How You can Benefit from Affiliate Marketing with Your Online Business

hey there it’s Lindsey and welcome back
to my second episode here on I just wanted to pop on today and just
kind of you know chat with you a little bit and just give you a few tips when it
comes to using affiliates for your business for those of you that don’t
know me my name is Lindsey hazel and I am the online educator over at Hazel
Haven com I help creative business owners learn how to use the tools to
grow their audience online and today I just wanted to you know kind of tell you
something that happened to me and how you can use the same thing for your
business so I got an email from smarterqueue and the
smarterqueue is a social media scheduler that I fell in love with not even six
months ago but they have a referral program and they hadn’t launched their
software to the world yet it was so kind of you know testing it out and getting a
few people to try it and whatnot and I just asked them hey do you have a
affiliate program or a referral program and then shot me all of the stuff to do
and I signed out to be a referral person for them so just to kind of give you a
difference between being a referral affiliate and being an affiliate when
you refer something you get something in return you don’t get money you can get
you know like a free month or you know other things like that
I don’t every other thing that I have done that’s had a referral it’s usually
you get a free month of you know the service or you can get you know some
coupon codes to share with people so they can get things so that you can grow
your traffic and etc for the company and then for if you’re an affiliate then
there’s lots of different ways that that works you can earn commission
you can get you know money you can just be paid in money you can there’s all
their affiliate marketing is so diverse there’s just lots and lots and lots of
different ways that you can earn affiliate marketing I would highly
suggest checking out you know Pinterest for just affiliate marketing I have a
few people that are really good at affiliate marketing um Michelle over at
making sense of cents and Justine Grey from Justin Grey dot com they are great
people for affiliate marketing but anyways so SmarterQueue getting back to
SmarterQueue… I was like yeah I’d love to you know refer your product I love it
you know blah blah blah I did a few YouTube videos on how to use their
software just so that my audience couldn’t understand like hey I like this
tool I think you’re gonna like this too let me show you how you can use it so
you know over the time I would check and see like oh you referred 20 people or oh
you’ve referred this many people or whatever and I just never really thought
anything about it because I was like cool I’m glad that I’ve been able to help
this company out and I’m glad that you know maybe I’ll get a free month out of
it or a few free few months out of it that’d be awesome
but I got this email and it was like hey you just want to let you know your
referrals took effect and you now have i think it was like twenty five hundred dollars in
credit and I was like what but this is really this is a great reminder for you
know like hey if there are any tools that you’re using and you like it and
you think that your audience would like it find out if they have a referral
program find out if they have an affiliate program and join it because if
you already like something and you know that they’re gonna like it too it’s
gonna be really easy you talk about it so yeah you know guys
I’m going to have SmarterQueue for LIFE!! until you know they come up with a payout you
know service or whatever but I don’t know I just wanted to share that with
you today and just you know think about you always want to be with your business
you always want to be thinking about how you can make more money you don’t want
to leave money on the table and affiliate marketing is not just throwing
up links on your website it’s a lot more than that and if yeah so that’s not you
know just look at it and have a good day!

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2 thoughts on “How You can Benefit from Affiliate Marketing with Your Online Business

  1. I haven't used affiliate marketing or affiliate referral programs yet, but this video was very informative and I can see how it could be helpful for your business!

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