How to turn off retail mode on samsung tab A6

hi guys I want to show you today how I get rid of the retail mode on my samsung tablet a6 and I actually don’t have it so you’re not going to see it but the here’s the tablet it was a retail mode I get rid of it I’m not going to install it but well I was looking for a lot of passwords elastic order password if you go to the and your retail mode app the top one for me was the store detailed password so I I click on that and I was searching online for the password I was even trying to jailbreak the tablet nothing works so mostly I was five for four and five four for four and all that kind of stuff you I’m sure you already seen a this somewhere online if you’re looking for it so the one that works for me was the middle one you can add you can try all three of them but the one that works for me was the rollback as soon as I put put in the past would roll back it it came up the different screen came up and I was able to allow factory reset and when you click that it’ll ask you for the confirmation and I’ll tell you the it will delete the app so you agree to that and it’s going to delete the retail mode app and then after that you can just factor a reset your tablet and you’re good to go if that was the video was is helpful for you hopefully I saved you some time searching online for for your password so yeah subscribe and like the video and have a good day

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