How You Can Start an Online Business in 5 Days

– Statistics show that 20%
of small businesses fail in their first year and 30%
of small businesses fail in their second year. By the time you get to the fifth year, 50% of those small businesses have failed. So, I wanna help you make sure
your great new business idea doesn’t fail. In the past three years,
I’ve grown my online business to now a full income that
supports me and my family and I wanna share with you
today how you can do that for your business as well. (light music) Hi, my name is Trena and on this channel, I help creative entrepreneurs
just like you figure out how to start using YouTube
in your business strategy. Now, like I said, I started this business about three years ago and it was not easy. I made so many mistakes. – Big mistake. Big, huge. – In fact, there are multiple
videos on this channel to walk you through all
the mistakes I made, but I know so many of you
out there either wanna grow your current business or
wanna start a business. So, I wanna help you so
you can avoid the mistakes that I’ve made. I brought my friends, Abby and Emylee from Think Creative Collective,
on today to tell you how you can learn how to start
a successful online business in just four days. So, take it away girls. – Hello, everybody. Guess what’s coming up? Boss Project Summit. Guess who needs to be there? You.
(laughs) – It’s true. When Trena said we could
come on her little channel and give you guys the
411, we were super excited because we know you
guys need this way more than you’re willing to admit. – Yes, so what is the Boss Project Summit, what’s going down, why
do you need to be there, what are the deets? Here’s the deal. It’s Boss Project Summit
beginner business series. Four days, your business, major growth. We have over 21 keynotes, like, a ton. Over 17 breakout sessions and guess what? It’s 100% free. So, here’s the thing. If you’re ready to get your business to the total boss treatment
and uplevel and growth and the foundations
built like your branding and your messaging, your marketing, sales, funnels, automations, profit,
planning, mindset, growth, all of the things that businesses
need, new or established, this is the summit for you. – It’s true. We partnered up with Dubsado to bring you these incredible speakers. Trena is only just one of them,
just the tip of the iceberg. She’s definitely gonna
be talking about YouTube, which is not gonna be surprising to you, but also confidence in doing video online. Now, some of the other amazing
speakers you can expect to hear from include Jordan Gill. She’s gonna talk all about systems. You’re gonna hear from Tyler
J. McCall, who doesn’t like to call himself the Instagram King, but definitely has taken the cake on that. You’re gonna hear from Stacy
Tuschl about mind sight. You’re gonna hear from Alicia Johns who’s partner with brands
like Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin Donuts and Yes, too. You’re gonna hear from Britt
Coelho who’s gonna talk about how to take your
personality type and utilize that to find the marketing tools and strategies that are gonna work
best for you personally and not what just everyone is saying. You’re gonna hear from Haley Burkhead who’s talking about
how to plan for profit. You’re going to get a
behind the scenes tour from Becca and Jacob at Dubsado. We are so incredibly excited. This is gonna be four days
completely jam-packed, totally free. Now, I will say, there is an opportunity for you to keep this info forever and we are giving you the opportunity to grab and all-access pass. Now, what that means is
it’s super inexpensive. The cost is honestly almost irrelevant. You’re gonna get 40-plus
speaker presentations. You’re gonna get all of
their collateral, workbooks, mini courses, worksheets,
freebies, opt-ins, all of it. And you’re gonna be entered to win one of the largest giveaways
I’ve literally ever seen. – Definitely, the biggest
one we’ve ever done and there’s over 40
winners in this giveaway. So, chances of you
winning something amazing are pretty epic. So many of our speakers and
sponsors have donated awesome, awesome stuff to this giveaway. We’re talking everything
from Trello boards to one-on-one sessions to full-on courses. So, the stuff that’s in there is gold. And here’s the best part, guys. This summit is 100% virtual. It’s online. You don’t need to put on pants. You don’t need to travel anywhere. You don’t need to pack your
bags or say bye to your kids or your puppies. You can enjoy all of this
goodness from the comfort of your bed, your couch,
your home, your desk, the coffee shop. Wherever, from any device. It’s 100% virtual. We’re bringing so many
amazing speakers to you from all over the world so
you can make massive movements in your business. – Now, Trena has set up
a little link for you to go grab your free ticket. Did I say free? Free ticket. You can go to,
grab your seat and we’ll see you there. We can’t wait to see you inside. – And what I’m really excited
about is I’m teaching you in this summit how to use
YouTube with confidence and without overwhelm. So, if you wanna grab
your all-access ticket, the link will be down below and it’s also at I’ve got something really cool
for you if you join with me, so I hope I’ll see you on the inside. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more tips, tricks and strategies on how to use YouTube in your business. Thanks for watching, bye.

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4 thoughts on “How You Can Start an Online Business in 5 Days

  1. Trena – congrats so much on your success, you're truly an inspiration to me. Appreciate your videos and insights always. 😉

  2. Thanks for the pointer Trena! The line up looks really impressive. “Real Talk: Branding is More Than a Logo” convinced me to get the ticket. 🙂 Cheers, Nico

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