How to unblock blocked websites | In Google chrome

What’s going on guys, we are back with another
tech tutorial, and today we gonna be show you a most use full trick of all time, in
any internet users life, how to unblock any blocked websites forever. This method is free,
easy, and you can use this method to access any websites, blocked in your country, campus,
or even in you work place forever. Literally you can visit any blocked website out there, using this method, no matter where
you from or who your service provider, as well as it will protect you security and privacy as well.
As a proof before we starting I would like to introduce you some of the blocked website
in my country or location. So Have a look! You can clearly see, both of the websites are
Blocked! and not working in my location, For your information, this two websites are represents, all the other blocked website,
world wide and before we start, I have to tell something. This method is only for Google
chrome users, so If you are not a Google chrome user yet. I suggest you to get one now, or
you can subscribe to my channel and wait for my upcoming videos, on a similar topic for
other web browser as well, in my opinion chrome is the best place to surf web, and it is my favourite! that why I doing the first video on this topic, with my beloved Google chrome, So let’s get started, stay tune! Launch your Google chrome, and go to this
website, link will be in the description below, Just go there and click on it, and it will
bring you here! Once you are here, you will see this amazing extension for chrome, which
is Unlimited Free VPN – Betternet, as you can see we are officially at the Google web
store, so there are no worry about using this extension as well its official and it’s specially
build for Google chrome. To download this extension, you gonna wanna click on this blue
button ‘add to chrome’. Now it will ask you for conformation. Click this add extension button from here, and now you can see it is started to downloading and it is automatically install. Now you will see the installed extension, at the top right side of your Google chrome,
just click on it, and you will see something drop down just like this, and here you will see a ‘connect button’ just Click on it, and now we are connected! You can always connect or disconnect
from here anytime you want! Just by clicking on this button or you can just leave it as
connected, that what I prefer! Now time to try out the blocked websites, and see if its
unblocked or not. Wow! It’s working perfectly. Did you see that guys! we just unblocked this
websites. So that’s how you can unblock any blocked website forever, on your Google chrome! If you feel this video help full, consider hitting that like button downl below, and Subscribe to watch more
tutorial content, definitely do! This is being Amal rafi, and you are watching Geeks tutorial. Cheers guys have a good one, catch you guys again soon for the next video. Peace out!

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100 thoughts on “How to unblock blocked websites | In Google chrome


    Most likely nobody will see this but I have made a website that has all unblocked link and is on the web so it does not require any downloads or a certain software works mostly for web pages not unity or complex games

  2. Seems the trick worked from anywhere for 3 days and then stopped. Now it doesn't work anywhere. Any advice ?

  3. It's working….!!!!!.

    Thank You…..

    So, could you give me something for Mozila Fire Fox…..?????

  4. What about when google blocks the website even though there is nothing wrong with it because google thinks it is "not secure"?

  5. 10 % people came for unblocking their office works / school game or something.
    90 % people came for unblocking their porn.

  6. thanks , u just saved my life… it actually worked.. i accidentally blocked a site from my g.chorm.. and i was not able to access to that site before , now i do got access to d site because of that extension , bt cn u plz tl me how i can actually unblock that site without any extension, when ever i tried to opened that site before it's showing 502 BAD GETEWAY and without your extension i am not able to access to that site now, which i had before soooooo pllllllllzzzzzz

  7. thank so very much help me, someone who needs the link goes this
    I hope you well happy

  8. Thank you! My school keeps denying on some of the sites i go to. And most of the sites is for school work and I also use discord and devianart. Discord because I have a server in which I can imrpove on my art and get help from others, and devianart so i can share and download my art works onto my school laptop for assignments and other stuff. I had to help dad with his website he was improving on and when i went on it, it denied the site which is crazy because it's just a site in where you can buy swimwear clothes. Anyways, all of that is fixed! thank you!

  9. My brother is blocking most of sites with neustar ,will this video work and fix the prblm ..please someone help

  10. worked like 123 👌🏾 Thanks

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