How will battery storage fit my business?

(Bess Quansah) You’ve done your research, you’ve done the numbers and you think battery storage might be a good investment but how’s it going to fit, literally and figuratively into your business? [Music plays] The first thing to know is that a battery storage system is more than just the batteries. It’s not a plug and play device. It needs to become part of your larger electrical system. [Music plays] (David Malicki) Battery storage connects to your building and it connects to the Grid. Typically, you’ll charge it when Grid power is cheapest, or if you have solar on site and you’re generating your own energy, then you’ll use the energy at the times when Grid power is most expensive for you. If you have a generator, your battery will need to work with that too. And it’s important to have Smart controls and monitoring for your battery system. [Music plays] All of these connections are going to influence the design of your battery storage system. (Bess Quansah) Your usage and priorities also play a part, when you use power, how much you pay, ROI targets, environmental policies. (David Malicki) All these factors need to be considered and your system customised to get the functionality or savings you want. No system is likely to do that straight out of the box. [Music plays] (Bess Quansah) We recommend consulting an expert to help find your ideal system and hiring a qualified installer to put it in. (David Malicki) Once you have it installed, a small solution will probably look like this. And a big solution might look like this. (Bess Quansah) But remember before you go installing battery storage, look at your energy use holistically. Could you improve your energy efficiency before investing in battery storage? If so, you’ll get better value and results from it. (David Malicki) For help exploring your options or connecting with experts check out the tools and guides available on our website today. [Music plays]

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