IBM Z for insurance | Establish trust at the core of your business

(upbeat music) – [Mark] The insurance industry faces a number of challenges,
globalization, commoditization, closer relationships to their customers. Cyber security is top of mine. A significant advantage for IBM Z is it offers pervasive encryption. 100% that encrypts your
data at rest and in flight. Insurers would love to
expand their product set, but to do that, you have
to connect to data sources that are very high volume. IBMZ offers machine learning and machine learning algorithms to do that are fairly calculation intensive and being able to do that on IBM Z can give you a significant advantage. Insurance companies can
position themselves in ways where them can work with
that data through API, where they can make
predictions about risks. I think insurance companies
need to figure out how to help customers prevent
losses in the first place. IBM Z is in the cloud as well and you can move back and forth between that cloud solution
and an on-prem solution and have confidence that
your data is maintained in that encrypted environment. IBM Z’s ability to operate blockchain and these related services is going to also give insurers a leg up. IBM Z offers a number of unique benefits to the insurance industry. It offers a high degree of cyber security through pervasive encryption. It offers machine learning. It offers the ability
for unique, new products via API and microservices. It offers a way to meet the
unique needs of blockchain and to handle all of
those unique workloads, there’s really only one platform, IBM Z.

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