How To Use the Google My Business Photo Album

I get this question a lot. If I upload a photo to one of
my Google my business posts, does it live in my album? No. Consider
them two totally separate worlds. When you upload a post and you put up a
photo or video that only lives in that post section, a Google my business,
what I call at the business album, the photo album… The best way to describe it is if you
went over to someone’s house or a friend’s house or cousin’s house,
a boyfriend or girlfriend’s house, and the parents started showing
you a photo book, a photo album. So you’re going through the photos. These are photos that live forever
with your Google my business profile. When people are going through, they’re able to search through
these photos and they do. And the metrics and the
insights prove this. So when people are considering your brand, when they’re considering buying a product
or service from you in their micro moment, one of the things they’re doing
is looking through your photo album. Very, very important that you have photos.
So here’s what you want to do. Now in the album you can
upload a cover photo, a profile pic if you have an interior, if you have a brick and mortar physical
location, you can do interior picks, you can do exterior picks, but then you
can do at work. You can do the team, you can do basically products. What you want to do when
you start your Google, my business profile has
had at least five photos. You should have at least five photos
and they should be photos that you take from your phone. Not Talking about stock images that you
get somewhere and I’m talking about an image that you grab offline. I’m talking
about photos of your actual business. Now the profile pic is going
to be your brand, right? So it’s going to be your logo,
your cover photo. Most likely it’s going to be something
that mixes your logo with maybe something like if you have a service fleet, it’s
going to be a truck. If you have a store, maybe it’s the inside of your store. If it’s products your products lined
up and remember the cover photo is a rectangle to long rectangle.
The profile pic is a square like that. You’ll see as you go in
and you upload your photos. Now those are two photos right there,
so at least you want three more. I like to see when I go to a Google my
business profile that they have a robust amount of photos. I want to see five 10 1520 and I want to
see people adding more and more photos every single month. Now when I say you should be trying
to add two to three photos at minimum, two to three photos every single month, and these again are
photos of your products, your people of the process that you have.
Okay? We want to see if you’re
a brick and mortar store. I want to see your products in hand. I want to see customers
happy holding your products. I want to see the people in the back
that are making the things work that are making the business work.
If you’re a service based business, show me before and afters. Show me
clients that are happy with their work. Show me the people again in the
office that make everything work. I want to see the whole
holistic view of your business. And we haven’t even talked about
videos yet. So in your business album, you actually have the
ability to upload videos. As a rule of thumb, when you build your Google my business
profile and you try to have at least one video, one video to start, that’s all
I ask. And it could be a video of you. It could be talking head just like this,
right? So it could be you talking about your
brand, about your story, how you started. Again, people are in their micro
moments, they’re making quick decisions, but at the same time they need
to know, like, and trust you. A video is a great way for
them to get to know you better. So you want to take the time to put up
a video. Now, other ideas of videos, a slide show, so a slideshow of
your products or services you offer. It could be you narrating and taking a
photo or taking a video around as you do something. It could be a testimonial of one of
your clients that are telling people how wonderful you are, how you’re the best
thing since sliced bread. So five photos, one video to start as you
proceed month after month, continue adding content
to your business album. And I’d love to see at least two to
three new photos and one new video each month. This is really going to help
you to build up your content library, but also it’s going to help
people to start making decisions. They’re going to have more information, more data points to make decisions on
whether they want to buy that new or not. So that’s your business
album. Very, very important. Make sure you’re keeping it up,
you’re adding to it. And also look at the measurements.
Look at the insights. You have access to all of these
insights within Google my business, and we’ll talk more about that. But you’ll see which photos
are working really well, which videos are getting
a lot of playtime. That’s going to tell you what kind of
content really works with your prospects and your customers.
Here’s to your success.

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  1. In my business page I used to be able to create a photo album specific to a job I did. I thought your video by the title would address this. Great info for sure but do you know how to create an album on the mybusiness page? Thanks!

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