How to Submit Company Information to EDGAR

How to Submit Company Information to EDGAR. EDGAR, the SEC’s Electronic Data-Gathering,
Analysis, and Retrieval system, offers free public access to corporate information. If you own a company, learn about submitting
your company info to EDGAR. You will need Internet access Copy of Form
ID Notary Fax machine CIK access code CCC access code and temporary password. Step 1. Visit the SEC website; and download and read
the latest version of the EDGAR Filer Manual. Step 2. Go to the EDGAR Gateway website and select
“Would you like to become a new filer or generate new access codes?” Step 3. Go to the EDGAR Filer Management site. Click on Apply for EDGAR Access (New) to apply
for EDGAR access codes. Complete the Form ID PDF form. Form ID will require the names and contact
info for your company, company contact person, and company accountant. Step 4. Print a copy of the Form ID application and
have it notarized. Fax the notarized copy to the SEC’s Filer
Support Department. You can also attach a PDF scan of the notarized
form to your online application. Step 5. Receive your Central Index Key (CIK) and CIK
Confirmation Code (CCC) along with a temporary password upon SEC acceptance. Step 6. Go back into the EDGAR Filer Management site. Click on Retrieve/Edit Data in the left-side
menu. Enter your CIK and CCC numbers and your temporary
password. Step 7. Click on Retrieve Company Information to check
that the filed info is correct. To edit or update the info, click on Edit
Company Information at the bottom of the page. Did you know In 1934, Joseph P. Kennedy, President
John F. Kennedy’s father, was appointed the first chairman of the SEC.

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