in that truck stop that mighty truck
stop the truck Dursley tonight wiener whack go eat or whack Kuwait or
whack away Oh looky there yeah there we go
loaded up and ready to go let’s head for the hills
all right that first little clip was our load to Atlanta
the next little clip is the most addictive in Atlanta going to Kingman
Arizona I’m down to 20 hours my girls still got
60 so hey I’m gonna let her grab why not right we got three days to get
there because it’s Good Friday holiday and all that good stuff getting there
in Christ right so that’s letter today we got all loaded up and it took a lot
longer than I was anticipating oh and I’m tired
the girls tired we’re all tired Chuck looks clean but boy it’s bill even it’s
been raining like hell down here but it still looks pretty down it so we’re
gonna take off here I got to make a dog blog for the dog blog Channel yeah I
know how that is got keep the dogs going I look at Gracie grace up there in the
window ain’t she cute she is the sweetest puppy good morning everybody
how are you guys doing it’s a new day we survived the storm the winds blew in the girl here no she looks so chipper this morning I
told I told her how she needs a subpoena cylinders she’ll feel all better she didn’t think that was funny I don’t
know why you guys ever heard of the medicine ball there’s just something is this morning
or coffee eight hey baby you anything say
don’t be ugly would be for it yourself funny
you want to go to Walmart e you want a road rollin rollin rollin damn hungry right now
well how you doing there Walter – I don’t know
I’m unsure I’m a rat rod terrier oh you know what a hamburger
the hungry want some food she’s much better mood now look at her
she might even smile for us smile for the camera girl mind your
business over there cook me some hamburgers ha we’re starboard just
starving are you starving I’m not I’m ravenous I’d eat the ass hell out of a
foot hit them yeah that might be it thanks what are you doing on the table I
think I’m done driving for the day yes that’s me I’m done driving I’m gonna cut
it off eat it burgers and let senior over here oh ok she’s 20 so cheese
seniorita yeah I’m a little bit worried that it’s time for the lady flu I mean
it snuck up on me this time around it ain’t happened or anything but I got a
sale on you know what you know when what I still be a solo run we’re super
shallow angle right here you call us today daddy Good Friday is this today when
they kill right but oh no everybody goes to scrap the Chrysler whatever I just
seen a guy walking down the side of the road k and hip cross I mean he took it
literally right pick up your cross very well he was going to West Memphis with
his cross what was he gonna come over here oh oh that’s great
I think so come over here preach or something but it wasn’t long enough
hanging I mean it was kind of Christ didn’t have a will they didn’t need to
make wheels back there wait a minute they have okay that was a play on words
they had wheels they might not have had written wheels right we’ll we’ll go on
with this let’s cook this hamburger now look at her always using my phone is
like her personal mirror when I walk around and I see myself and it’s trained
in places that’s very odd and are you surprised to see yourself like
you’re a vampire and you shouldn’t cast a reflection I have a Fantasia
I don’t remember you can’t even see yourself in your mind oh you’re a stick
figure in your mind too I wish I am I’m a little want to be a stick figure but
hey if you want to say so I’ll take it I’m not saying you can’t rush somebody
decide they might need a swimsuit this year are you taking me to the beach this year
at nighttime no no not blue jeans did you take all
the toys you can’t take all the toys you’re gonna share them what he told
everybody stay away from my toys their minds must know the to tell you I have
the little eyes but you gotta share the big you didn’t see that though did you
because he never quit when you doing back there is it a Roman restart product I’m making
thanks a man’s that’s one
we gave her a race car I drove broke the day before didn’t you only
drive a couple hours so
so so where are we going here that motorcycle
it makes me rearranging things we finally understand like it’s just everything in here I’ve
known cats we didn’t stuff that much in here he has
stuffed a bunch of up in here I had two bikes two forks to pubs y’all know I
didn’t have that much done go ahead your stuff is friends around
master like all the camera equipment you may
consider from a camera movement it’s a higher camp
now if you’ve been in here I have one closet and one drawer
he had two jurors a top juror another top drawer this
we’re here on the outside but everything he takes
up more space than I do it’s that
always thanks thanks thanks you’re like say that’s not true but in history the
mega two drawers once call now water stored everything now wait a
minute use notice he says the camera jurors not
he is but here’s the kit because I put everything in the camera door number
here’s all your damaged stuff right and I shove it back in there if he leaves
now but here’s the thing their stuff like the whole bottom half of that
camera juror has not been used since we’ve been back out maybe like they’re power plants away from that
being thrown I know you’ve got a safety vest okay
there’s three safety vests on the same hanger so you’re just on there too
okay you hear mother mother go in there it’s not in there now and your heated
jacket is in my closet well that’s very smart of you
I keep it so he no wanded up in a little Bowl and shove it somewhere and been a
little wiring in it and mess it up and then I have to be mad at him so I I am and then as you drop things on the floor
how can you be that way if I was gonna be here
then you think you’re like and in in you can empty out the container and you
like take care that this boy is it boy I’m sorry
you’re the king you’re the key his place I’m the princess and you’re
the popper sorry it
little jack horner it’s not in business
anyway even watching hallmark movies I’m a gentleman hi guys he’s found his new favorite
window that’s your new favorite spot Walter hmm that’s your new spot that’s
your own personal window to look out over there tell you dad two movies

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38 thoughts on “I NEED TO MIND MY BUSINESS

  1. I'm sorry, my ears are getting old, what was that dog lyric? Did she say a weiner whack, a weiner whack…? I believe the lyric is technically A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, but like I said my hearing may be getting a little fuzzy.

  2. Hello TRC. I’m new to your channel and liking the videos. Great Rig. 💯💯👍👍👍🍺🍺

  3. Why so serious prissy 😂😂😂 trc said hes trying to give some 🍆🍆 parmesan bahahahaha

  4. The fact that she didn't say anything until the 2;45 mark had me nervous at first. Glad she started talkin to you again after you started to mind your business. haha

  5. Dam trc the girl really looks like she wants to kill you. Trc buy her some rocks and flowers 🌸.. I believe the lady flu might be coming too lol maybe write her a poem. Look how beautiful you look princess prissy pants.. you both make my day. You both be safe and have a blessed day

  6. Like I said he might know directions but he doesn't know calendars.. If he was smart he'd keep a calendar on his phone so he knows what days to be on his best behavior.
    Be safe Y'all

  7. Good Morning Younger Than I😁 He was talking about Good Friday again? Missy if he is still that far behind you need to put your food down and make him get caught up. He talked about Easter a few weeks ago and that wasn't so bad but he's not even the right month now?
    Drive Safe U 2👍👍

  8. I loved the intro song. great job little dog. You realize you are going to get hurt talking about the lady flu. Sorry but she is more patient with you than I would have been. I would have already stuck a tampon up your nose everytime you say it. Lmao. Love Walter's new look out tower.

  9. Man you should stop digging a hole for yourself and let that woman be RIGHT,,didn't you learn that growing up around your mother??🤫🤫🤫🤫makes for a happy home and you might be able to be happy when you least expect it,,,,you know what I mean. 😏😏😏

  10. What's up y'all how y'all doing today though with the dogs and y'all load y'all headed to Atlanta Georgia where y'all located at.

  11. What's up y'all how are y'all doing today with that nice truck y'all got that 2018 Peterbilt 579 y'all got.

  12. Hey folks! Drew here. Met you guys today at Rhinestahl. Enjoyed talking to you both and looking forward to seeing y’all again next time you’re in town. I only haul GE freight so if you pick up engines at the Peebles Ohio plant I may see y’all there as well. Good luck with the channel and God Bless!

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