I grew my business from my bathroom office

I want to tell you something. It’s embarrassing. So I’m at a conference and
I’m meeting some cool people. I’m meeting my people. Not my people. It’s
great. You know even if I meet one of my people, like one person who I am like “I
love them they get me I get them we can work together we can help each other”
someone like that is great. And I’ve met – which is incredible. So that’s great
but while I’m here, so I’m in San Diego way back in Winnipeg , something is
happening. I just going to tell you
the truth which is that this whole time my office, that I have my coaching calls
in, that I host my master classes in has been a room off of my washroom. And I
have one washroom in my house. So that has to change.
Because I hired a new employee and that new employee is my husban. So before
when I just worked alone it was fine You know if I change the camera angle you
can’t see past the doorway and you have no idea that I’m talking to you, that I
was talking to people and making videos or hosting classes with a toilet behind
me. You couldn’t tell because I would just (weird sound to mean I changed the camera angle) but now that he works with me.
What happens I’d be on the call with someone and I would get a text from
my husband and he would be like “let me know when you’re done I have to use the
washroom”. And that was happening like every day so that it started to like
stress — where I was like “i’m about to go call. Go to the washroom”. And so
and it’s so the room was so close to the washroom it’s like a washroom closet.
Is what what I’ve been is where I built my business. So it’s a
it’s a… it’s a really wonderful space. But the other day my husband was holding
our cat and the dog scared the cat. And can’t scratch him. And I was on a call
with someone and my husband… there’s there’s a there’s also like so there is
a door..so we can shut the door but you can hear everything. But, so you can shut
the door. But I have the door closed because I was talking to a client. And my
husband… and there’s a window… window and we hang we hang a towel over
it most of the time so that if someone’s gonna use the washroom maybe I can hear
them and I can’t see them. Like this is like so I have such a low budget thing
going on at home. So he came in, he knew I was on a call &
the door was closed and he crawled on his hands and knees to where our like
our medicine box…our first aid kit is to get like the disinfectant and the
band-aids. And after that we were like this can’t happen anymore. So while I’m
away, he’s been at home taking one taking a room that was my my child’s bedroom
and then moving… like painting a whole room new room for her, moving her over.
And then he’s moving my desk in so that when I come back next week I am gonna
have a real office office office space Because the bathroom washroom isn’t
isn’t working at all. I’ll show you a pictures when I’m back to show you
what I was working in. So this is all to say, that on the other side of it, I’m it
just like so where I work it doesn’t change the value of my coaching right? It
doesn’t, it doesn’t change you know if I can help people or I can not help people
and didn’t stop me from growing a business. My first videos that I made
when I was first starting the business so like my #30daysofresume which like
put me on the map. And the #31daysofstory story all of those were done like with
my phone on my way to work so I would be like ah walking to my government job
filming videos and giving free to so I didn’t have like I didn’t have the
website up I didn’t have a lot of things done but what I had was that I had idea
that I wanted to share and that I had content and you know valuable
information that I could share so if you are waiting you know for that pretty
studio and if you’re waiting for that perfect office you don’t need to you can
actually do it now test it out and see if it works and then if it’s something
that is making basically all of the money to run your household then you
know then you’re gonna have to say hmm I think that I think this is a little bit
bigger than all the bigger than the bathroom office so that’s a little sneak
peek well I’m the scenes at what’s been going on in my world I hope you guys are
having a really really great weekend

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One thought on “I grew my business from my bathroom office

  1. You built a successful business from scratch. That’s something to be proud of no matter what room your office is in. IMO you make the right point at the end – where you give your advice does not diminish its wonderfulness.

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