How We Made $36,489.50 in our FIRST Month of Our Ice Cream Business!!!

Hey guys. Today, we’re gonna be talking about how we
made more than $36,000 in our first month of business running our ice cream shop. Today, we’re gonna be sharing about the stories,
the highs and the lows of how we got there and the lessons that we have learned throughout
the way. Now, I know for a lot of big restaurants $36,000
isn’t a lot of money. But, for our ice cream shop, in our first
month, in only a 500 square feet location, this was a big deal for us. Now, for us to share the experience and the
insight with you has everything to do with the stories and the lessons. It has nothing to do with the money figure. I know a lot of you have been asking me, because
you guys are on the building out journey. This whole journey is completely lonely. It is so difficult. And I know a lot of you are struggling on
the other end. That’s the reason why we shot this video,
to tell you that it’s completely fine to feel like that, because I too, when we first started
out, have gone through the same thing. That’s the reason why we’re shooting this
video, going into the stories. Hopefully, it would show you a little bit
more about behind the scenes of what actually happened. For some of you that actually want to learn,
just skip the story and skip right to the lessons, you can definitely do that. That’s what this video’s gonna be about. This whole ice cream shop business and concept
started in 2015. Every year, I love to bring my parents to
travel. The reason why I wanna do that is because
as an entrepreneur, a lot of times we’re so stuck in our business we don’t get to spend
a lot of time with our parents. This is actually one of the greatest perks
as well, is that we get to control the time and our own time, which is a reason why I
commit to bringing my parents on traveling every single year. In 2015, I brought my parents to Korea. In Korea, they’re known for having very innovative
desserts. They really focus on the details. They focus on the presentation, the packaging. Everything. It’s just super, super innovative. That’s the reason why I love going to Asia
cities, because they’re super innovative. During our travels in Korea at that time,
we saw this beautiful, beautiful concept, where smoke was coming out of ice cream. On this ice cream, there was a block of honeycomb. It just went so well together, which is the
reason why I thought this was a brilliant idea and concept that we can bring to North
America and to Vancouver. Because, at that time in Vancouver, we had
nothing like that. The dessert scene was much calmer and much
more, I guess, boring. That’s the reason why I thought that concept
would do exceptionally well in Vancouver. Like any great ideas and entrepreneurs, we
see opportunity everywhere. During this travel, that’s where I stumbled
upon the concept of smoking ice cream, and I thought that this was gonna be a number
one hit in Vancouver. During this time, I knew for a fact that I
need to find partners for this business, because at the same time I was running two of my other
businesses, my entertainment business and my tutoring business. For me, when we were finding partners, it’s
all about finding strategic partners, people that actually bring value to the table. That’s the reason why I approached some of
my friends, some of my colleagues, and actually reached out to many different people to find
the right partners on board that can actually spearhead this project and really commit their
time, efforts, and energy into running this project. Luckily, I was able to stumble upon my partner
Bryan, who is super, super amazing and super dedicated, and just was up for a challenge
at the end of the day. I told him this idea and he was just like
yo, let’s get to it. Let’s get going. We both knew nothing about the ice cream business,
but we had the attitude. The attitude of trying different things out
and not taking no for an answer. That’s exactly what we did and that’s exactly
how I found my partners and put the team together. As we start out building this business, the
number one thing in the gimmick or the concept that really worked was smoke coming out of
the ice cream. What that meant was actually having an insert
that we place in a cup. Underneath the insert would be dry ice and
hot water. On the insert, there are holes on the insert
which allows the smoke to come out and to give it the smoking effect from the ice cream. For us, I actually flew back to Korea and
talked to the people in Korea and the company that actually had this and was talking to
him about potentially either franchising their business or buying the mold off them, or just
buying their inserts. Their attitude was so poor. I’m not even kidding you. They thought that this design was patented
and that they were the number one guys. He even was about to charge me more than $5,000
just so then I could work with them to buy their inserts. For every single insert that we buy, we have
to pay 25 cents on top of the cost of the insert. It was just outrageous for us. For us, I’m like no. This is not happening. It just went back and forth and back and forth
to a point where I’m like you know what? I really don’t need these guys. At the end of the day, I can find my own factory
to create these inserts for me. I can create my own molds. That’s exactly what we did. I went to find factories that made these molds
for us. Technically, we just copied the designs, we
tweaked the thing here and there, and then we created our own molds and start manufacturing
these inserts that are suitable for us. At the end of the day, he cup and the inserts
adding together was less than 25 cents. We’re talking about like 12 cents. That’s exactly what happened. This took us months of going back and forth,
and at the end I’m just telling you exactly what happened because the lesson that was
learned here was I don’t take no for an answer. Don’t let people boss you around just because
they think they’re all that. That is not usually the case. Just be resourceful and don’t take no for
an answer and just go full steam ahead. That’s what you need to do when you’re dealing
with business and when you’re dealing with wanting to create something that you can bring
to the market. After the main component was solved, which
was the insert and the cup, we went full steam ahead. We went to lease our location. We went to figure out all the renovations,
all the permits, all the ingredients, all the recipes, marketing, and everything. We were full steam ahead and we were super,
super excited. Two months before opening, I still remember
this very, very day, where my friend sent me an article. An article about how, in Vancouver, a shop
has just been build with the same exact concept. We’re talking about organic. We’re talking about the honeycomb. We’re talking about the smoke effect. Everything was exactly the same as the concept
that we went out to build. At that time, we were super, super devastated,
because we spent months dealing with suppliers. We spent months building this whole concept,
and we thought that we were gonna be the first one to market. But, two months prior, everything was printed. A company came out with the same exact concept. Same exact branding as we wanted to be. And we were just … I couldn’t even reply
to my friend who sent me the article on that. It was just crazy. At that time, I just can’t help but think
did someone rat us out or betray us or leak out this idea? I was like oh my goodness. It was a very, very difficult time. So, I cut my trip short. Flew back to Vancouver and met with the team. I’m like hey guys, what are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do now guys? We ended up, within two months of opening,
we rebranded our whole company. We rebranded our whole image. We talked to the designers. We printed new cups. We changed the whole concept of our company
because of the fact that we don’t wanna be known as the company that copies another company. Because if you position that way, you’re gonna
lose all the strength that you have and you’re not gonna be unique to you. That’s the reason why we went ahead and we
changed everything. All the concepts and everything. We retained the smoking ice cream factor,
but the whole branding, the whole organic feel and the organic focus, we changed all
of that within two months of opening. It was a lot of work and it was a nightmare
time for us, for sure. But, looking back in hindsight, I’m so glad
we changed the concept and we changed the way that we are building this brand because
at that time, we were really shortsighted. We were thinking about creating an ice cream
that was only gonna be working with the honeycomb but not as a bigger brand, as a dessert brand
that allows us to push more different products moving forward. That’s the reason why we’re super glad that
this happened to us. Now, instead of calling us Honey 720, we’re
now called 720 Sweets. It’s a little bit more generic. We can house a lot more products under this
brand and it still works. As the days went on, we were not ready to
open. We delayed our process week after week after
week. At the end of the day, my staff hated us. The reason why they hated us was because they
were completely not ready to open their store, but we forced them to open it. They’re like hey Wilson, we’re not ready. We don’t even have a till. I told them to use cups. Hey Wilson, we’re not ready. We don’t even have a flow. I took out $200. I’m like open. Open now. I’m so glad that we opened, because on the
first day that we opened, a few bloggers came by the doors. Came and tried our product, and posted it
online. Since then, our shop I think was the number
one shop in the dessert chain that actually was feeling the full benefit of influencer
marketing. Because since then, we were having a lineup
day after day after day after day and we were packed for six months straight. It was some crazy thing that that happened
and at the end of the day, that’s also another lesson that we’ve learned, was that you’re
never gonna be ready. You just gotta do it. You just gotta make things work. Because at the end of the day, if you’re gonna
be open when you’re ready, then you’re always gonna delay that process. There are always things that you can improve
on. So, at the end of the day, as long as you
have your bare bone minimums, just open the doors and people will understand. This whole journey has been such an amazing
experience. I have the utmost respect for food and beverage
owners and restaurateurs because out of all the different businesses that I’ve run, this
has got to be the most difficult. The reason why is because you gotta be there
like every single day, 24/7. There’s always things that you need to be
there to fix, to deal with to have the operation fine tuned. At the end of the day, the reward is nowhere
closes to any other businesses that I was running at the time. But, at the end of the day, it really gives
you the grit. It gives you the determination. It helps you build that, and it helps you
build that commitment that you need to have to see things through. This business has taught me so much and I
am just so thankful that this has happened to us because it allowed the whole team to
build this character that’s gonna help us to build our next business and make it a lot
more successful. Partly these are the traits that makes for
a successful entrepreneur. Today, we’re gonna be sharing with you some
of the lessons that I’ve learned throughout this whole journey. Are you guys ready? Now, let’s dive right in. The number one lesson that I’ve learned throughout
this whole process is that you’re never ever gonna be ready. For us, we had no business in the ice cream
business at all. We had no experience whatsoever. But, we just know the fact that we had a thirst,
we had a concept, and all we had was a determination and the belief that we can make it work. That’s the reason why we took it one step
at a time. We learned all the processes. We learned the trade from ground zero. At the end of the day, you’re never ever gonna
be ready, and if you are gonna be waiting until you’re ready before you take action,
nothing’s ever gonna happen. If we waited until two, three weeks later
before we opened the doors, we would’ve never met the influencer and our business wouldn’t
have blown up. We wouldn’t have been able to expand to West
Edmonton, let alone to Beijing and internationally. It is all a learning process and we don’t
know any better at all. Even during our expansion to China, we had
no clue what we were doing. But, at the end of the day, we know for a
fact that wanted to learn, that everything will work out, and that we believed in ourselves. For you on the other side of the camera, if
you’re thinking about starting, if you’re thinking about taking that step, taking that
leap, this is the time to do it. Believe in yourself because at the end of
the day, you’re never ever gonna be ready. One book that helped me out a ton is The Lean
Startup. It taught me exactly what we need to do and
it just allowed me to understand that as long as we had a concept that we push out to the
market, we can always reiterate. And it really helped me throughout this process. If you want to, buy it from the link below. I already attached the link. That’s a really good resource for you. Lesson number two is that you’ll never have
enough time or money. When we first started this whole project,
720 Sweets, I was running two businesses at the same time and I was still trying to build
this business. It was super difficult because of the fact
that we just don’t have time. It was super difficult. For us, we just needed to learn how to delegate. We needed to learn how to buy back time and
see the value in actually delegating and actually hiring professionals and people that has been
there, done that and people who were experienced because we need to be able to recognize what
it’s gonna actually cost us by not doing this. What it’s gonna cost us by not listening to
professionals who tell you things that they’ve been through. The reason why this is super important is
because it’s gonna save you so much time, money, and energy. The mistakes that you’re gonna make, for example,
buying wrong equipment. Now, if you buy wrong equipment for, let’s
say, $10,000-$20,000, now that’s money that you wasted. Even if you can sell it back out, there’s
depreciation value and also opportunity costs. So on and so forth. So, if you have a chance, look for consultations
that can actually shortcut your time and your resources to success. Those investments are very, very important. If you don’t have time guys, buy time. If you don’t have the expertise, buy the expertise. In the long run, in the trajectory of your
business, this is gonna save you so much more time and money. I know it’s super counterintuitive, but that’s
what it takes. For us, we got into so many mistakes throughout
this whole process. We bought two wrong machines because we didn’t
listen to our consultant. We were running different marketing campaigns
because of the fact that we weren’t listening to one of our marketing consultants as well. At the end of the day, the whole point is
that you’re never gonna have enough time or money. The trick to this, and it’s counterintuitive
I know, is to buy back the time. Buy back the money and the mistakes that you’re
actually gonna spend. Another resource that I’m gonna share with
you is this book by Michael Gerber called E-Myth Revisited. This book completely changed my life. It changed my life in so many ways, because
it taught me how to build a proper business. It taught me how to build processes. This is a book that I truly, truly recommend
to you. I’ve included the link in the section below. Download this book or buy this book because
it is super, super effective if you’re trying to build a business from the ground up. The third lesson that we’ve learned is to
know who to hire. There’s a difference between a consultant
and a practitioner. The difference is that a consultant has no
clue in terms of the real life experience. Their business is in teaching you how to run
your business better. But, they’re not in the trenches. They’re not in it day in, day out to experience
through the hardships, experience through all the pain points, experience through basically
how it works in real life. Whereas a practitioner is going through that
day in, day out. They know exactly what’s going on and they
can point out to you what is the shortcut. What not to do and what to do in order for
you to be one step closer to your goal, closer to actually being able to build a successful
business that you can take time off of. For us, we actually spent tens of thousands
of dollars hiring consultants that were actually supposingly to help us build our business. As you can see, these are the things that
they were giving us. These are very theory based things. Did it really make a difference in our business? Yes and no. Was it super effective? No, it was not as effective as it would’ve
been because of the fact that it was just so theory based. That’s the reason why we hired a practitioner,
people that have been there, done that and they’re actually experiencing it day in, day
out. It made such a huge difference because they
know exactly what is going on in the business. Another resource that I wanna share with you
are two books that are super insightful. The first book is called Grinding It Out by
Ray. Talks about how he built McDonald’s. Super, super inspiring and insightful. The second book is by Howard, called Pour
Your Heart Into It. That talks about his journey in building Starbucks. These two books are super insightful, super
inspirational, and it really comes from the horses mouth. That’s the reason why I find it as a really
good resource when we are in this stage of the business, when you’re trying to look for
help and people that have been there and done that. Once again, the link is in the comment section
below and the description below so you can just go and purchases these books. Super insightful. I highly, highly recommend you guys check
out these books. I really hope that this video has helped you. All in all, this whole journey is super lonesome. It is super difficult. And a lot of times when you’re starting out,
it is just super lonely and you think that no one really understands what you’re going
through. That’s precisely why I shot this video, because
just wanted to tell you a little bit more about what we have been through. I know we have not even scratched the surface
of all the crazy things that have happened, but I’ve shared with you the main things and
basically the journey as in a nutshell and basically the three lessons that we have learned
throughout the way. Hopefully, you understand that hey, you know
what? Someone else actually has been through that
and actually understands and that you’re not alone. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up. If it actually made an impact to you and you
can actually connect to it, leave us a comment below and subscribe for more tactical information
and more tactical videos in the future. I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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