Hundreds of Metro kids create business plan for Lemonade Day

PROFITS AFTER TACKLING AN AGE- OLD BUSINESS VENTURE. THE LEMONADE STAND. AND AS I FOUND OUT THEY MAY BE SMALL, BUT THEY )RE ALSO PRETTY SAVVY. 8;45 do you want some lemonade sir 8;47 8-YEAR-OLD ISABELLA AGUILAR 9;39 here you go 9;41 IS THE C-E-O OF THIS LEMONADE STAND OUTSIDE THE NUSENDA CREDIT UNION ON COORS ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (TODAY. AND SHE )S ENLISTED THE HELP OF HER (BUSINESS PARTNERS. 4;28 my business plan is to make some money for my new home 4;30 ISABELLA IS ONE OF (500 KIDS LOCALLY — PARTICIPATING IN THIS NATIONWIDE INITIATIVE TO TEACH KIDS BUSINESS SKILLS. 8;02 have you ever ran your own business before? no never 8;06 IN THE METRO, “LEMONADE DAY” IS PUT ON BY THE RIO GRANDE EDUCATIONAL COLLABORATIVE. 10;28 nats pouring Shana Runck, Nusenda Credit Union 1;04 they so they learn about budgeting, marketing, all aspects of starting a business in preparation for setting up their lemonade stands today 1;15 ISABELLA )S BUSINESS MODEL IS SIMPLE. 6;15 i wanted it to be 2 dollars because 2, you could just count to it right away like 1, 2 6;20 AND WHILE GETTING CUSTOMERS IS EASY MOST OF THE TIME… 7;02 when cars come by like over there and when they come in i say do you want fresh lemonade? GRUELING NATURE OF RUNNING A BUSINESS MEANS… REJECTION IS POSSIBLE. 12;10 do you guys want some lemonade? 12;12 no thank you 12;14 AT THE END OF THE DAY THESE YOUNG BUSINESSWOMEN SAY IT )S ABOUT HAVING FUN…. AND LEARNING A THING THING OR TWO ALONG THE WAY. 8;31 is there anything else you want to add? do you want to buy some good 8;39 MORE THAN 40 CITIES AROUND THE COUNTRY PARTICIPATE IN “LEMONADE DAY” EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE SPRING AND SUMMER — WITH MORE THAN 200- THOUSAND KIDS TAKING PART.

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One thought on “Hundreds of Metro kids create business plan for Lemonade Day

  1. This is retarded, a lemonade stand won't help them learn about business lol, she picked $2 for her price because you know 1,2 is easy to do lol

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