How To Write A Business Plan

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Today, we’re going to talk about and cover how to write a business plan. I’ve
got 7 points that I’m going to share with you in this video that will break
it down and make it super simple to write your business plan. The first topic to start with and this is really going to go in order of how you should be writing out your
business plan and I can explain and have some other things that can help you at
the end of this video as well too. But the first topic is going to be your
executive summary. So, the executive summary are broken down into 4 main
parts. And at the end of this video, I’ll share a tool with you that will really
help you write out this plan. So number one. An executive summary. It’s really
simple. In the executive summary, you want to hit 4 main points. One is your
mission statement. 2 of the products and services that you’re going to sell.
3 are your growth projections. And 4 is any financial info. So, what’s
maybe already invested in the company and what amount of money are you looking
to raise? The reason for the executive summary is so someone can simply look at
this business plan. And on page 1 really understand exactly what it is
that you’re looking to accomplish. The products and services that you’re
providing and selling. So number 2 is going to be a company description. Your
company description is really more of a deep dive on your customers, who they are,
their needs, what your competitive advantages are. And then really the gaps
that you see in the market and how your customers needs are being met. So number 3 is going to be Market Analysis. Which is basically just getting some
research on the market that you’re going after. The type of customers you’re going to
go after. The size of the market, the location or area that you’re going to go
after. And really what the value is of the market and maybe in each customer.
Section 4 is organization and management. This will be broken out how
use… In this section, you’ll break out the ownership. What that looks like, what the
management team looks like. And what the employee structure looks like. So,
basically all the employees and staff that’ll be needed to run this business
and who will be responsible and accountable for each part of the
business. Section 5 will be about your goods and services. So, very simply, you’re
just going to go into more detail about the goods and services that you’re going to
provide, how those goods and service will meet the specific needs of your
customers and how your goods and services are different from all the competition
in your space. Section 6 is a real important one. That’s going to be
marketing. Without marketing, you have really no business because you won’t
have any customers. So section 6 is really important to put some thought
into. And it’s how you’re going to go out and go after customers. What are the ways
that you’re going to market your business? Are you going to look to
franchise your business? And grow your business by given the ability to
franchise it to other people? Or are there going to be different channels that
you plan to go after in order to bring more customers into your business?
Section 6 is super important. Definitely spend some time in this and
figure out what are the strategies that you think are going to be ways that you’re
going to bring customers into your business. Section 7 are going to be your
financial projections. Don’t get too crazy about this. I know that you’re not…
If you’re just starting out and you’re not really doing any sales just yet,
it seems weird to just project out what it’s going to look like but you have to get
something down on paper and do some rough projections on what its going to look
like. As far as how many sales do you think you can do in a month. What each
one of those sales. What the gross sale will be and then what the
profit will be on each sale. So get some pen to paper and just do some rough
estimates of… Again, what do you think you’re going to do monthly in sales? What
each one of those sales will be worth and then what each one of those sales
will be a net profit after all expenses? So, I hope you found this helpful and I
hope these 7… These 7 points who gave you an idea of how to break this
down and actually make it easier. Imagine if you took some time and just run out
of paragraph or 2 for each one of those 7 points. How easy would that
make it be writing out your business plan. To make it even easier, we have a
product and software that we offer that helps you write this in more depth in
more detail and it’s even further simplifies the process. If you’re
interested in finding out they’re learning more about how to really build
a stellar business plan, check out this link below and we’re really excited to
help you grow and get your business started. Thanks for tuning in. So to make
it even easier, imagine if there was a software that took you through this
process step-by-step. Check out the link below and this software will help you
create a rock-solid business plan. Thanks for tuning in.
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