How To Start Shopify Dropshipping The Right Way | 6 Steps To Make $100K

(mellow contemporary music) – Yo, yo what is goin’ on everybody? Welcome back to the channel. It’s your man Mohamed Camara and I appreciate you for tuning in and for everybody who’s looking
to get into dropshipping or e-commerce but don’t
quite have any clarity on what you should be doing next or what things you should be
doing right away step by step, this video is gonna give
you a lot of clarity on the six steps that you need to follow in order to get your business from doing well being nonexistent to actually generating some
revenue in the near future okay? I can’t give you an exact revenue amount but I thought to myself
if I was to start over as a dropshipper what would
I do knowing what I know now with over $700,000 spent in Facebook ads? What would I do differently and I pretty much boiled
it down to six steps okay? So the very first thing I would do if I’m just getting into e-commerce whether you are somebody
who’s got traffic already but you can’t quite
get Facebook ads right, you can’t get profitable sales,
whether you’re just somebody who’s been browsing around YouTube you know you’re trying
to find some information, whether you’re just somebody who’s looking for the right system, these are the six steps that I would take in order to see success in
a very short amount of time with my dropshipping business. So let me lay out all the
steps for you guys right here. The first thing I would
do, very first thing is you have to find your
winning product okay? Your business doesn’t
exist without your product and what makes your product good? Well, it needs to be high quality okay? It needs to have good customer reviews. It needs to have high-quality images which is gonna make it easier to sell. It needs to be, have at
least a $15 break even point so that you can have some
margins in there to profit after spending money on advertising. Okay I see people go and
find winning products but these products will be like products that are like $6 that
they’re selling it for and expecting to generate millions. That’s, why do that when you
can just get a good product to start off with okay? So if you want more information on how to do product research,
I’m a link a video above here but this is the very first
thing I would do okay? And the reason why is because
one, as a complete beginner, you know it’s very easy to get
lost and not know where to go but having that product, after you get that winning product is gonna give you a lot of clarity as to who you’re gonna target. Are you gonna start thinking about oh I could probably sell
this to this type of person, oh I could probably sell
this baby product to moms and like this, oh could
probably sell this book bag to tech people who need somewhere
to put their laptop right? So it’ll start to generate ideas and the rest of the process
becomes that much more easier because you have a tangible product to base your store and your brand around. And I wanna outline two
ways that you can go and as a complete beginner
have a winning product, a product that has the potential to generate six figures
this year is out there. There’s millions of them out there and let me tell you how to go find them. One, you can either hire
somebody to do it for you okay? So that is in another video I mentioned, it’s one of my previous videos on how to hire a product researcher. So I’ll link that up above
here but that’s gonna cost you and as a complete beginner
I’d recommend you go and do option two which is to do the
product research yourself. I also have videos explaining
how to do this as well and you can check those out on my channel but doing it yourself
would give you some insight as to what kind of products
are selling in the first place and it’ll save you money
but I would say hey, if you have the resources,
if you have an extra 20 bucks laying on the side then go
hire somebody to do it for you. One, they’re better at it than you and two you know it’s gonna
save you time and headache and you can start focusing
on your next step, which I’m gonna get into right now, which is step number two
building out your store, okay? I’ve seen a lot of people go
and build their store first, which is fine. I’m glad you’re taking action but it’s kinda like what do you build if you don’t have a product for it, right? So I would build the
store in my second step because it’s gonna be a lot easier after I have that product and there’s two ways to go about this. The free route is to use
free themes on Shopify. They give you these free themes and I would recommend using
the Venture theme okay? So that’s a free, absolutely free theme
for you to get started but the second option would
be to go and get paid themes if you wanna go all in right off the bat and to tell you the truth it all comes down to your
marketing and your design on how well your store’s
gonna perform anyway. So don’t stress about
the design of your store if you don’t even have
your marketing right because if you can’t
get people to the store then your store doesn’t matter. It’s basically, it’s equivalent
to being nonexistent. Spend some time on your store
but don’t stress about it and a free theme can perform just as well as a paid theme all right? Because I get like 4% conversion
rates on Venture theme and there was a store that I
had, I used the Turbo theme and I was getting 1.5% conversions. So it really depends on how you finesse it and how you wanna play
and decorate your store. As far as the paid themes I would recommend going with
either Turbo or Booster okay? So those are two paid themes that I would recommend
for your second step after you find your product. But definitely not necessary. Don’t worry about getting those if you’re just getting started, especially if you’re trying
to do this thing on a budget. Now the third thing I
would recommend you do is go test that product. Now you have your product, now you have the store
built out for that product, now we’re ready to receive some traffic. So go and test that
product in Facebook ads. Of course you already know I got your back with some videos around the channel on how you can go and craft
the perfect Facebook ad that’s going to sell, that’s not only gonna get people to click but get people to click,
pull out their wallet, and pay you. I don’t wanna get into
the technical details of step number three. You can go check out the video because it’s easy to get confused, especially if you have no
experience with dropshipping on that part but the videos
will explain it very clearly. Now step number four, what do
I do after I have my product, I have a store, and
I’ve tested my product? Well now it’s time to make a decision whether your product is worth advertising and if it’s profitable you
wanna keep advertising it or if you should cut it and kill it and if you have a winning product then you’ve done all the groundwork right for ya know finding your
winning product first then you know the testing should be, it should work just fine because you’ve done the
hard work beforehand which is why I always say the product is like 80% of your success. So really focus on
getting the right product ’cause it’s building the foundation for the rest of your journey. And this part is not that easy okay? This is where most
dropshippers are gonna fail. One, because they don’t
know how to advertise okay? They don’t know how to
match up the right product with the right audience or they just don’t know
what metrics to look at in Facebook ads. And I’m telling you
there’s just a few metrics that you need to know in
order to make good decisions for your business and keep
making profitable decisions. Pay attention to your clickthrough rate, your link clickthrough rate. That’s gonna show how much people are
actually clicking your ad. You wanna focus on of course
purchases that it gets and you also wanna focus on
having a low cost per click, a low CPC, and I’m not
gonna get into the details. This is just a beginner video. You don’t need to worry about any of that, especially if you don’t
even have a product yet. But let me outline the
5th thing I would do. Now, ideally you have a winning product and you want to now scale that product. So of course scale okay. Once you find that product that works, now it’s time to blow it up
and this is where it get fun. This is where most dropshippers want to be but they skip all the other steps that this just doesn’t work okay? Because you have to work,
you have to work your ads. You have to work your product and ya know get it to be profitable. So it’s all about at this point it’s about increasing your reach. At this point you should have metrics that’s telling you all right
for every dollar I’m putting in this is how much I’m getting back and you should make a predictable decision on how much money you should be making. You literally control
your income with this which is why I love it. At just the push of a button I can say all right my ads are
doing pretty well right now let me just double my budget and overnight I can
have double the revenue. So that’s when things
get really, really fun. You can do up to like $10,000 a day. I’ve been able to do $20,000 in one day. You have the potential. The internet is a beautiful thing okay? And the beauty about scaling is that you can have a million people check out on your website in one minute. Your store is open for
everybody everywhere and it can serve multiple
people all at the same time, which is one of the
beauties of e-commerce. And I just wanna say this about scaling. Scaling is not about
throwing more money okay? It’s about increasing your reach. You don’t need to just say all
right, this is working here and just slap on a thousand dollar budget. It’s strategic okay? So retargeting is a form of scaling. Creating look-a-like audiences
is a form of scaling. The sixth thing and the
final thing that I would do is finally brand your store okay? It’s very important to have a brand so that in the long run things are like you get repeat customers, which is something most
dropshippers aren’t doing okay? Your favorite gurus out here on YouTube, they’re not talking about
how to get fast shipping. I’m averaging six-day shipping times okay and you can get great products, you can get great service
and delivery and all of that if you have the right system okay? So at this point you should
have everything work. You should have a product,
you should have a store that’s converting very well,
you tested the product, you’ve figured out what
metrics you wanna focus on and that product getting very
good at Facebook ads here. 5th thing you wanna scale that product and then the 6th thing is you wanna start to brand your store. So add your automatic emails so you get an additional
15% to 20% revenue added on to your store
just from email sequences. You wanna hire somebody to help you out because at this point you’re gonna need help
with fulfilling orders and doing the customer service inquiries and emails, all right? In all, in entirety that
is the six-step action plan I have laid out for any beginner or for anybody who’s looking
to get into dropshipping whether you have experience or not, all you need is a laptop
and a WiFi connection to get things going and of
course this six-step process is the outline of Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 okay? So the very first week we’ll go ahead and find you your winning product. I will guide you on the seven requirements that every six-figure winning
product must have okay? And all you need is one
product to do, for example in the course I show a product
that was able to generate over 300K, $300,000 in
revenue within 38 days. Okay so all you need is one product to really change your life. The 2nd week we get into the store design. So I actually give all
my students a free theme. I give them the template and
the exact theme that I have and all you have to do is copy and paste so that it’s very, very easy
for you to build your store. Again, even if you have no experience it’s drag and drop and it’s ya
know step by step literally. There’s just no way to get it wrong. 3rd week we go to war okay? We go and we test our products, we go and put it out into
the market for the first time and that’s where we get
good at copywriting. You have to know how to write
so that your writing sells. People read a lot of the
comments in any advertisements or anything nowadays. It’s not just a visual thing. You have to know how to
sell through words okay? So copywriting is big and we
actually go and test those, we find unique audiences
that aren’t that competitive so you can be profitable and then in week four it’s
called Facebook ads mastery okay? And this is my favorite week
because as you guys seen I have one other video on this channel, it’s called Traffic and No Sales. That module is one of the three modules in Facebook ads mastery and that alone people will pay me hundreds
of dollars for okay but it’s on YouTube for free of course ’cause you guys are liking this video and you’re subscribing to the channel. I really do appreciate ya. But that is week four and that’s where you
get really, really good at Facebook ads. You’re gonna need a
mentor for Facebook ads whether you’re a beginner or not. Facebook ads is a different beast. You need to get somebody
to teach you that. 5th thing you wanna do is scale okay? So I go over all my scaling strategies that’ve been able to get
me to doing $20,000 a day with some stores okay? So simple things like
doing manual bidding. People don’t, that’s the
best way to get predictable and profitable results is to just switch all your
campaigns to manual bidding okay? But to do that you have
to know your numbers. Go back to week four, Facebook ads. You have to know what numbers
and what metrics to pull so that you can set up
your ad sets the right way when you go to scale. Now on top of that we go over CBO, you know campaign budget optimization. Go over horizontal scaling. I don’t do vertical scaling
because that will break and damage your ad sets. You only wanna scale
horizontally nowadays. That alone is enough to get you to $1,000 a day horizontally. And then in week six we
really go over email marketing and hiring and all the
legal stuff you need to do in order to have a structured business that’s built to sustain
in the long run okay? So automation is really, really key. There’s no point of building the business if you’re just gonna be stuck
working in it all right? That last week it teaches you
how to work on your business but not in it and hire and delegate tasks and actually be a CEO and
not just a YouTube guru who’s claiming that they’re a boss. Yeah, that’s pretty much the breakdown. That’s the six steps that I would do, that’s the six steps I would
take and ya know subsequently it’s the reason why I’ve
formatted my program into a six-step program like that so that it can get your
results in just 42 days. So if you’re interested in
that the link is down below in the comments. If you got some value out of this video you can click the Like button, you can subscribe to this channel. Again, I’m not gonna be on here too much. It is 4th quarter, I do gotta stay busy and occupied with my e-commerce stores. We’re doing crazy things like
getting custom packaging now. We’re opening up our product lines to different types of
upsells and cross sells so we can increase our average order value which is something
that’s very important too so for any of you guys, like beginners just please, please, please stay away from the gurus out there who are doing it all for clicks and views. They’re not gonna give you
the information that you need. They’re just trying to get
views for their own benefit. So ya know, I hope you
guys appreciate the real and you already know what it is. What I want you to do if you really, really got
some value out of this and you wanna help me grow this channel, you wanna help continue everything that we’re doing down here I want you to comment down below how to start Shopify dropshipping. So how to start Shopify dropshipping. Ask any question, leave
any comment, opinion, any suggestions of videos
I should make in the future and I’ll be happy to consider those. I answer every single comment every time. So Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 is
taking off right now, it’s going crazy, going crazy. We had like over 100 new students join in the past week or so. But yeah man, if you
wanna take this seriously and you’re just looking for
the right mentor, I’ve got you but I’m gonna need you to
take me seriously all right? But in the meantime man I
hope you enjoyed this video, I hope you got some value out of it and again I’ll link some videos right here for you guys to check out and I’ll see y’all in the next one. It’s your boy Mohamed Camara, peace. (mellow contemporary music)

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