– Good morning guys. Today is day four of our Bollie brand sale before Mother’s Day, and today only we are
discounting our tops. We are so picky with how
we created these tops, how they look and wear on women. We carry sizes extra small to three XL if you guys want to check out these tops. Let’s get on with the vlog. (soft acoustic guitar) Good morning, hi guys. Every morning my kids come into my, hello Calvin, my bathroom, and I have my toy that
I had from growing up, this little Pound Puppy, and they know that they can play with it if they’re really careful with it, and so they sit here
and they play with it, but usually I keep it just right up here. I’m getting ready to head out on a trip. My lens is dirty, just a minute. (breathes) Oh, are you guys done with it? Did you put it away? – No, no, no, I’m not done. – You’re not done? Hey, you can’t leave it
without putting it away okay. So I have my bag packed, I’ve got my DSLR, I’ve got my bob top, and I’m
getting ready to head out because we are going to be designing next year’s spring line. You have to be a year ahead
when you’re in this business, and we’ve been learning the hard way, but we are getting our stuff
together and organized. I’m going on a little trip,
and I’m really excited, but I’m really sad to leave the kids. I never like doing that,
but I’ll just be gone for a few days huh Cal. Will you be good without me? – Where? – I’m designing spring line for next year. – What’s spring line for? – Clothes. – Oh. – Yeah, for Bollie. Slap me sideways and call me Joel and give me some Dramamine. That Uber drive was rough. (laughing) – Yeah he was wild. – I seriously was nauseous,
and I usually am not. I was like, “oh, this is how Joel feels.” It was really rough. Anyway we are here finally,
and look at the beautiful view from our room. The ocean is right there. I cannot wait to finish up some work and go walk along the
beach in the evening. That sounds so fun. We are getting ready to meet
with our designer right now. Oh look, we each get our own bed. Sometimes we have to share. So there’s Bonnie, there’s my bed. This is our little room. We’re going to meet with the designer and get going on some really fun designs for our clothing line. How beautiful in Huntington Beach? – It’s our favorite. – This is beautiful. Bonnie and I have got a lot of phone calls and work done this morning. We just walked down outside
to go get a healthy smoothie to then go on a little joy walk. How beautiful is this to be in this city? – We don’t have anything like this. Palm trees, fresh smoothie places. – I love this. (waves crashing) – All Ellie wants is
seashells for her babies. That’s all she cares about. She loves her babies,
it’s all she talks about. (laughing) She’s so cute. (screaming) Let’s see. – Is it my camera? – Yeah. – You’re so cute. (laughing) Okay, I knew I had to get some shells for Jackson and Calvin. Look at these beautiful. – They look so amazing. – Oh, I gotta find my
kids some shells guys. – They’re gonna love it. – I am screwed. We have a meeting in three hours, and I was like, “oh, I’ll
just get a few shells before our meeting, I’ll
hurry and take a bath so I’ll look good,” and I just got soaked. – Soaked, your hair is soaked. – I’m just gonna clip my hair up, the manager won’t care right? (laughing) – Right. – I can at least have shells for my kids. – Yay, successful business day. – My hair is soaked. (laughing) Gosh. This is truly, the airplane’s in the way. This is truly how the
mom life feels right now. I feel so grateful to be working, but then to go on vacation and work ’cause we had a little time
between our next meeting, and we’re like, “let’s go to the ocean,” and then I got crazy and was soaking wet, but I just wanted to get
three perfect seashells to bring back to my kids
’cause they would love that, and I found this crazy big one for Jackson and then some other ones
for Calvin and Tommy, and I’ll throw the rest back in the ocean, but just super grateful. The weather is warm. I love the ocean. I feel like this is my happy place. So I’m gonna sit for a minute and just enjoy the water before we go to our meeting tonight, and hopefully the guy won’t care. I’m just gonna throw my hair up. (laughing) I was not planning on getting wet, but as soon I saw the shells
I went crazy into the water. This is beautiful. We’re at Huntington Beach
and feeling super grateful, and I miss my babies of course. This morning I’m trying to
hurry, and I need to eat, but I have to stop and vlog. Our designers coming over in a minute. Look how wonderful that is. That looks amazing, and it tastes so good. It is so clean and fresh and amazing. I’m gonna hurry and eat this, but today is an awesome day because we are going fabric swatching. – It’s like the biggest
most important part. (melodic music) – Do you remember the last
time we went button shopping and how horrendous it was? – The heat in here is giving me PTSD. – PTSD. We’re finding buttons,
we’re having a lot of fun, but it’s really overwhelming. This is really overwhelming. (melodic music) I feel like we are definitely recouped. We have been in the fabric
Mood factory for hours and hours and hours. We have been walking
around picking fabrics, and if you ask me to feel one more thing I might slap you and say, “no.” – What about this plastic? (laughing) – Oh, that’d be beautiful. We’ve kind of gone crazy. We ended up taking a break. We all went and ate so
that nobody was hangry, and we’ve come back to
wrap up our last few items that we are creating for
Bollie brand for Spring 2020. This has been amazing. We are learning so much
every time we go to create, and it’s been amazing. This is our secret portfolio. (laughing) This feels like shoes. – I know, I know. – This is probably what companies use. – I like it. – That’s amazing. Yeah, fabrics are fun. This has been amazing. Has anyone else traveled
and they traveled so light, and then on the way home they realized, “why did I ever think I could go shopping because I have nothing
else to put in my bag?” So I have to check my bag. I’m checking my bag, and then
I have my laptop in my purse, and then I have a bag that I bought Jared, a little cologne set, and my camera, and I have a few little
clothes for the kids to put the camera softly on. So this is what I bought. This is what I’m going to
be carrying on the plane. Tommy, when he plays in the tub, we don’t really have any baby bath toys, they’re all very big, and so
I got him some monster trucks. He’s coming home and getting that. This is our bag, and
we’ve had an awesome week. I can’t tell you a
little bit more about it, but for now I have to kind of get my stuff situated and pack. (laughing) I was like, “will you
come in the vlog with me.” (laughing) This week has been unbelievable. I’ve brought you guys along a little bit, but I’m not really able to show our work as we’re doing it. (laughing) – It’s really difficult,
we’re like stressed. Our minds were so fried yesterday. I literally forgot to pickup the camera. – Oh, this has been an amazing week, and an amazing growing opportunity. I love what I do. I am so grateful for what I do. We were able to interview people. We were able to design. We were able to go pick
out amazing fabrics. We spent hours at the fabric store, and we were picky, and
I think we may have made some people upset. – They were like, “no,
this is good fabric,” and we were like, “well
it’s not good enough.” – It’s wrinkled, it looks awful. – Yeah, we would pinch
it and it would wrinkle or it was a little see-through, and we were just like, “we know exactly the kind of fabrics that we use, and we don’t care if they’re the friggen most expensive ones here, we want them.” – So we really did have so much fun. I cannot wait to bring
you guys along the journey and watch what we are creating. I love this. I am going to tell you I
am creating a house gown. (screams) I love our robe. Our robe is amazing, but
I also wanted something, and I was totally inspired by my grandma, but I made it more modern. It’s beautiful, I can’t
wait to show you guys. We’ll show you guys along definitely as we get more into the process. Thank you guys so much for watching today. I’m going to go home now,
I’m going to kiss my babies, got some diapers to change,
and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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