How to upload pictures and Images to a website

I C Z here in this video I’m going to show you how
to add a picture and so text in the sidebar reblogged
using the power workplace which is and what it’s going
to look like once you’re done this tutorial you know something like
this we have a picture and this in text over to the right okay that exactly organdy right now the first
you need to do is go to your dashboard and we’re gonna start by making a post so we’re gonna go to posts at noon and
what we’re going to do it imported picture my computer select File look for a picture case and kitchen the bandwagon click on the use this image actually make sure you have to set up on visual if you have it on HTML when
you’re not going to see that picture he’s going to see that code okay so for
now click on visual and there’s your picture next we need to do is great if I offer
you so something you can copy and paste you want displayed next to your picture
now this picture set up at three hundred pixels wide which is almost as wide as the actual sidebar if you want to take
make you look like a sample I so do you think you will
have to shake this picture down you would do that by holding by going
like grabbing by clicking actually on the picture
start by clicking on the picture and and dragging the corner to whatever
the desired size you wanna okay and then what you wanna
do so that the text can wrap around the
picture click on the picture in click on the
alignleft okay now one last thing that you need to
know is that if you were published this code straight
into your with it the way it is now tax it’s going to touched the picture like to use like how you can see it that
the text is actually touching it we need to create a gap between the
picture and text so that it looks right so the way you do that is to actually click
on the picture band click on the edit image icon we’re going to had 8 10 pixel border around the picture and we do that in the Advanced Settings
stroll down under border what we want to do it put a number there 10 pixels it actually can when he hit the Tab key hikind and you hit the Tab and what
happens is that workers automatically places a style here for so for that 10 border takes away take so that you just added
but the only problem is that it made a solid made it into a solid black border in
what we want is a solid white so change black 21 UK in and once you’re done with that then you can actually hit the update
button at the bottom I would actually take and fill this out
while you’re at it /img /url Cesar Torres in loves group UK going to do that then click update you with that speed it’s going to create
whitewater that you can’t see but it’s there and it’s every text in the pictures so that yet clean and then with you when she got that you
can actually I copy the code now so what we’re going
to do it only HTML at up here and this is the code
that we walk oh one last thing I just noticed that we
have a click here so what we need to do is since we will
send are might displace you says hi thank you
for busy might lock %um books entrepreneur my name is Cesar and I’m 100 percent
dedicated to helping people build a business in a presence on the Internet to learn
more about how I can personally help you make your dreams come true
click here actually what I want to do just turn that into a
lake so that it can link to whatever page I
wanna meet the rectum to on my site so when I’m gonna do is get
the URL for my about me okay so they can read a
little bit about me there or you can lick ’em you can we get to
wherever you want some gonna copy that URL for by for the
About Me page you to come back over here I’m gonna
hyper I’m in a highlight click here and I’m gonna click this I insert edit link icon right there click it you know what you wanna do
erased at and then haste be about me link UK and then you can give it a title I’ll learned more about Cesar UK and hit the add link now we have a hyperlink text on this a copy so now we’re ready to copy the
code so we gonna go to the HTML tab we’re
gonna copy all that code that may not mean anything
to you but that the this code here’s what’s
going to make dis appear on your site K its its if the
sensual for that case and now we’re gonna copy
that in the way you do that is he can right-click on your mouse and then just little
window will pop up in just a copy go ahead and copy that are you can also
look at the control C copy on the PC on the Mac its outcome
and see but on the PC its control C copy then you would go to which is camp now under its Wichita under Appearance click on widgets and what we’re gonna do there are a lotta widgets that you can
use in the sidebar okay the one we want is the arbitrary
text or HTML widget which is this one right
here so what we need to do is drag that with
its all you need to do here is popping up the primary widget or the secondary widget whichever one
whichever a location you want on this example which
is going to use the primary location so we’re gonna open
this up night that and we’re gonna scroll down and grab bar widget just click on it and
then drag it may have to keep your finger on the
button and then %uh and then drag it up and you your
basic and drag it overpass this because the on you sometimes the the widget are are down
below so you have to I’ll carey is widget
across and then happy come up here in even into
your browser to be able to I’ll move this around and
have access to that widget area so night now you can see
that dotted lines are there once you see
those dotted lines in the widget area competent drop just like that now it’s gonna open up the text area which is this here are this here you can
actually pay get code here’s what you would pay 60
they just happen to copy I’ll in the post we just created K and you can get a title you can leave it
blank about Caesar and let click the Save button now we can go
to the homepage preview our widget scroll down and there we have about Caesar there you go now this link is
hyperlinked so when they click it it goes straight
to the About Me page in that big ice exactly how he plays
picture is intact on the side

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