all these nice to have things because i knew that my youtube videos core will be book summaries therefore i bought cheap but good quality mic, i searched a good animation software for which i didn’t have to invest on camera or on other things i just focused on my core, i focused on my videos content and you all can see the results Third Fight Passionately when you start a business after removing a solution of any problem by a minimum investment then the next question will come how you will look different in the crowd how you will stand out. so that others will choose your business well the best way through which you can make it possible is by fighting with your competitor brand example, Dunkin donuts used to do market themselves as An Anti Starbucks they focus more on the fact that they are not like starbucks they never give fancy names to their cups like starbucks in fact they have created a website known as where visitors send cards in which they writes a real friend doesn’t allow other friend to waste their money on Starbucks etc, similarly, Audi Did marketing as Anti-old luxury cars they go beyond their limits and make fun of Lexus Mercedes brand in their ads and says that they are just not like them few days back i have seen an ad of 7up which is a Pepsico company brand in that ad it says that how today’s generation isn’t clear in anything and we are just like this only by making such ad they are directly or indirectly challenging the other brand Sprite which is of cocacola company, sprite usually talks opposite of 7 up ads, sprite says “SPRITE CLEAR HAI” You will notice these two and many other companies fight with each other why because they know that we human love to take sides, and when we take side of anything we emotionally get attached to those things hence if you say what you believe in and challenge to those who doesn’t have believe like you then this thing will attract those people who have similar believe like you people with same believe will support you and also use your product fourth WITH LESS Harvard Cambridge are considered as some of the best universities in the world but have you ever thought even after being so successful why these universities never open their different branches in different countries, because for them it’s not a big deal but still they don’t open their branches, because they know it’s good to compete with less because they know if they start different branches in other countries then their quality and their image will not remain the same most of the businesses you will they are just busy competing with numbers they feel it is good to have more, more employees in the office, more features in the product and they even feel that if they have more food items in their menu then their restaurant will work more author says that such thinking is totally wrong example, author tried two coffee shops which was near his house first coffee shop which he tried, he used to get confuse just by looking that coffee shop menu because that menu has so many different types of coffee written on it even after trying almost every coffee he didn’t feel good, because of lack of quality but when he tried second coffee shop, there they used to sell only 4 types of coffee choosing coffee there was easy but the best part was quality of the coffee, quality was the best reason their quality was best because they used to focus on making those few items the best and as the result author always used to go to that coffee shop you will notice most of the people make the same mistake, if their competitor give 2 feature in their product then they will give 3, if competitor gives 3 then they will give 4 such competition reduces their product quality and also decreases their profit if they focus on few things and make sure to give the best quality in that few thing then their profit will improve for sure and also they will have a successful business if they focus on few things and it’s quality then they will able to compete with big fish they will face success by focusing on quality not by focusing on numbers. hence even you must compete with less at start by this you will save more money, will have more profit and soon you will face success With these 4 principles, one magic sentence is made which you must always remember STRETCH THE ITCH WITH CORE MINIMUM AND FIGHT PASSIONATELY WITH LESS Before ending this video book summary, one extra bonus principle or lesson which author teaches us is that maximum people say that we must learn from our failures but reality is we can never learn what we must do from our failure instead from our failures we can only learn what we should never do again author say in order to learn what you must do, you should learn from success and from people who are doing successful business only then you’ll able become successful and same thing even i teach in my seeken channel through book summaries and mentors so that our failure chances reduces and we improve in our lives and face success soon and easily these were some amazing knowledge from an amazing book Re-work By Jason about which Billionaire mark Cuban says, that if two people come to him for investment, one who has read Re-work book and one who has MBA, I am Investing on Re-work every time. this is really a very great book, hence if you want to learn this amazing book knowledge then can buy this book from the given link in below description and if you want free audio book of this book then can take it from even i have taken this book audio book, audible is an amazon company which gives one month free audio book trail only after that 1 month free trial they charge if you continue their service if you never want to miss any of my videos then do subscribe and click on the bell icon don’t forget to click the bell icon only then you will receive notification on sunday’s otherwise you will miss such useful knowledge, hence do click the bell icon do like this video if you find these knowledge useful, do comment your views do share this video with your friends and family who are interested in startups and business do support this channel and finally thanks for watching…

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