How to Upload Your Website To The Internet

Hi guys. Today we’re going to see how you
can upload your Website To the Internet. So let’s say you have built your
website on your computer. And you have these files. Now if you open this file. You can see that we
have our website. So now here you can see that
right now this Website is stored locally on a computer. Now if you want to get this
website live on the Internet. You can do that by
watching this video. So now all you need to have to
follow this tutorial is your Website files. So once you have your files
ready we can all get started. So we are going to get this
Website online In just four steps. The first step is to
choose your website name. Okay. So to choose
your website name. Just click the link
below this video. And it’ll take you to this page. Now choose any name you want. And then enter it here. So I’m going to enter my website
name as And then click
check availability. So as you can see this
name is available. So once you get the name you can
go to the next step which is to Get your hosting and domain. So hosting is a place where your
Websites files will be stored And domain is your
website’s name So to get this domain name and hosting Just scroll down
this page. And click get hosting. Now this will take
you to Where we’re going to get the hosting
and domain So to get it. Let’s click get started. Now entered the same name
which you selected before. and click search. Then click select and continue. And now it will take
you to this cart page. Now to get the
domain and hosting. We need to create a new account. So let’s click here And then fill up these details. And click create account. Now here you can see that we
are getting our domain Which is
and our hosting. Now both of these are going
to be valid for one year. So this means
once you place this order Your website will be live on the Internet for the next one year. Now let’s go ahead
and make the payment. Just choose your
payment method Enter your details. And then click save And then complete the purchase. Okay so now we have
successfully made our payment And we have got our
domain and hosting. So once you’ve got your
hosting and domain You can go to the next step Which is to
set up your hosting account. So once you set up your hosting account You’ll be able to upload Your Website files. So to set up your
hosting account. Just click here. And click setup. Now click next And then again next. Now skip this step
by clicking not now. And then click finish. So now we have set up
our hosting account. So let’s click go to dashboard. So once you set up
your hosting account. You will reach this
page called The C panel. So this is a place where you can
control your hosting account. So once you reach this page. You can now go to step four. Which is to upload your website
files to this hosting account. So once you upload
the website files. Your website will be
live on the Internet. So to upload uploaded files. Just click open next
to file manager. And then click the
public html folder. Now this is the place where we
are going to upload our website files. Now we have a few
sample files here. Now before we upload our files. Let’s delete this sample files So to delete it. Let us first click select all. And then click delete. Now click confirm. And all the files
will be deleted. So once you deleted these files You can now upload Your website files. So to upload our files Let’s open the folder
which has our html files. So these are the website files
which I am going to upload. Now before uploading
you website files. Make sure your homepage
is named as index.html So once you have these files ready instead of uploading them one by one we are going to compress
them into one file. So to compress it Lets select all the files And then right click. And go to send to. And click compressed file. And now you will
get this zip file. Which will have all
your website files. Now to upload this zip file Let’s go back to our hosting page and then click
upload here. Now just drag this zip file from your computer and then drop it here. The file will be uploaded
to your hosting account. And once this is done If you click go back. You can see that we now have our zip file Now to complete the upload. We need to extract all of our
website files from this zip file. So to extract the files Just select the zip file. And then click extract Now click extract files. And now if we click close. You can see that all of our
website files are now extracted. Now as soon as you
extract the zip file Your website should now be live on the internet. So to check that
lets open a new tab. So now if we enter And press enter. You can see that our
Website is live. So this is how we can easily upload
your website to the Internet. Now if you ready to upload your website Just click here And it will take you to the page
which we saw in the first step. Which is choosing
your website name. So just choose your website name
and then upload your website. Now if you want to watch more
videos like this Make sure you subscribe to the website learners To get more videos. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next video. Ba-Bey.

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