How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines Like Google, Bing and Yahoo

In this video, I’m going to show you how
to submit your website to Google, Bing and Yahoo. Stay tuned. [music] Hey guys, it’s Joshua Hardwick here with
Ahrefs and today, I have a website that I want to submit to all of the major search
engines. That’s Google, Bing and Yahoo. I know it’s not already indexed in any of
those search engines because I did a “site” search in both Google and Bing, and they each
returned no results. And because Yahoo pulls results from Bing,
I also know that it’s not indexed there. So let’s start with Google. Now, until recently, the easiest way to submit
a website or a webpage to Google was via their URL submission tool. You entered the URL, hit submit, and that
was it. But Google discontinued this tool in twenty-eighteen,
so now the only way to submit a website is by adding a sitemap in Google Search Console. So first things first, you need to verify
ownership of the website you want to submit via Search Console. I’ve already done that for this site. If you haven’t done that for yours, check
out the full blog post at, where you’ll find a link to a tutorial showing
you how to do it. You also need to create a sitemap, which again,
I’ve already done, and uploaded to the root folder on this domain. So now, all I need to do is head to the sitemaps
section in Search Console, enter my sitemap URL, and hit submit. And that’s it. The website is now submitted to Google. It’s worth noting that I’m using the new
version of Search Console here. If you’re still with the old one, you can
find the same sitemaps section under the Crawl heading on left-hand menu. From thereon, the process is the same. But what if you just want to submit, or resubmit,
a single webpage to Google? For that, you can use the Fetch as Google
tool which is located under that same subheader. Here you just need to enter the URL of the
webpage you want to submit, hit “Fetch” and then click the “Request indexing”
button. You’ll then see a modal window like this. Confirm you’re not a robot, hit the “crawl
this URL only” checkbox, hit “go,” and you’re done. This is a super inefficient way to submit
lots of pages or an entire website to Google. If that’s what you’re trying to do, use
the sitemap option instead. Now let’s move on to Bing. Unlike Google, Bing still has a public URL
submission tool, which you can find at Here you can submit any website in seconds. Just enter the homepage URL, fill in the captcha
and hit “submit.” But still, a much better option is to submit
your sitemap via Bing webmaster tools, which you can do at You’ll be asked for your homepage and sitemap
URLs, along with a few other bits of information about you and your website. Once you’ve filled in the form, hit submit
and you’re done. As I mentioned earlier, Yahoo pulls results
from Bing so submission to Bing, results in automatic submission to Yahoo. Finally, if you want to check the index status
of a particular website or webpage, go to Google or Bing and type the “site” operator
followed by the URL or root domain you want to check. If a result is returned, the website or webpage
is indexed. If not, there may be an issue. You can learn more about the causes of these
issues, how to fix them, and why submitting your website to search engines won’t necessary
result in a consistent stream of traffic to your website in the full blog post at

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12 thoughts on “How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines Like Google, Bing and Yahoo

  1. if i submit an url by fetch Google, they told error. So i was block to submit right? how can i continue do submit url ? help me pls, thank so much

  2. But September 18, 2018 bing updates. i think now Bing webmaster and tools isn't working. Need to updates again this vidro. How to index bing search engine index. we are waiting. Thanks

  3. So bing made updates, when you add URL in webmaster it says confirm we page by adding HTML code you don't need to add site map, right? I confirmed HTML and says website comfirmed but I am not showing in bing search still.

  4. hello, the difficulty is that with the new google site we have no sitemaps and we can not add meta data either. So how to be referenced on bing?


  5. You left huge chunks of the process out of the video and simply pointed people to your blogpost for them to read through and follow a tutorial. I think you wasted our time and yours with creating this video.

    It's really not all that helpful. Some of us don't have the time or patience to do a DIY tutorial and just need a quick answer or how to in order to submit our sites properly.

    Having a video for visual aid that I can pause and playback is both convenient and easy to follow.
    Unfortunately this isn't a good one at all.

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