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Hey everyone, it’s Bryan
Caplan here with the bigger, better biz channel where we equip you
with the tools and know how to grow that bigger, better small business. Today I wanted to make a quick video
talking to you more about the idea of questions and answers on your Google
my business profile. Stay tuned, right? So Google has done something where
it’s actually integrating the different features if you will, of your Google my business profile
into the questions and answers section. And I want to show you how this works. So I’m going to type in a local pizza
places near me, Papa Ginos, Walpole, Massachusetts. And notice here’s the Google my
business profile on the right hand side. So with Google my business, of course we can see different things
like the reviews and they have 3.7 stars, which isn’t considered excellent,
it’s considered mediocre. But here’s what I want to show you.
I’m going to go ask a question. Now. When I go to ask a
question, I’ll automatically, it’s showing suggestions on the right
hand side as I start asking the question. So let’s say, do they have chips here? Okay. So no suggestions because the
keyword chips wasn’t showing up. But what about, how are there salads? Okay, so now in the
questions and answer section, I’m actually seeing posts that
show up and it’s showing me, uh, actually menu items. So Papa
Gino’s has a Caesar Salad. It tells me what’s on the Caesar
Salad. So think about this. I’m a consumer, I’m in a micro moment
and I teach a lot about micro moments, a moment where someone needs to
know, go do or buy. In this case, it’s lunchtime. I’m hungry,
I’m looking for a salad. So I go onto their Google my business
profile instead of having to interface with anyone to pick up the phone. I mean, goodness forbid that we
have to pick up the phone, but to pick up the phone
and talk to someone instead, I can go on here and write a
question. How are their salads? Okay, I see they have a garden
salad, a Greek steak salad, and then all of a sudden
I’m seeing some reviews. Now the reviews are picked based
off of, hey, if it’s a food item, someone’s going to leave a review.
Reliable and delicious. That’s great. Why don’t we do this?
What drinks do they have? Okay, nothing drinks. How about how is their customer service? Oh, okay. Now you’re seeing what happens. So someone is going to come in, they
want to see how’s the customer service? How was my experience going to be? Well, the delivery service here is sucks. I placed an order online while I’m not
getting delivery. Okay. I could discount. The staff was very nice to me
and my son pizza was good. Okay, so Lisa’s telling me very good service. My experience was the worst. I had wait over 20 minutes to order my
food due to the fact that it was lunch. It’s lunch time now and there
was a group of people. Okay, well that’s a little different. Horrible
Service won’t even refill Napkins. Customers keep asking for Napkins.
She won’t refill it. Unreal. Well, I’m not going to eat Napkins,
but that tells me a little bit. Nothing special about the service here. The staff wasn’t as friendly as other
locations. Do you see what’s happening? I’m asking a question. More and more people are
realizing this feature exists, the questions and answers feature and
as a result I’m seeing suggestions from Google. I’m seeing the reviews. This is really important,
so here’s what I recommend. As a small business owner, what you want
to do is you actually want to go in, ask questions and answer
them. So let’s go. Here’s my Google, my business
profile, my business profile. We can see here, does Brian
Kaplan marketing build websites? Yes, we build websites. I
could ask another question. Just Bryan Caplan marketing offer, email marketing services, email marketing, email
marketing, email marketing. I can post that now. For
me, I have good reviews. Thankfully I’m very fortunate because
my clients enjoy working with me and we always provide a high level of service, but to be proactive now what I can
do is I just asked the question. I can answer the question. Yes. We do provide email marketing
services on both constant contact, which is our preferred
platform and MailChimp, which is a very common platform for most. Please contact us on our website for more information. Thanks. Now if someone’s coming in,
they’re going to see all questions. Let’s refresh it. Does Bryan Caplan offer email
marketing services? Yes. Here’s the answer right there. Yes we do. Does Bryan Caplan build
marketing websites? Yes, we do. So now you’re seeing that as I fill out
more questions and I asked myself more questions, I’m actually able to
write those answers. Now for me, I’m a little bit different. I’ve been able to collect positive
reviews because my clients are speaking volumes, the experience they have with us. If you have mediocre reviews, if
you have one and two star reviews, poor reviews, you definitely want to proactively
answer those questions. If you have good reviews, you still want to answer those
questions because guess what? All of the information that I just
put in to that specific question, so I asked the question, does my company
build websites? I answer that question. Yes. We build professional websites on
several platforms including WordPress and Squarespace. Guess what I just did? I just put rich text rich
content in to Google. So now if someone is looking
for a Squarespace website, I have a little better chance
of showing up. So my friends, this is all I wanted to show you about
the questions and answers module on Google my business. Now it’s
up to you. Take it away. I want you to be writing those
questions and answering them. Really, if you could check every week, that’s what I’d recommend because then
you’re going to have the ability to engage with that potential
customer and try to sell them well. Until next time, I’m Bryan Caplan.
Here’s to your success. Hey, thanks so much for watching the
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