How to Stop Translating in Your Head and Start Thinking in English Like a Native

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25 thoughts on “How to Stop Translating in Your Head and Start Thinking in English Like a Native

  1. Wanna speak in English fluently then start your channel on youtube where you will only speak in English about different areas of our life. This will force you to explore the language itself, expand your vocabulary and mindset.

  2. Hey Gabby, could you explain why natives tend to say phrases like 'You're not being helpful.' instead of "You're not helpful" or "You don't help me"?

  3. The first time I've tried to see this video, it was difficult to maintain my concentration because of your beauty and the beautiful color of your eyes. In Venezuela, it is very difficult to find that color eyes. Afterward, I'd like to thank you for every one of your nine great suggestions to succeed in stopping the Spanish use when trying to speak English. They are great and very helpful. You're a wonderful teacher. Thanks again.

  4. Hi how are you ok let's introduce myself my name is vikky kumar I m from India and I m now out of country so I need learn English cause I m live alone that's why I m not speak very well so if you don't mind can you give me suggestion….

  5. Wow, you're like my nightmare teacher that has never lived in a country that doesn't speak English.. the idiot American who teaches English but has never been outside of America or the Idiot in London who teaches English to Italians but has never actually been outside of England. But who cares.. you're soooo cute…

  6. Good morning Gaby! How are you? Eu tenho uma sugestão para os seus vídeos. Ensina inglês de sobrevivência, tipo: aeroporto, direções, restaurante, Hotel, lojas, como fazer compras, o que perguntar, Quais são as perguntas e respostas? Na universidade, fazer uma matrícula, grade curricular, total de créditos para graduação, quantos anos é o curso de Economia, Quanto é a matrícula, como falar crédito teórico e prático em inglês.

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