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hi if you’re here you probably saw one
of my videos read one of my blogs or looking for a way to make money online
or worst of all you got here by accident hey if you got here by accident leave
right now because this isn’t for you there’s a lot more interesting sites
than this if however you’re looking for a way to promote your business online or
start a business online or just interested in how people make money
online then you’re at the right place hi I’m J.R. Fisher president and founder
of and junior in 2009 I decided I wanted
to start selling products online it sounded great and there were so many
people who wanted to tell me how to do it
oh yeah and charged me tons of money but they told me I could make money 24/7 and
all I had to do was set up a site sell on auction sites or promote my current
business which I didn’t even have one at the time and I could get rich Wow that
all sounded great but being someone who was not an idiot I checked out these
internet gurus and all of them were just selling information no I don’t mean they
actually sold products and then told me how they did it
no no they had never sold anything but information they were just experts in
selling information not actually telling me how to sell real products you see I
wanted to sell survival products and somebody who had never sold anything
online well that really didn’t impress me it
was certainly interesting to see how they would market their programs though
they had screenshots of their sales they posed with big houses in fancy cars so
Who am I well I’m not an internet guru I don’t want to show you my fancy car and
I don’t want to show you my house or my bank account heck it’s really easy to
figure out who I am I own a company called and I’ve
built a branded survival food that has sold millions of dollars of products I
don’t need to tell you how much we’ve done because when you search millions not hundreds of results you
will find that there are websites throughout America that sell our
products not just us so what does all of this mean to you well I’ve taken all of
those successful steps that we took put them in a simple to follow ebook series
and I’m gonna give them to you for free as a matter of fact you can download my
seven ebook series on this site and read step by step what to do and how to
succeed in a business online you know it can be done and you may have some fear
about not being able to do it or that I am special and you can’t but rest
assured you can you can learn this type of business and you can succeed the way
many people before you have including myself I have not had any formal
internet training but Wow if I had this information that I’m giving you when I
started it would have been a whole lot easier yeah this program would have
saved me tons of time money and aggravation do you have a business well
I can also show you how you can capture millions of new customers by using my
simple and easy techniques that you can do too how much does all of this cost
it’s free yep that’s right it’s free so what’s the catch well there really isn’t
one all you have to do is give me your email address and I will send you this
free entire ebook series and you can see it will work for you too sometime in the
future I may be coming out with a limited complete video program and when
I do this I’ll notify you about the program if you want to get it great if
not then accept this free course that tells you how to start and grow a
successful business online if you have any questions feel free to email me at
training at and yep I answer my own emails why am I doing this
well I’ve been very successful online and heck why not share this valuable
information with you so that you can enjoy the successes that
I’ve had don’t wait though claim your offer right now click below get your
free ebook course before I stop giving it away hey and if you’re that person
that got here by accident seriously why are you still here there’s a lot more
interesting sites out there or in the internet are you at the end of the
Internet oh my god that’s terrible well I guess I’ll give you the free series
too so click below right now

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10 thoughts on “How to Start Online Internet Business: Make Money by Selling Products – JR Fisher Online

  1. Subscribed! Very cool, I have tried Shopify and had a nice little store setup but never sold anything.. then I moved onto Clickfunnels, with no success. Hoping you can help me out! Thanks, great info I’ll be watching more of your videos today!

  2. This is what I get when I click on the link for the Ebooks…Oops, the page you were looking for isn't here.

  3. Hi J.R. – The link in your description for the free ebook course now leads to a 404 page. Is there a new link? I'd love to read the material!

  4. Watched your video on wholesale ted and you talking about reviewing FB ads

    Is it possible to find the strong sponsored ads on facebook that go on feed? My personal FB profile gets only SEO ads (you can guess why haha) – but i'm looking to find those ads running aliexpress products (with high engagements). Hope this makes sense.

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