I Quit My 80K a Year Job to Start a Business – and I WASN’T Successful

– It’s time to have some
real talk here today. About four years ago, I
decided to quit my comfy job where I was making over 80,000 a year to start my own business. I started watching all these webinars that were huge back in 2015 that made these giant promises
that if you follow my process you’re gonna be making all of this money, you’re gonna make six
figures and I thought, ha yeah that’s for me. Who cares about that 401(k),
that health insurance and oh yeah, did I mention that I actually got paid three
hours a week to exercise. Well spoiler alert,
everything that was promised in those webinars didn’t happen. So I decided I wanted to share with you what it’s really like to
start an online business with no BS. (twinkly music) Alright so I’m actually
gonna get a little comfy here because we’re gonna have
a real talk right now. Hi welcome back, my name is
Trena if you are new here. And I’m a YouTube strategist
that’s committed to helping you do YouTube better. Whether that’s to help
you get more leads into your business or for you to
grow your YouTube channel. I’m here to offer you no-fluff advice, tips and strategies to grow your channel. First, I wanna hear from
you if you’re currently working at a job that you
hate and you dream of quitting or you are running a side hustle
when you come home at night to hopefully quit that job that you hate. Let me know down in the
comments because I feel you. That is exactly where I was in 2015. So I had my first child in March of 2015 and the whole thing
kicked off with a dispute about how long I could have
off for maternity leave. Yeah, let’s tell people
how long they can actually bond with their newborn and if they don’t, tell them too bad. They have to come back or
take leave without pay, even though you have leave to use, you can’t use it for maternity leave. So I luckily did get four
months maternity leave, I tried to get six months, didn’t happen. So when those four months were up, I was absolutely dreading
to go back to that place and when I pulled into the parking lot and every day after that, so that first day back I just felt like it was a entirely
soul-crushing experience. In fact, side note. A couple months ago, I
had to pick my husband up who works at the same place and I instantly felt that anxiety and that feeling again
and it’s been four years since I’ve worked there but just being in the parking lot did that to me. So I went back to work about five months after I had my daughter and I was looking for any kind of out. I couldn’t just quit
work, that’s not who I am. I like to work, I like to have kind of a task to do and for me, being a stay at home mom
just wasn’t on my things that I wanted to do. I love my daughter, I love
being home here with her. Like they are downstairs
most days while I’m working but I needed to have something for myself. So I started watching
these webinars back in 2015 where I had no idea what webinars were and I ended up spending over two grand on programs that promised
to show me the way to passive income magic. – Magic magic magic magic magic magic. – Now a little backstory, I already have a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in business so I have some kind of business sense. I wasn’t starting a business
like at ground zero, I got business but when I
went through business school I didn’t have all this online stuff. So I was looking for help
on online strategies. So I dropped my 2K, started
following these programs to a T doing everything that they told me to do that would lead me to this promised land. And what happened? After four months of
following these programs was just nothing. I launched a program,
four people signed up. One of those persons was my friend who felt bad for me that I
only had three people sign up and it did not go anything as if webinar has promised me that it would. Now I was able to really
build my authority and get out there in this online world because I was on video. So I really attest the success I did have later on down the line by
creating these YouTube videos and getting my face
out for people to know. But, since I was so brand
new nobody had the trust in me yet because I launched
this online program, I started my business all in three months and I just expected people to
wanna jump into my program. Doesn’t happen that way. So yeah, I felt like a total failure five months into this brand
new business that I started. I promised my husband I’d be making back my 80K income in no time, as
soon as this program launches like we’re gonna be good. And nothing, I actually started wondering if I had made a total mistake. I started thinking should I go back to the job I hated? Maybe I should pick up a job at Starbucks, what am I going to do? I was falling into this
like failure mentality. Like I can’t do this, like I’m
not smart enough to do this. But the one thing that kept me going was I was driven to succeed
and let those people know at that job that I quit
that hey, I can do this because they all thought I was crazy for starting an online business while quitting a perfectly
stable, comfortable job. So I decided to pick up my bootstraps, or pick myself up by the bootstraps and figure out what I needed to fix. So once it was time to reevaluate, I found out I was
pregnant, baby number two. So within the first
year of my new business, I had a baby turn one,
pregnant with baby number two. We sold our house by accident while I was eight months pregnant,
had baby number two, all while trying to figure out how to make this online business
work and I tell you this to let you know that on
Instagram and on YouTube, and on Facebook you only
see people’s highlight reel. You don’t see them
struggling behind the scenes, you don’t see the constant roller coaster. You don’t see that a
lot of people you think are doing well are
struggling just like you. And I personally think it’s
so important for you to know that I constantly don’t have good days. There are days that I
maybe launch a program and it didn’t turn out
the way it wanted to. I’ve had multiple failed launches or I’ve had not enough
clients that paid the people that I have hired to work on my team. I just wanna be open with you to know you aren’t the only one struggling and just because you see
people that look like they’re doing well, they
aren’t always doing well. So where was that turning point for me? Where was I able to
finally turn the car around and get on a better path and
start actually making money? Well there was no lightbulb moment. There are turns, then
there are turns again and there are other turns. So, after I had baby number
two, at the end of 2016 I had clients booked. I was booked right after maternity leave. I launched a program
and it did fairly well and so we were doing
good, we were doing great and then by the fall, things
started to dip again in 2016. The clients weren’t coming in, the program didn’t launch
as well in the fall and so I started to totally rethink, am I doing the right thing? I also at that time was starting to deal with post-partum depression. Right after Cohen was born
I didn’t deal with it. I dealt with it a little
bit later down the road, so a little bit after six months I started to deal with that postpartum
and kind of entering a fog. And so the whole second half
of 2017 was really tough. I really doubted myself and I struggled with this postpartum
depression and I did get on medication for it and
I started to see a light at the end of the year. I found a really amazing client that I now still work with quite a bit and so I had that stability in him. And so things were back
up again but again, I just wanna tell you that just because maybe you’re in a low in your business or maybe you’re contemplating
why did you do this? It’s normal, things go up, things go down. In fact, even when my
business was doing well in 2018 I actually was considering selling my business, becoming an employee. I thought maybe this is
the right path for me, maybe I don’t wanna be in charge of all of these business decisions because there’s a lot. And let’s not mention taxes and so, even though things were going well I was still thinking like
what’s the next step? Is this the right step? Should I do this? And I tell you this and I share this story because I want you to know
what’s going to get you to the other side. To that side that’s not feeling doubtful and not feeling like a failure
is you actually believing in yourself and the ability to shift and change your strategies
when you need to. What has been great for me
is finding business friends that also have online
businesses to talk to and shoot ideas back and forth from, hear from their experiences
and this is a biggie, not buy into all the ads and all the talk that you see about needing to have a six or seven figure business. Look, if you don’t need
six or seven figures in your business to make your business feel successful to you,
don’t think you need to. I got sucked into that thinking I needed to run this rat race
to make seven figures. I only need to make a
five figure a year income to actually support my family, to go on the vacations
we want to and to maybe do some things here or there. I don’t need to spend
all of my time pushing to make seven figures. That gives me time to spend with my family instead of doing all this extra work for a goal that I don’t need to reach. That’s why I don’t even
work on Fridays anymore. I only commit workdays
from Monday to Thursday because I know exactly what I need to make for my family and it’s not seven figures. So why work on Friday
when I can work Monday through Thursday and
make the amount of money that I need to make for my family. I just want you to know
also that you can do this. It will be tough, that’s totally normal but just find somebody to reach out to. Maybe check in with each other weekly and understand, we all are
struggling behind the scenes. You only see our highlight reels. So let me know in the comments below, are you currently struggling
with your business? What are you struggling with? Can I help you? And if you wanna start using YouTube to help you grow your business and bring more leads into your business, make sure you click the video
that I have on your screen right now to learn how to do that. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. I’m helping you every
single week with new videos and I’ll see you in the next video, bye.

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34 thoughts on “I Quit My 80K a Year Job to Start a Business – and I WASN’T Successful

  1. You're getting close to the upper echelon of Youtube. I'm so glad I found you. Thanks for your hard work. Scully.

  2. You are my inspiration. Thank you for being real. I have been implementing a no work period on Saturday and Sunday and you have confirmed with me that I made the right choice.

  3. Finding time for my side hustle ‘attempt’ is so challenging, to say the least! Thank you for sharing Trena!!! Please don’t leave us!!!

  4. Thanks for another really great film Trena. I have a job that is okay but I want to spend more time with my kids and feel I am missing a lot of their important growing up stuff with my present working life. I also want to create a utube channel that really supports all parents but specifically brand new and terrified dads. Thanks again for your support. James

  5. Thank you for being transparent. May 2019 be your best year yet. I love that you honor balance and boundaries too!

  6. Thank you for being this transparent with your viewers.
    I'm currently unemployed and looking for a job in a field I'm not happy in but I have the degree for it.
    I'm looking for ways to make money online but that's harder because I live in Paraguay, South America and most jobs use PayPal to pay. Sadly I don't have a way to cash that money in Paraguay through PayPal now. I'm still looking though.

  7. Ahhhh!yes! I have a similar story with my maternity leave and my job. Thanks for being so real and honest as always! 💕

  8. Wow Trena – it's like you were talking directly to ME!! Thank you so much for being so open, honest and raw – I really appreciate it. You've got this!!!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this! It's nice to hear someone being real about this.
    And like you said, drive really makes a huge difference!

  10. I hear you Trena. I'm still figuring what is the best way for me to launch courses. Should I focus on building an audience/community this year before even making a cours? Should I do a ton of speaking gigs to get my business known? Not sure what to focus on and finding I'm doing it all at once… badly 🙁

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your story! I can so relate to the back-to-work issue. It was literally the worst time of my life and I told myself I could never do it again. Inspiring to see how you’ve pushed through the setbacks and made your business a reality! 💕💪🏼

  12. SO MUCH TRUTH IN THIS VIDEO! I love your how-to videos, but I also rly like the vids where you share more of your experiences as well 🙂

  13. Thanks for being honest and sharing the not so glamorous side! Running a business is *hard*, I've run many over 17 years and each one comes with massive learning curves, thankless (and payless) tasks and a huge amount of determination. It's very misleading when you read these 'start a blog and you'll be earning 100,000k in 6 months' – nothing is that easy! If you aren't willing to work many hours for free, endlessly review and reevaluate your goals, be constantly learning from mistakes and always keep your focus on the bigger picture, which may take years to get to, then maybe question if working for yourself is for you. Not everyone is cut out for it and I don't blame them. I'd never work for anyone else but honestly, I still sometimes dream of a 9-5 workday, secure pay packet and paid holiday leave 😉

  14. I can totally relate. I did the exact same thing in 2015!! I invested $5000 on a “magic” program with same results👎. I’ve learned so much more from real people like you. Love your channel!

  15. I had the same experience starting my business. I decided to stop listening to so many “gurus” and now I totally can smell a scam a mile a way. I also try to limit my social media so I can avoid the comparisons because your so right about the struggle and how people are struggling even though their lives look perfect. Great video

  16. Trena I’m SO Glad I found your channel❤️. What you share is such a blessing!!!! Thanks so much for being real about online business & you tube and all the “courses” etc. I love love what you shared about you taking off Fridays and knowing what you’re in it for. I personally am not focused on 6 figures a year…I know with that comes huge responsibility, of course if the Lord opens that door down the road awesome but my passion to inspire & Encourage ladies to live their lives to the fullest where God calls them to. As a Homeschool mama to 6 peeps from ages 6-16, Certified Christian Life & Marriage Coach, small business owner…I GET IT! My definition for “success” is going to look a whole lot different than other business mamas out there and thats completely fine. I’m not willing to work so much that my family is neglected or ignored. I did a biz a few years ago that I hustled so hard, was making good to me money and I ended up hitting severe adrenal fatigue which I don’t recommend to anyone. It’s taken me 2 years to recover and I’ll never be 100% or it’ll take longer to get there. I decided to quit that business even though I had many people on my team, I was flying to different trainings and I learned and grew a lot which I’m thankful for. With that said I have an aversion to Facebook right now🤦🏻‍♀️. The last 2 months I’ve taken a break from fb and honestly it’s been so freeing and the most amazing decision right now. It’s helped my creativity for me to finally follow through with MY dreams as a Life & Marriage Coach and I’m on my time table for where and how I wanna grow my businesses. Anyways so thankful I found your channel. So proud of you for living your life the way you want and prioritizing family first. At end of the day my amazing hubby of almost 20 years and our 6 kiddos are worth my time and investment way more than any taste of “success” or “fame” that the world can give. I highly encourage women unplugging from social media even if it’s just a few days or a week to refocus on what they are called to do and quit looking for approval from fb likes or followers. I’ve had so many ladies tell me they miss my fb posts over the last 2 months because they were encouraged by them that blesses my heart to hear and I do miss posting there but I know I can’t go back to that platform until I have peace about it and have hit a certain business goal that I have first:). Amazing thing too is my friends and people that have said they miss my encouraging posts totally understand and support my social media break. I just did a video on this that social media fatigue is a real thing y’all. I pray you’re channel & business is blessed girl, keep rocking those goals!!!!! I love your vlogging style so much too:). Blessings, Shannon Sollenberger 💛

  17. Trena I’m looking at your website and absolutely love your style & design. Do you mind sharing what website builder you went with? I have one through WordPress but I have gotten stuck trying to build up the site myself & I have another one through Weebly that I’ve had since 2013 but I’ve never created courses on them yet & want to offer my content in an easier to upload my videos to my website. Thanks so much!!! ☕️

  18. Thanks for being so real, I admire this so much about you. This blows me away because your story is so much like mine. I also had a high paying job, MBA and MPA (Masters in Public Administration) and I run 2 (brick and mortar) business with tons of success but online is a whole new animal. Business school does not teach you all this stuff, this is hard, emotionally draining and it takes a lot of work. It's important for people to come into this knowing that they will be making a lot of sacrifices in time and money and that they have a steep learning curve. It's great that you can be a voice of reason for anyone who finds this video. Anyhow, thanks again, I look forward to watching more of your videos!

  19. I felt like you were talking to me! I am currently a virtual assistant but am trying to do more. Thankfully, I don't' really have the option to go back to the corporate world right now since we are stationed overseas and it is so hard to get childcare here. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

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