How to use Google My Business to promote your business

Hello, I’m Lynda from Scullywag Services
and I want to show you a little bit about Google My Business today. Google My
Business is free service from Google and it’s just an incredible asset. If you’re
not using it I think you should sincerely think about using it. Some
people just don’t have the time or the technical bent to use it successfully;
and in that case, there’s people like me that are more than willing to help you
do so. So let’s dive in and have a look. So if we were to go to the front page of
Google and type in a business name, if the business has a Google My Business
page and it’s been verified, it will show up here. So you can see this is mine for
Scullywag Services. It has the address, the opening hours, my phone number. You can
book an appointment. So just by clicking that it will take you to my appointment
page. You can see here I’ve got an app that puts the reviews I get from my Google My
Business page here; and then people can just go through and book a consultation.
And yes, because this is mine, I can go in and edit it. So you can see over here,
they’re encouraging people to get more reviews for their business and they’ve
got a nice easy link here that people can just copy and paste. Actually, I have
over here on my website, actually implemented that. So, and I’ve used these
two things, which I’ll show you how they work in a minute but you can put the
link here so that when somebody clicks on it, it goes straight to your Google
map and it automatically pops up with the review box. They can rate you by
stars and also share some details and they can include a photo if they wish.
And you can see that there’s other details about the business there too. You can have posts on the Google My
Business page, which is a very good thing. You can see how many views you’ve had.
You can create other posts. So if you’ve got a new offer or a new event, or a new product. So, you would just go in, upload a photo. So this is a photo, what do we got? One of my clients does modifications to
quads and bikes. So we can put in a price here. In this case, you can see because
I’m in Australia, it is in Australian dollars. If you’re in America, it would be
American dollars etc. It’s a little bit of a pain because I do do business with
clients overseas as well. It would be handy to be able to have American
dollars as well, but that’s just the way it is. I do get around that by just putting it in the description;, the American price as
well. This is just a random amount I’ve put in there. If there was a range, you
could put in here. So it could go from a minimum of 300 to say up to a thousand
and you can see that. You can put in details. So, “We make your stuff go faster”. And you can see here you’ve got 1500 characters to do. You can put a button on here. You can have book, order
online, buy, learn more, sign up or call now; and you can preview it. If you had
something and then if you put “order online”, or the same for “buy now”, or “buy”, you
need a link. So, that’s not a real link, that’s just a
pretend one, but you can see it puts up a buy button and it would take you to that
website. If you’re happy with how it all looks, you can publish it and it’s there.
With events you can see here they’ve got a start and an end date. I believe it
goes up to a year in advance, so you can add a time as well. Particularly if you’re
doing something that’s, you know, running from say 7:00 p.m. till midnight or
something or whatever hours. An offer, this might be like how they have here,
“20% off in-store or online”. Again, you might be, you know, just say we
were doing a Christmas offer, you might want to do that from say November 30th,
midnight to Christmas Eve, at say 11:30. It doesn’t say what time zone this is
but this would, I assume, be set for whatever time zone your business address
is for. Add more details. You could change the photo, put in something a little bit
more festive. This is nice, just something I was given by a client. She
does a lot of lovely artwork. And then you would publish it. You can see the
preview there, Christmas offer blah blah blah. Obviously, you wouldn’t say “We make your stuff go faster”, that was just carry on from the previous one; but you can see
the valid dates, from 30th of the 11th 2019, which is how the date format is
done in Australia, to the 24th of the 12th 19 at 11:30 p.m. What you can do too, if you
know, if it’s an ongoing offer, it’s just once a year; you need to go in and update
that. So, yes, you can create a post. You can add
photos. This is just details about your Google My Business.
You’ve got photos by the owner. Customers can also do it. Customers that are buying
things, you know, as I was talking about that one client who does performance
modifications. His clients love showcasing, you know, ” look at my bike, it’s
so fast” or if you were a fashion label you might have customers who are sharing
wearing your designs somewhere. If you were a restaurant or something, you might
have customers taking photos of the food or a party there, and putting it up
there. You’ve got video. This one here is actually the Google one, just shows outside the business. You can add your own videos. I’m not sure if there’s
a limit to it. It may only be a few minutes but it may not.
I’m not entirely sure about that. You can put in interiors, exteriors, which again,
this is just a Google generated one, at work. Put in your team; that’s just me.
And then your identity. Which would be like your logo and your cover photo. You
you sort by date or popularity. And you can create an ad for Google AdWords here.
It just gives you an idea of what’s been happening, oh yes, over the past 28 days.
So it’s been pretty slow. I haven’t posted anything lately, and to be honest
I’ve been focusing more on clients websites and designs, but still it’s not
too bad. You can see search views are up a little bit. Map views, 43. Google virtual
tours. Get your ad back on Google. You can see
what your business looks like on maps or on search. That just shows you what it
looks like to somebody else. Actually, it doesn’t really because it
still shows up as mine. But you can see that’s what that looks
like. Customer photos. I assume that possibly, you get to edit
that, customer photos, if you’re not happy with what they’ve put up there or it’s a
little bit risque or something. Oh, learn more about your business. This is insights. Tells you how many searches, whether it’s direct or discovery. So you can see 18
direct searches. So that means they went in and they typed in “Scullywag
Services” and there’s been five that they found your listing searching for a
category product or service. Businesses with recent photos typically receive
more clicks to their website. So they’re encouraging you to post photos. There’s a
lot of, just a lot of really good advice on here.
You can sort it out by one week, one month or one quarter. You can see here
the queries. There’s something here. Somebody tried to type in business or
something but it didn’t work. I’ll be interested to see what they came up with actually. Also business, business management services, business open today, business service, open for business, social media consultant, web design
Salisbury. Which is the next suburb over, and where
I lived, till about a month or two ago. We can do the quarter. That’s the quarter
and the one month. Where your customers view your business on Google.
Listings on search or listings on maps. You can see the difference. Here this is
what your business will look like on maps. And maps is very important too,
because when people get on their mobile device and search for something, if
you’re, if you have a Google My Business profile and you’re in that local area,
particularly if you’re well-reviewed and just, you know getting a lot of traffic,
there’s a chance that you might pop up quite
high; and I’ll show you that in a minute. So that’s Google, it’s on the maps, as
opposed to on the search. With search It’s a little bit different, and again
it’s different on the phone too. So insights. Listings on maps. Some jump in map
views. As I said I moved. So I took the address off for a little while
there. Listings on search. Customer actions. What they’ve done. Directions
request mmm 30 requests for directions. Phone calls.
What’s this? Oh, photo views. So this is you, or me,
and then there’s businesses like you. So for some reason I’ve got a big spike in
photo views. Photo quality. Number of photos that appear on your business
compared to photos from other businesses. So I have more. Looks like I have an
average of one more photo than most businesses. I need to update some of
that as well because more photos, because it does. It
just, it just helps. And this is all your just information. Name of the business. What
you actually do. Your physical address. You don’t have to have your
address shown here. You will need to give your address, so that Google can send you
out a postcard. So that they can verify the business. For some businesses they
may be able to do it via phone or other methods but usually they will send out a
postcard and it’ll have a code on it which you need to put in the Google My
Business and that will verify your listing. It won’t show up in search until
that’s done. You’ve got the service areas. Google My
Business does particularly well for local businesses.
If you were, for example, a fish and chip shop and in the local area. When somebody
types in “fish and chip shop” Google, particularly on a mobile phone, knows
your location usually. So it will serve you up information. So let’s have a look
actually. So, you can see here – Google wants to know your location. So, it
knows my location and there’s “The Fish Palace”, which I’ve gotta say is really
really good. Because these businesses have Google My Business pages they
appear here. So you’ve got “R&W Salisbury Takeaway”.
It’s another local one that’s quite nice. “Facefood Kebab Fish and Chips”, hmm
never heard of it. Logan Road, so that’s a little bit further afield but you can
see here that it’s got 65 reviews, an average of 3.8 for the reviews. So it’s
jumped up ahead of “The Fish Palace”. Mind you, “The Fish Palace” has 48 reviews and it
has a higher review, 4.3. ” Salisbury Fish and Chips”, or “Salisbury Takeaway” only has
26 but it does have the highest rating. So, it’ll have a whole heap of places you
can go through and see, and there’s the map. And then underneath you have first
off, the first one is just a definition of what a fish and chip shop is. “People
also ask”, and isn’t that interesting I suppose I should have put “near me”. So,
let’s try that “fish; fish and chip shop near me”. Ah, isn’t this interesting?
Because “The Fish Palace” is literally walking distance away from me, it has now
jumped to the top of the queue. Then the Salisbury one, which is also close
and then “Facefood Kebab Fish and Chips”. So, and then “The Fish Palace”, you can see
they’ve done well there. That’s on Urban Spoon, though, so that’s a review site. Zomato again. TripAdvisor. So, yes, so it’s quite
interesting because if these businesses didn’t have a Google My Business page,
they’re not going to appear here. These are Google My Business businesses. So. But
for someone like me, I service a lot of countries. So, I’ve got Australia, United
States, Canada, yada, yada, yada, as well as some of my local suburbs. For my opening
hours I just have open 24 hours a day. You might have noticed here, some of
these will say closed and that’s one of the things that you can search by. You
can search by rating, you can search by whether they’re open anytime, open now, 24
hours. You know, if it was a Sunday and you want to know who was open on Sunday. You can even do it down by time. Visit history. Okay, phone number. This is just
just to make your Google listing easier to find – it’s just like a Twitter handle
or Facebook page handle. You put your website in there. Also the appointment URL. Oh, you’ve got your holiday hours. So, for example, Christmas Eve,
Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day. Whether you’re opened or
closed or what hours you’re working. This is just something that it puts in. I
don’t know how you actually do this for this one. It’s, it’s obviously deduced
that I’m a woman and that it’s a woman led business. So, it’s done that one.
I didn’t have to do anything about that. Just a quick blurb about what you offer.
When it opened. You can add photos. You can close or remove the listing.
Code – that is just for if you’ve got like a franchise or something.
You’ve got labels for what you actually do. And if you’ve run ads,
your AdWords will be there. And what else? We have our reviews. “Show customers you
care one response at a time”, so you should always reply to them, and if you
have the Google My Business app it will actually encourage you to do so.
Messaging, same thing. It’s through the app and it’s just something else
that’s really handy. If you’re on a mobile device and you’ve got a question
and you search for whatever the topic is whether it’s a service or a product –
you’ve come across a business and you can see their Google My Business
information there and it has an option for you to message them direct. You know,
it’s just too easy! I mean you don’t even have to go to their website to do so.
It’s there, so, it’s just making things a little bit more; it’s just easier for
everybody. So you can also put in your services. As I was talking before about
the posts; the posts you can actually have photos and you can put in quite a
bit of information and you can put in the price and a link to the website but
there’s also just services and I definitely recommend putting in the information
here. There’s no photos but you can put in prices and sort them out by
categories. I’ve got website design, website care, social media, and
additional services. Now, for people that don’t have a website this is something
that can be quite interesting. So this isn’t live, but this is what Google has
done with my information that I’ve given it and I’m not a hundred percent sure
about this but this is the website here I imagine.
So, it’s not published, but if it was published, I imagine
you can put this web address in to a browser and it will come up with this
here. You can actually edit it a little bit. Put in photos and change the theme
like if you wanted to have a different color. But you can see here “make an
appointment” and it says, you know, what my designation is, where I am, my business
hours. It’s taken the photos I’ve used. Its some taken the posts that I’ve done.
Put all that information together like that. It’s gone through and done the
services. So, you’ve got testimonials. It encourages “write a review” or “read more”.
About us. Okay, so it’s just prompting you to what to do. Gallery. Contact us.
Tells you where are, shows you there on the map, which is really handy because Google
is getting really quite funny with people using their maps on their own
websites. They want you to jump through a few hoops for that now. Contact. So, call,
address and opening hours. It’s not a over the top; it’s just a very very basic
website but it could certainly work. What have they got there? You can see your site has
not yet published. I’ve got my own website so I don’t need that but it is;
it is interesting and I’ll be interested to know. It’s trying to
encourage people to buy. You can see it gives some other options to buy. Mine is
actually but if I didn’t have a website and I wanted to; it looks
like I could purchase one for $18 a year which is a reasonable price. Buy it, and I
wonder if that would actually automatically bring this over here. Which
would be quite interesting. It’s certainly a very budget-conscious
alternative for somebody who doesn’t want to jump into their own website
just yet. Users. This one will just have me because I manage my own but I look
after a lot of clients websites. You can create an ad. Add a new location. Manage
locations, which as you can see I’ve got some of my clients on here. Some of them
are still pending verification. The verification is just so that Google
knows that you’re a genuine business. Linked accounts. Okay that’s my AdWords
settings. Oh, okay and this is just you know, what you’ll be notified by from
Google regarding what’s going on. You put in your language, your preferred emai. So
yes, very interesting. So, home, and I’ll show you somebody else’s. Let’s have a
look at Ritter Cycle Racing. This is the client that looks after
high-performance modifications for bikes and that. So, for his, you can see it’s got
his address and this shows that I visited last year; and for other clients
who have been in the area it’s quite interesting; because it’ll show them, you
know, when they were last there. It’s got his phone number. We can put in some more
information, business hours, he doesn’t want his business hours there. He doesn’t have an
appointment link. He’s kind of open all the time. You can see his reviews here and it’s encouraging us to add a post.
We’ve got a lot of his stuff here; you can go straight to the website to buy. Let’s have a look. So you can see this
has had a 115 views but no clicks and see the photos. Reviews. Get more reviews. This is interesting, it shows you what
other businesses like his are posting so you can see what’s going on; get some
good ideas. Get custom email at your business. That’s interesting. Google G
Suite is very much like Google Gmail. Yeah and here it is it’s just
encouraging him to get the Android app or the Apple app for it and it really is,
like I said. This way customers can message you directly and it just notifies you. You can go in and have a look at all this stuff on your phone. You can see
here it’s kind of saying complete your listing; add hours. So he doesn’t want all
that on there. Don’t know that we have his services on there yet. No, we haven’t. So
that’s something that we need to update for his Google My Business. You can see
here he’s had 686 search views down – 9% His map views 1.68 K, down 78%
and that’s over the last 28 days. Searches and activity. So you can see
he’s had 58 website visits, 22 calls, 502 photo views and 16 Direction requests
over the past 28 days. He is very very busy, so hence, why he’s reluctant to kind
of do some more work on this. Yes, photos. You can see we’ve got photos there. I
think we’ve got some videos here, oh no, we haven’t but he has videos that we
could certainly upload there and which we need to do. You can see the interior,
the exterior and yeah we can see the cover photo and
the logo but definitely more can be done with that. Products beta – what is that
about? “1302 potential customers viewed your
business on Google last month showcase products to them for free” – yeah we need
to do that; we’re going to do that. That’s going to be really good because you can
do it as a post but having products is really really good. As I said he is in
America, it’s possible that this is rolling out in America before Australia
and some other countries; but very very interesting. See users here; so you can
see here’s the primary owner I’m the manager. Get custom Gmail. Manage location.
settings. I also want to show you something that Google my business looks
after. It’s “Free stickers, posters, social
post and more from your business profile on Google” and it just; you can download
these stickers to encourage people to review; and in fact – here it is – on the testimonial submissions page I’ve actually used that there, Just used the photos.
“Review us on Google” “Follow us on Google” but if you had a bricks and mortar store
you would certainly want to get those printed out and encourage people. You
know, sometimes people just need a little nudge. You know? Review us on Google,
follow us on Google. You could also share that on your social media. So I’m just
gonna go in and have a look at mine,. So you’ve got the window stickers for your
business. Download to print and share today. Download your free kit to print
and share today. you download it. They come up quite big actually. These are
social media things and you can see you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or your
Google My Business profile which is not a bad thing. You can go in here and next.
Choose a style and color. So you’ve got some seasonal ones .some..BBQ. You’ve got art. You’ve got Google ones, which are pretty plain. Sign script; you can put a
couple of colors or chalkboard. So let’s have a look. Finish. So let’s put this on
Google. Website address there; and you can see
it’s there. This is what I love it does a little video for you and I just think
this is just incredible. It’s very similar to what Facebook does when they
do the birthday videos and that for you. They just take your content and make a
little video for you and that’s just a nice little ad to share with people. So,
you can share it on Facebook on Twitter or you can just copy the link. You can
actually follow that link you’ll see that it actually goes to YouTube which
is owned by Google and it’s part of this – a Google small business. It’s unlisted so
it’s not seen unless you have a link to it but certainly something that you
can show, and I just think it’s cute. I think it’s a great little gimmick. You
can see there’s 20 likes on social media on Facebook; one mention on Twitter. So
yes – and you go to Google small business. I have a feeling this is going to get a
lot of information. Why would you not pay attention to what Google tells you about
how to make your website more popular and desirable to website visitors? So
it’s all fairly simple but if you’d like somebody to help you with this I do
offer a service for $149 Australian or its $99 American, yes $99
American. I set up your Google My Business. As it says there – it literally
puts you on the map with Google. It’s important for every business but
especially so for those serving a local community. So, that’s Google My Business. I
think it’s an incredible opportunity to promote your business online and if
you’re a little bit hesitant to dive in yourself; I certainly am very willing and able to help you with that. Thank you for
listening and I look forward to talking to you next time.

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