I ate only TINY FOOD for Breakfast!

Hey guys, it’s Chloe and welcome back to my channel! So today I’m bringing you a new series on my channel Where we do tiny things for all your tiny ideas to come to the life. So today I decided to make tiny food like a tiny little stove and a tiny little pan and you put them on a tiny little plate and it looks awesome make sure to give it a like and Comment below and let me know what tiny food I should make next in the time it takes me to chug this tiny glass of milk Cheers! This is not happening! It is not happening! This is real milk, I don’t know what’s happening Guys keep watching to the end to see me eat all the food! Okay guys it is now time to taste test our creations. Okay, first, we’re and gonna try the pancakes Mmm. That was so much work for like one bite of a pancake Oh my god i just realized, i broke my …. I’m not supposed to eat any like bread or wheat products. Oh my god I’m such a bad jew! We are going to try an egg come to me Tastes like an egg! Fun fact: I’m not sure if any of you noticed But like most of this video was filmed on an iPhone, because it picks up the tiny food better! Tiny food needs a tiny camera! Now for the bacon. I am fed up with this So that was it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed! Go check out the behind the scenes vlog I will link it below! And make sure to follow me on all my social medias if you want to you know stay up to date Get the alerts right when they happen you can see the tiny food in action isn’t that Appealing? I will link everything below, but my username is just Chloe Couture on everything and I will see you guys next time Love you. Bye Some Subtitles made by Parnia

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100 thoughts on “I ate only TINY FOOD for Breakfast!

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