I Launched My Business! #LaunchDayVlog l Entreprenuer Life Ep. 16

so it’s about roughly 20 minutes before
I launch so I wanted to record the whole process of my lunch day I have all my
parts of stuff ready of course this will come out later after
I watch hey guys so if you are seeing this
I’m officially open for business Alaska’s cold sufficient open for
business go ahead and check out them down in the
description box below but yeah I decided to take you guys with me through my
lunch day even if we don’t get any orders I want y’all guys to do is this
with me as well so yeah I know off today so yeah it’s about 20 minutes before I
officially launched it is 11:40 and I launched expertly and so I did get a
couple of things today I didn’t do an inventory video because it’s so many
things that I bought but I’m not launching with everything at one time so
I didn’t do an inventory video but if you would like to see the inventory of
what I launched with there’s a video and I’ll link the card right here I think
it’s going to be right here right here and you can check out some of the
products I launched it as well as check out the website as well okay so let me
update you guys on confusing why I had to take the YouTube video down because
there was like a couple things mr. Furby so I put my launching video back up – I
took a nap because missing up waiting for somebody to like visit my site or
buy something was nerve-racking I launched at 12:00 like it’s unrealistic
for you to be a bet 12 especially on a Sunday well Monday which is most people
I work in school so I just had to go to sleep so literally I
slept for like four hours why I don’t know yeah it’s on up now and I’m up now no orders yet so I can’t
really do a packaging video without orders I will update you guys later on
but this is the reality of launching when you don’t have a following and I’m
not even doing this to show you guys like how to get sale that I have them
ourselves I just wanted to show you guys like a
realistic launch day and just show you that the real of it like what does
happen and not like I have 10k followers in stinking subscribers so I got a bunch
of sales no like it’s gonna be times when you don’t get a sale and if I do
get a sale like I’ll be happy but I’m not going to be like butthurt and want
to quit if I don’t get a sale like that’s just the Homewood ActiveE so
today I’m just gonna like be working on more like promotional videos I’m gonna
be recording some purple or short videos for my Instagram I got my very first
order up so quick it’s your first order oh it is a pearl one of my friends in a
girl’s boss Croce so you know she’s my friend
I’m so excited like I was not going into this day expecting any type of orders
like I was just happy to be open but yes I got my very first order and I’m so so
excited so I’m gonna go ahead and package this order right now alright so
she ordered frozen petals which is again this little necklace right here is so cute right so
big state and then also I don’t want it to be like too too bulky so I mean like
just hanging in the packaging so I’m going to tape down the back as well just
so it won’t be like just moving over back on us
I just cut the excess off and yeah so this other back looks this front looks
is so cute and I just put it in the little envelope like right now I’m just
really really overthinking so I have a small mirror right here when those are
rose gold all right so I waited
it’s 2.6 ounces oh shit station right now
I did it wrong at first let’s see how much will it cost me because I first to
say a dog all right so I figured it out you know it says I have to add dad and then I also plant in Belize as ago all right back and I wore his invoice so
I find out two invoices one for them and one for me and then I’m gonna peel off
the shipping label because I want to reuse it since it’s 2-tone sheet this is
gonna stick isn’t it so long since I’ve loved I’m actually becoming very bad at
blogging so with the widest banners in my hand is I just finished recording
promotional videos this is my ring light stand and unfortunately my room isn’t
big enough to where I can just be leaving these like stuff thing out so
yeah I just recorded some promotional very good videos I also dropped off my
first order which I forgot the camera and I didn’t recorder my phone either but yeah I did that but also I made a
mistake again I am human I make mistakes as well with the shipping label I
accidently I didn’t weight it wrong I weighed it great but then I edit
something else too which made it heavier and I initially waited for then what I
waited for what I made the shipping label now the lady at the post office
said that it was going to charge me for the difference which hopefully it does
it’s not telling me that it turns me into making phone hopefully it shows out
luckily the person we ordered I actually do know them so it’s supposed to give to
them in 30 days and do you ship station to ship my
orders so in case anybody was wondering I used to station to shut my orders as
my very first time using a ship station and yeah so maybe I shouldn’t do like a
dummy I was supposed to be vlogging this whole launch day experience but Josh
your jobs right here can you tell me to bring my camera
he needs a little coordinate and he’s just been he back up here so y’all could
go ahead and blame him and ask him why he took her life but I got a tuna order
since I haven’t seen it I just shipped him out in the night I want my order
don’t worry about tomorrow yeah I did good so firing up for our orders today
why are actually intended of long and he won’t sit there long it’s not his fault
that’s a big mm-hmm alright guys so we’re ending tonight for
the first day of my last day and I sort of wore cells which was also happy about
surprise my goal for the month because I only really wanted to give myself a
chance for three sounds so we’re having higher looks for tomorrow I’m about to
write into my manifestation Journal say my prayers and include a bed so I will
see you guys good morning when we start date – all
right good morning guys I look like Sideshow Bob real quick with this part
but this is like day one here so I saw like shrinking and stuff it is okay all
right so as you see all kinds of– I don’t know how to put this load I’m not
really sure I sent in my package I got the tracking of vulture you already get
a few ships they should ships this automatically gives you a tracking
number so still recording so yeah for that footage
y’all seen me drunk with the package I’ve seen me inside the place so I do
job my package is not a scam it’s not for play play this is for real Fuhrer I
do actually ship about packages but also I went and looked at their box and
seeing what time does it get picked up because some post office they pick up
regularly and then other post offices they don’t so this one on weekdays they
pick up at 5:00 p.m. and on Saturday pick up at 1:30 so that’s kind of late
to be shipped off because some things they want to be shipped off at the same
day so that’s why the lady told me yesterday when I first went the second
time I came she was like it’s just better to come in and give it to us and
drop it off in the box motion says I can do for month of August
I’m only wounded to promotion ourselves so okay so guys I have another over last
night so this is the order is going out today
like yesterday was like a whole thing for me and I’ll explain it later
oh god I’m Lulu was kind of like salad but it’s better now
so yeah this is my order from which is shipping on today and I’m doing a flash
sale on my lip glosses which I’ll probably be over it’s only one over 24
hours yes it’ll be definitely of drying time
as it is but Lin a flash sale on my social apostles there were like six
twenty five instead of eight twenty five two hundred friends in Brazil I go also
tried a new promotion tactic and I’m still seeing how that’s going and yeah I
will see you guys later alright guys yeah all right so I thought that I was
done for today I got my mom to drop off the package
from the order I got yesterday let a flash sale so far it’s yeah it’s going I
got a couple of visits to the site but no sale which is fine okay I’m sorry I
got this neighbor and he’d be trying to talk to me not like talk to me like
Congress it but like talk to me like trying to be my boyfriend he oh god or
do I wait for anyone else one house one house enough okay you good at you enough
all right so yeah but I forgot that I also had to do here today so that’s not
a way to be now like officially closed on the vlog and
I’m so sorry it was kind of like a busy week which is like no excuse cuz I’m
supposed to be showing you like what it’s not really figuring to launch a
business but I’m back anyways so for the rest of week after the third day I
didn’t get any more sales which is fine I just launched I’m not expecting you to
do sales I’m just happy to have something that can bring value and share
to people and of course I create good things over my business and just for me
to get success when it’s my time so yeah but anyways I got a sale today and I’m
packaging up this now so if you did not know already are don’t follow my
business presents go ahead and follow that down below but I do have flashbacks
now there are only five dollars in this isn’t a style sweetie so so right there
sweetie alright so yeah that’s all aspects they
come to us Belize I decided to do two instead of one which is two and just put
them in there also put my business cards in there as well it comes with two for
you to get at your friends and then one for you with a special discount code on
it and then that’s it for that and luckily for me my other specs actually
fit these okay so I’m back so anyway I was all the same it’s okay for this not
to be perfect it’s okay for you to make mistakes it’s okay as long as you learn
from them and the longer that I have been open the more I expected that I
can’t just put a picture up there and expect them to buy from me know I had to
bring value to the life and once I started really
that I have to look at myself as the what does it call the test person like
if I was of a person besides just being me what I actually buy was like not just
because my company I would want to buy my product then I started seeing a
change and the people that were actually so yeah don’t forget to check out the
site it’s gonna be listed down below and in the pink comment as well and also I
just released anklet and last prank of the style of lifespan so it’s just one
large bag it comes with far the same lashes filming Sandra Colley can wear
each one up to ten times or more with proper care great quality lightweight
all that jazz I always tell you we just need to see for yourself says but yeah
just released that there are five dollars but that style is a limited
edition so once it’s gone it’s gone unless the demand for it
it’s high enough for me to bring the style back but anyway yeah hopefully you
guys enjoyed this and you know if you won’t see another day in the life video
of an entreprenuer let me know in the comment down below so we can talk and
check and I will see you guys in the next video

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