I Love My Business – Where’s the Money

Hello, Gorgeous.
It’s Denise here from LuckyBitch.com. Today, we are talking about mixing love
and money. It’s frustrating when you have built a business based on your
passions, you love what you do, you put your heart and soul into it but… crickets.
Maybe you’ve been limping along for months or years, not making much
money and you’re kind of considering giving up and getting a job. Maybe you’re
even getting pressure from other people in your life to quit your business
altogether and go back to something safe, like your day job. But, before you
panic, there might be some really practical reasons why this is happening
and we’re going to get really real on what’s going on and how you can fix it.
You totally can have a business that you love and make money at the same time.
Let’s do it. I see this all of the time. Women who
have found something that they absolutely love to do, but just can’t seem to make
any money from it. When business doesn’t work, women tend to make up
stories about why this is happening. Usually that old story of, “Maybe I’m just
not good enough,” or, “Maybe I’m not allowed to live my passions. Maybe I have
to do something I hate to make money.” Trust me, most of these stories are
complete crap and you need to deal with the blocks that are behind them so that
you can move on and start making money doing something that you love. Let’s get
real and honest before you chuck it all in. Here are three things to check if you’re not
making profit from the business that you love. Number one: Is your business a valid business
for you? What does that mean exactly? I mean, is it a business that sells something
that people will actually pay you for? Is it something that you even want to do?
This can be a really hard one to admit that you’re doing wrong. A good business is
an intersection between three things: What you love to do, what you’re really
good at and – the last and most important thing – what people will actually
pay you for. You kind of need all three if you want, not only a profitable business,
but something that has longevity for you and you won’t get bored of. It’s tempting
to make a business just out of something that you’re good at, even if you don’t quite
love it. You might have done this as well. For example, I used to do private coaching.
I was good at it, but I’m much better teaching in group situations. When I
admitted to myself that I didn’t really like it anymore, it freed up my time and energy
to create my Lucky Bitch Money Boot Camp. Just because something is a good
business idea, it doesn’t mean that you have to be the one to bring it into the
world. Do a reality check on your business right now. Is this something that
you love? Something that you’re good at? Something that people will pay you for?
If yes, you’re totally on the right track. But if it’s not, it’s time to go back to the
drawing board and see if you can tweak the business. Or, give yourself permission
to let it go. I know it can be really hard to take an objective look at that business
that you’ve set up and realize it’s just not going to cut it, but it’s an important step if
you want to make more money with less effort. Here’s the second thing that’s really important:
Not everything has to be a business. If you really enjoy your hobby, it can be
really tempting to turn it into your business as well. I have done this so many times.
For example, one of my very first blogs was called Necie’s movie reviews.
Necie is my childhood nickname. I thought that because I love movies and I
love writing it would be a great business idea. But then I sat in the movie theater with my
little notebook and I realized, “Oh, my god. This sucks! This completely ruins
the experience of the movie for me.” I realized that going to the movies was my
escape. It didn’t have to also be my livelihood. If you’re a business-minded entrepreneur,
you probably see the potential in everything. But this is the harsh truth: some of
your hobbies should stay your hobby. For most of us, that hobby turned business
might be fun for a while, but it might not be something that we really should get
paid to do. If you turn it into a business, you might have to find a new hobby. It’s
totally okay and totally safe for you to have some down time just to do things just for fun.
You don’t have to monetize everything. I know that’s how we work as entrepreneurs.
We’re always thinking of new money making ideas, but it can be really distracting
if you don’t follow through. My advice? Find something that you love to do, that
fits that good business model that I spoke about before and, that way, you still get to
enjoy your hobbies while also building a business that you love. Remember,
you don’t have to monetize everything. Here’s the third point: You have to learn
to love marketing. Yes, love marketing. Here’s the truth time. Every business
needs marketing. Yes, you can totally manifest new clients, but the universe
needs you to meet it halfway. By the way, marketing is manifesting as well. It’s
manifesting clients. But if you get really good at marketing, it’s an essential tool
that is really going to take your business to the next level. Otherwise, you will hit a
plateau. It’s totally okay and normal to feel a bit icky about marketing or feel like
it’s sleazy or even dirty to brag about what we’re doing. But this is just a money block.
You really have to be doing regular marketing activities in order to bring in the money.
Otherwise, you’re just hiding your talents away from the world. It’s totally safe for
you to market your business. Money needs marketing and mindset. It’s totally
possible to deal with those block, to take your business to the next level or
from flat-lining to growing really fast. You either need to learn about marketing
first or delegate it out. Either way, you can totally figure it out. Lucky B, that’s
where the money is. You’re allowed to love your business and you’re allowed to
make money out of it as well. You might be wondering how to upgrade your business
and you’re not quite sure where to start. The trick is the harness the power of the
incremental upgrade. I’ve recorded a free workshop where I show you four major
areas of your business with ideas on what you can upgrade first. They’re really,
really practical ideas. You can get that at LuckyBitch.com/upgrade. I’ll take you
through the power of upgrading specific, but symbolic things in your business and
why that is crucial for unlocking cash. You’re going to come away with some
really actionable ideas to upgrade your business now, to stop procrastinating and
so you can grow it and love your business. Grab this training now – it’s totally free –
and start making some of those upgrades that you need to make.
That’s at LuckyBitch.com/upgrade. Alright, gorgeous. Here’s to getting
through your blocks and building a business that you absolutely love and that
will love you in return with lots of cash-a-roony. It’s your time and you’re
ready for the next step.

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