– It’s 2018. There are a lot of you who want
to start your own business, and I think that’s why
you clicked on this video. My name’s Roberto Blake. I’m a creative entrepreneur. That means I’m an entrepreneur who deals in creative services, things like intellectual property, video, content marketing, you
know, that sort of thing. I’m also a public speaker. I built a successful
six-figure coaching business in addition to my
personal brand in YouTube. One of the questions that I get the most, especially in my live streams and also from a lot of
my coaching clients, is what do you need to do in order to start your own business? Now, there are a couple
of things to unpack here. First of all, I live in the United States, which means that if you’re
somebody who is in Canada, the UK, or abroad watching this video, there are certain things
that you need to look up and do your own research for, and I’m gonna kind of give
you a little bit of advice regarding some of those things. And also, because of
government regulations, there are some questions regarding taxes and things of that nature that I straight up am not
allowed to answer for you. But I’m going to tell you
how to get the answers for those things on your own. So if any of that interests you at all, you’re on the right video. If not, there are over 1,000
other videos on this channel and maybe one or two of them can help you. So I would invite you to
subscribe, get notifications, and also just check out
what’s in the library here. The Internet and the digital age has made entrepreneurship more accessible to people than it’s ever been. That doesn’t mean it’s any
easier or any less complicated. It just means that more
people can get started with a lot less money and with
a lot less time to put in. That being said, you
should always take the time to do your research. For all of the legal things
that you need to know, you have to look up
what the rules and codes and regulations are for your local area. Even down to the county you’re in might require you to
have a business license. You also should consider
whether you need to do a certain legal entity. Now, there’s a book
that I’m gonna recommend that can help you decide what legal entity that you should start and which one’s gonna
be advantageous for you. It will also give you
some advice on your taxes. That’s a book called Start
Your Own Business 7th Edition. I’m going to link to it down below. I’m also going to link to a list of 100 books I used to build my business. I have a very extensive book collection, and it’s been helpful over the years. For direct questions about your taxes, you should look at talking to
a certified public accountant. You should consider
talking to a tax agency, like H&R Block or somebody,
whoever’s local to you, or even your attorney or legal counsel. These are people who are
allowed to get detailed with those kind of questions and they can answer what you need, and often they will not charge you to answer those basic questions. Oftentimes, a lot of the
FAQs on their website will also answer those questions. If you’re in the United
States, you can go to and most of the questions
are answered there. It won’t be in a convenient,
easy-to-use format. It will be a lot of reading. But it will answer the far
majority of your questions. I’m also going to link
to any content I’ve found from legal experts that
are here on YouTube and you can just choose
to take whatever they say with a grain of salt. But it at least will
be informative for you. So I’m going to link to those
in the description down below along with other resources
that you should be looking at and that can help you with those kinds of specific questions. If you’re going to get
legal or tax advice, the reality is you should be
getting it from an expert. You should be getting it from somebody who specifically focuses in only
doing that type of thing. It’s gonna be the best answer. There are also great books
that I’m gonna recommend that can help you begin to
wrap your head around it. There’s a lot of jargon to unpack. So maybe that’s useful to you. Also, like I said, your geography matters. Your state, your country, your city will have different codes and regulations and things that go along with it. So I could only ever
give you the information on my situation, which
may not apply to you for anything legal or tax wise. So it’s not really that
helpful at the end of the day. Just being upfront about that. With regard to building your
online digital business, you need a website and a domain name. I’m gonna recommend Bluehost. It’s who I use for a lot
of my different websites. And they give a massive
discount to this community. They’re not sponsoring. It’s just a discount that I
found to hook you guys up with and I get an affiliate commission. So we’re good there. Link’s in the description. You also, if you’re not someone
who wants to use WordPress, which I definitely would recommend, you can also just use I’m gonna link to that as well. That’s just a drag-and-drop visual thing that you can use to build your website. The importance of having a domain name, owning your own .com, is that when people search
for you and your business, they’re gonna be able to find it. You have a place where you
control the information. Yes, social media is free and you should take advantage of it, but marketing yourself, you want to be able to
control your messaging, you want to own your own platform, because the platforms change the rules. They can decide that you’re
not a good fit for it or they could decide that your business is somehow something
disadvantageous to the platform. We see this happen all the time. So you want to own your own website, your own platform, your own domain name. The other great thing about
having your own domain name is it means you have a
professional email address. When starting a business and
wanting to manage things, having people get in touch with you with a professional email
address is always helpful. You also want separate email
addresses for different things. You might want one that is your name. You might want one that is
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] You want to separate a lot of these things so that you have diversified systems. The other thing is you want
to go ahead and have accounts where things can be paid from and where you can also receive money. Part of this is obviously
setting up a PayPal account. I also recommend setting
up a Stripe account. Just having some of these
different online payment gateways is actually very helpful
for your online business because there are platforms and services where you can receive money where one is viable and the other is not. Also, some of you are
abroad internationally. Some of you can’t use
PayPal for whatever reason. Stripe and Venmo and Square
are great alternatives to PayPal for the rest of you. Also, just a general rule, the smart thing is to separate personal and professional finances. Again, I can’t go super deep into this. But literally, if you
can have a bank account for every little different thing, I would set up a bank account for every different little thing, and you’ll, again, probably want to tie one of those specifically and
exclusively to the business. In terms of making sure
you’re getting paid, just depending on the
type of business you have, you might need invoicing software. You also might want to have software for keeping track of everything. There are a lot of people who
use QuickBooks from Intuit. You could also FreshBooks. If you’re doing freelance services and you also want to do contracts, which I highly recommend
you use contracts, there is something that makes that simple called Hello Bonsai. I’m gonna link to that down below as well. Most of these resource
links in the description are affiliate links. Some of them are not. The majority of them probably
are, so just disclosing that, ’cause that’s the other fun thing about being a business owner. You have to have disclaimers
and disclosure for everything. So you also want to make sure you get the proper legal forms and templates. So you want to hunt those down. LegalZoom is a great resource for getting all of that taken care of. I don’t have an affiliate link for them, but just use the link down there and get what you need from them. And it’s usually helpful
for the majority of people. I also recommend that you look at getting business insurance. I’ll link to somebody else’s
video on business insurance because it’s something that
you can’t really gloss over and requires a dedicated video. But in the same way that you
have insurance on your car just in case the worst should happen, or hopefully you have health insurance, you want insurance for the health and financial security
of your business as well. You also want to insure
any of your equipment. So like I said, I’m gonna
find somebody else’s video, I’m gonna link to that, and you can go into the details there. So just get business
insurance if you can do it. If you’re just starting out, you don’t have the budget
for all these things, don’t worry about it. You can do these things incrementally. Just take things slow and steady and work within your budget, but all of this is really important, and you guys said you wanted
kind of an FAQ-style video on all the things you need
to know to start a business, and this is just kind of my
best case scenario of that. Now, obviously, in terms
of just practicality, you should probably
write up a business plan. I don’t think they’re nearly
as formal or necessary as you would think a couple of years ago, but this business plan is
a set of guidelines for you to understand the nature of your business, and it probably will help you explain what you do and how you make
your money to other people. The majority of you watching this, you’re not gonna go to
the bank for a loan. You’re not going to get investors. You’re going to start a
business out of your home office or out of your garage
or out of your bedroom, and that’s perfectly fine in 2018, and people have been doing
this successfully for years. And if you’ve ever read the book Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk or Crushing It!, the follow-up to that, you’ll see that there are so many great digital entrepreneurs that
only started a few years ago and are very successful, and they started with little of nothing. That’s why entrepreneurship
is so accessible today is that you don’t need to
take out that bank loan, you don’t need to go out and get other people’s money to
do this stuff anymore. You can start small and
it’s okay to do that. Knowing how you’re
going to market yourself and your business, that’s something that is
ridiculously practical and that you’re gonna have
to give a lot of thought. You have to look at
social media platforms. As a business owner, I don’t
think in 2018 it’s wise for you to think that you can operate
outside of the Internet. In addition to having your own website, you need to go where people are and you need to drive traffic. And the good thing about
social media is it’s free. It’s free, it’s accessible,
it has the eyeballs, it has people’s attention, and they’re doing it from their phones. So when you set up your website, ideally, make sure that
looks good on a smartphone because that’s probably
the first experience most people will have of it. The other thing you want to do is be accessible in social media and have content in social media that’s favorable to your
business, shows what you can do, and provides some type of value
to your ideal end consumer, something that’s helpful to them that also gets you their
attention and their traffic and a little bit of their time every day. Obviously, there are several
videos on this channel. There’s over 1,000 videos on this channel, 200 of them dedicated specifically to you using YouTube as a free
platform for video marketing. We’ve also covered stuff on Instagram, and I’m gonna be talking a lot more about how you can use Twitter and LinkedIn for your business as well. But I’ve covered social
media and marketing and email marketing, in particular, quite extensively here
on this YouTube channel. I hope that you’ll
subscribe, get notifications, and watch some of those
other videos in the backlog, because if you’re just getting started, there’s a wealth of information
here and it’s all free. You’re not even gonna
have to buy a course. By the way, there’s nothing
wrong with buying courses, or selling them for
that fact of the matter. It’s a really good business model. Try to think about your budget
and how much you can spend to maintain your business every month. A lot of people go out of their way, they try to start way too big. They start a business. They go and they buy a $500 office space or they sign up for a $100
a month coworking space or whatever. They spend a lot more
money than they have, but yet they don’t have
cash flow coming in and they haven’t established
their client base yet or made a minimal viable product to sell. So I mean, just really try to keep your budget as low as possible, your operating expenses as low as possible when you’re just getting started. And when you start making money, really try to set some of that aside or invest some of it
back into the business. Do not try to pocket that money. And also, don’t increase
your operating budget just because you’re making
some money now right away. Keep your margins good, keep your money, and make sure that you have a buffer. It is so important for the health and growth of your business, especially when you’re
just getting started. That temptation is always there. In terms of marketing your business, you might be looking for people who can design your website,
do your visual branding, your logos, your graphics, social media, all of those things. I am not going to personally
recommend even though it’s super cheap and it’s something the
far majority of people do when they’re starting out. I just can’t put a guarantee on the work, and I can’t guarantee that
there won’t be copyright issues with anyone you hire from Fiverr. It’s a dice role. I’ve done a video on whether
it’s worth it for freelancers, but I also talk about whether
it’s worth it, in that video, for the entrepreneur. You might want to watch it. I’ll link it up here for you
guys and in the description. But the bottom line for me with that is for that type of work,
I feel it’s too risky. Now, if you want to hire an
onscreen talent with Fiverr or a voice actor or voice actress or something of that nature, that type of work I feel
is easier to guarantee in terms of the talent. But if it’s anything visual, design wise, or if it’s something that
has to be written up, I can’t guarantee that it
won’t be stolen or plagiarized. So I don’t really want to
recommend that service., I think, does a
better job of vetting people because it’s harder to
get into that platform and they are not marketing
for the low-budget client. It’s going to probably
cost a little bit more to get talent over there, but I think the quality is
gonna be slightly better, and that’s been my personal experience. They’re not sponsoring this video. I don’t have an affiliate link for them. It’s just what my experience has been and what I’ve seen and what my friends, both who are creatives
and business people, have told me about. Freelancers have told me
they’ve had bad experiences, entrepreneurs have told me
they have had bad experiences, but they’ve also been some who’ve told me they had good experiences. I’m just trying to help you minimize risk, which is what something
every business owner has to think about, how
do you minimize risk? That being said, something
else you could do is you could reach out to a
friend who started a business and find out who they hired
to do their visual branding and their graphics to help
them market themselves. The other thing is with
marketing yourself, do not hire somebody from one
of these freelance websites to do your online marketing. For that, I worry about the
traffic not being organic because you say you want x
amount of thousands of followers or x amount of site visits. Sometimes those services
are not legitimate. I would say work with
consultants and established firms and not tie the results
to how much traffic or how many views or how
many followers or subscribers because, again, that creates an incentive to fake those numbers, and that could risk the account, that could risk the YouTube channel, whatever it is you’re doing. I don’t recommend that at all. Again, granted working with
those more established people, probably gonna be more expensive, probably not an early thing
you need to blow the budget on. Focus instead on just trying
to build your network. And also, I would say try to legitimately grow your email list. When it comes to email marketing software, MailChimp is free and I
have a link down there. I don’t get an affiliate
commission, I don’t think, but I get some kind of credit for it. I think it just depends
on whether you’re using the free version or if
you’re paying for it. If you’re paying for it, I think I do get a commission
from that same link. Now, if you want an email system that is set up specifically to help people who are selling products or services, I recommend ConvertKit. Again, I’ve used both of these. I actually have active paid
accounts with both of these. And again, affiliate links
are down in the description if you want to use what I’m using. But ConvertKit has been very good. It does a streamlined process. MailChimp is good too. It does have some
limitations that I don’t like in some of its automation. But I think it’s good as
far as a place to start and it is free. When it comes to hiring people, volunteers are nice, but you
do get what you pay for often, and I also think that hiring is something that you should take as slowly as you can. I do a lot on my own and I
freelance out certain projects to people on a one-off basis. The best investment for
me is a virtual assistant and a personal assistant. I think that those are things
you should take a look at because by hiring those folks to manage things like
your email, your inbox, day-to-day tasks, scheduling,
and also hold you accountable, it’s usually going to
eliminate the bottleneck of the majority of your time, and it’s also going to help you prioritize your communication, who to get back to, what emails need a response and need them now rather than later. So I feel like that is a good place to offset some of your anxiety
and a lot of your time. I think email becomes one
of your biggest time sucks. So that’s something that I
would say is a good investment when it comes to hiring folks. Just be patient with this process, and if something isn’t working
out or you’re uncomfortable, it’s time to move on. Don’t keep putting good
money after bad is what, I think that’s how the saying goes. Like, something like that. Just don’t flush your
money down the toilet. It’s not worth it. Final thoughts. Entrepreneurship, more
accessible than it’s ever been, available to more people than ever, and I would really love to see you try to start something of your own and build financial freedom. Don’t get discouraged. This is a slow process. It doesn’t happen overnight for people. It’s not like anyone here is promising you’re gonna be a millionaire or even build a six-figure business, but it could help you in
terms of having a side hustle or just feeling a sense
of pride in ownership over something you built
with your own hands. That being said, entrepreneurship
isn’t for everyone. Just because anyone could, theoretically, use the resources and
tools in the digital era to build a business and
become an entrepreneur doesn’t meant that everyone has the skills or the patience or the temperament to actually do it and to deliver value. So I think that’s something
important to just kind of say and put out there. This may not be for everybody. But I think it’s for more people than it was 10 or 20 years ago by far, and hopefully this video makes it feel a little bit less intimidating and helps you feel like you’re informed. Like I said earlier, the thing
that I would ask from you is that you consider
subscribing to this channel for more topics on
freelancing, entrepreneurship, or marketing yourself in social media, or building passive income. Those are a lot of the topics
I cover here on the channel. So if you want that, hit Subscribe, hit the Notification bell, and I’m happy. Also, in terms of resources, I’ve linked everything I talked about down in the description below, whether that’s other
people’s video or content, articles that I could
find that were helpful, or affiliate links to
the products and services that I use to run and operate my business, whether that’s my online coaching, the things that I do for
my speaking engagements, or what I do for my social media marketing here in YouTube and other platforms. So if that’s something that you guys want to take advantage of, those links are down below
and you can use any of them. They do help me out one way or another. Question of the day, what type of business are you interested in starting? Let me know in the Comments section. Like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
stuff here on the channel. Share it with a friend. As always, you guys, thanks
so very much for watching. And don’t forget, go out there and create
something awesome today. Maybe it’s a business
that you’re very proud of. Take care.

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