I Want My Business Back!

2008 changes José’s life for the better but maybe also for the worse In Japan, he encounters GABA and its amazing effects on the brain. José wants to conquer the world with it and decides to develop GO GABA. Among other things, this drink contributes to mental clarity and concentration. No wonder Mexico is enthusiastic about it! José’s company grows quickly. It is recognized by the Mexican Institute of Entrepreneurship and GOOGLE. To export GO GABA to more countries and deliver a unique experience its formula is redeveloped. In addition, its branding is optimized together with OGILVY. Even Amazon likes the idea of selling GO GABA. To push the company to new heights a major investment bank agrees to help José raise 28 million US dollars. Within ten years, the bank expects GO GABA to make accumulated profits of 357 million US dollars. Wow! Then, the bank proposes: Why not cooperate with the big guys? The Coca-Cola Company! José is excited and agrees. Non-competition by Coca-Cola and its related parties for similar concepts or beverages containing GABA as a main ingredient the contract’s conditions are crystal clear. Once later, Coca-Cola starts pressuring José to sign a new agreement and lift the non-competition clause. He politely declines. A few weeks later… surprise! Fanta GABA is launched in Japan. Despite extensive efforts from José a reconciliation is not possible. José spent 10 years working towards his dream. And now, in the blink of an eye this dream is shattered by the giant. Is this fair? Lawyers advise José to recover the damages. This is how a criminal complaint against Coca-Cola is born. However, as one of the largest companies in the world Coca-Cola is likely to find an easier way out of this sticky situation. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur yourself. What would you do if you were in José’s shoes?

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