– Good morning, good life, everyone. Welcome back to Amy TV
where we come together to help you go after the life you want. Have you ever thought
about leaving your job to start your own thing
or follow a passion? Well I thought I would
share a couple of tips that I would follow if I were starting my business from scratch today. (upbeat music) I went to my Instagram a little while ago and asked you what you wanted you know, and quite a few of you
asked what business advice that I had, especially for those of you who haven’t quite dabbled in it yet and are interested in learning more. This isn’t something we talk
a ton about around here, it’s just like the obvious
thing that exists in my world. Everyone here pretty much
knows I work for myself. That’s just part of the existence, that is the life I’ve gone
after, the life that I want. Not everyone is gonna
wanna start a business in their lifestyle design and I am one million
percent happy with that. Like I get it. There are so many things that are not sexy about business ownership
that you just hope that the sexy parts just
stand out a lot more because the crappy things,
man, they can suck a lot. So if you do not want to start
a business, do you please. There may be some things I
don’t like about this job, but I’m obviously in love with my job, otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing it. And I’m also fairly certain
I’m unemployable at this point, so here we are! I’ve been thinking about
what does it look like for somebody to try to get
into a position like mine, start a business in the year 2019 and I have a few ideas and
I thought I would share them with you today. But before we can take over the world, you know what time it is. I need to share a little
bit of Twitter gratitude. Today I wanna shine a
light on Faustine Cll. I hope I said that right. Thank you so much for your time and attention on these videos. I appreciate it and thank
you for the retweet. That’s pretty darn cool
of you and that is why I’m offering you some
Twitter gratitude today. If you would potentially like
to be featured here on Amy TV, all you gotta do is follow me on Twitter and retweet my video
whenever it comes out. Big photo of me, link, all caps title, it’s a whole lot of fun in a Tweet. Alright, let’s set the scene. I just quit my job. Oh, in your face! Just kidding, it didn’t
really look like that. It’s 2019, I’m ready
to start my own thing. I’m passionate, I’m excited,
I know it’s gonna be hard, I know I’m gonna hustle. Here are the things that I would do if I were starting my
business today in 2019. Step away from the computer,
step away from the computer. It’s powerful, you need to
use it on a regular basis, but if you do not have
consistent moments away from the digital end environment and into immersive
environments, you will fail. You cannot build a business
just on the internet. You can’t just do it with this facade. There are so many people
now that we’re seeing are building fake businesses because they put up some website and they made it look a certain way. People are going to jail, people
are not paying their taxes, people are doing things wrong. People are posing with cars
that aren’t even theirs because they think they can
do it all on the computer. Real business does still
happen in person a lot. And more than that, if
this was day one for me, and very similar to how I did when it was day negative whatever, I was counting down the days to leave, I got into immersive
environments and I met people who were doing what I wanted to be doing. Can you spend those first
days at a conference or can you spend some vacation time before you leave your
job to go to an event and meet people and
just make sure you know what you’re signing up for? Ask people real questions. It may seem like the information you really need isn’t out there. Well that’s because the internet is great at dressing things up. Maybe you’re not seeing
things that are out there and you just need to ask
somebody straight up, “What do I have to dread coming my way? “What do I need to be prepared for? “What can I look forward to? “What’s gonna be a pleasant surprise?” You really can’t do that in
the same way on the computer as you can in person. And people will love to tell you. If you happen to run into me on the street and you ask me about my biggest nightmares of business in the last
10 years, I’ll tell you. And those will be lessons learned for you. Absorb other people’s lessons
so you get to skip that step. But back to the point of
the immersive environment, you’ve got to get around people. So not all business can
be done on the computer. If you were planning on
a business like that, you need to know it. If your business involves
a lot of intrapersonal relationships and getting
out there, then awesome. You’re gonna have a good
balance of this anyway. But simply going to like a
mastermind group that you’re in where they own businesses that are similar but have some different issues that you can hear from and learn from. Make sure you are spending
time in those situations on a regular basis. Those kinds of things
happen maybe once a year, once a quarter for you,
whatever the case may be. Maybe you go to networking
events more often, maybe you go to conferences less often. What are the immersive environments you’re choosing to be in? Gotta get off the hamster wheel sometimes and this is a really important
piece when you’re off of it. Dismiss your ego because your work is not worth a lot at the beginning. If you’re just starting a business, you have no track record,
maybe even no experience or clients or any testimonials whatsoever. It’s gonna be rough for a minute. Be prepared to start free or cheap. If I’m in this situation,
I’m saying to myself, “Okay, I’m gonna go to
anybody who will work with me “right now because I need to prove “that I’ve got something worth money.” And I’m also gonna raise my price incrementally as I go along. Every new client I got,
I raised the price. It may not have been much at first, 250 bucks or something, but it was enough that I continued to increase my price. But those first clients were free. Free 99 is what my price was at the start. What life adjustments do you need to make in order to swing this? I had concerns it wasn’t gonna work. I wasn’t super worried,
but I was concerned. I needed to be diligent. I had a lot of obligations
but not near as many as a lot of other people do. I didn’t have a mortgage,
I didn’t have kids, I wasn’t even married at the time. So I decided to move out of my apartment and I tried to pare down on the rent. And then I also got rid of my car and I got rid of the things I didn’t need because I was gonna have to spend money on travel for immersive environments and expenses for the
business to make it work. You gotta spend money to make money. Cliche as it is, it’s true. And this is usually the
part where you’ve gotta ask do you even want it that bad? Do you even wanna do this
on your own that bad? Because this beginning portion
can be a long period of time. A long period of time where
you’re not getting paid as much as you think you should. It’s not what you think,
it’s what the market says. The majority of my clients to start were also not even from my local area because this market wasn’t prioritizing what I did at the time, so I had to figure that out. How did I get in front
of those other clients? Hustling to make it
work, finding that market and even if those people
weren’t really paying enough, they were paying. Had to get the work in, had
to get the experience in, and you are going to just– (sighs) Be working a lot. You will be working a lot. Got to learn to dismiss the ego because it will absolutely
screw you in some situations. If today’s my first day, one big investment that I would make, and it probably isn’t
even like big financially but an important one, would be a contact management software. When you are in business on any level, you have to learn to connect with people. You have to be a networker on some level. Your career is as good as the
number of contacts you have. That’s pretty much the deal. It’s not like, “How can I
collect the most business cards?” You have to nurture
those relationships, too. But the best way to nurture relationships is to actually keep track of them. Keep track of what people’s
significant others’ names are, their birthdays, how can
you catch up with them on an anniversary of yours? How can you just be a
little bit thoughtful so you’re always front of mind? You have to follow up with people and usually you need a
software to remind you of that. If you’re hustling your butt off and trying to get to know
as many people as possible. I have met so many people
over the last 10 years, I still have conversations with Vin where he’s like, “Oh, do
you know this person?” And I’ll be like, “I don’t think so.” And then I’ll look them up and be like, “Oh my God, I totally know who they are! “Oh my gosh!” And then he’s like, “How do
you know so many people?” I’m like, “I’ve been around, been around.” You cannot dismiss anyone. You never know who you’ve met
in whatever period of time and maybe they remember
you, maybe they don’t. That’s up to you. But you never know what
they could bring your way. They could be your next customer, they could be your next client, they could refer somebody to
you when they think of it, when they remember you when they’re talking to somebody in need. One of the first people I met in the first year of my business, actually I think at the first
conference I ever attended, got me my highest paid
speaking gig of 2017. So that’s like less than 10
years later but almost 10 years! Good thing I was keeping in touch. Good thing I was sending an
email every once in a while just saying, “Hey, what’s going on?” You’ve gotta do that. Every single day, this software, this thing where you’re adding people, should be reminding you to touch base. You should not be saying,
“Where the money at?” You should be saying, “What
can I do to help you?” It’s very important that you realize you’re now in the business
of offering value. Ideally, yes, your services are valuable, but somebody may not know it yet. So when you’re offering value to people as you’re going through this
getting to know you stage of all your contacts and just seeing what the possibilities are, you have to find out
what they find valuable. Just because you think
something’s valuable doesn’t mean that they do. You’ve got to be thinking
like the other person. P.S. How to Win Friends and
Influence People, Dale Carnegie, great people person book
to read about just that. It may be an old book,
but it is still very true. And man, do we need that
methodology more than ever today. The contact management service that I personally like is Contactually. There’s just– It’s starting to get
expensive, I’m not gonna lie, like their price point keeps going up, but every time I try to leave it, I’m like, “They’re the best. “They’re the best.” It’s great at compartmentalizing
all of your contacts and then setting timers on those contacts to tell you when you should
be reaching out to people. I just haven’t found a software
I like better than that and so I do spend my money on it. There are other options
if you cannot spend what they charge per month or per year, but you’ve got to have something, okay? You can’t just have everybody
written down in a book, you can’t just use Google Contacts and think it’s gonna do a good job of keeping you on your networking game. I will link to Contactually below. And if I were just starting,
oh, you better believe I’d be doing what I’m doing right now. Oh yes, oh yes. Not just videos, content. Content, content, content. If your job is to present value, as much value as possible, this is a great way to scale that. You can’t always do it in
an email or a phone call to somebody directly. You can effect more people
if you’re creating it in a shareable way. So if you don’t have a content strategy and you’re going into business, you, my friend, are gonna
have a longer struggle. This is 2019, you have to have value, you have to have information, you have to prove that
you’re a trusted source. Videos, podcasts, blog posts, Instagram, all of that if how you do it. And just when you think
that there’s something that you wouldn’t put in a video because you would rather somebody
pay for it, you will lose. The best thing that you can do, the best content you can create, is give the answers to the
people of what they want so that they will choose
you as their thought leader and then wanna work with you in business. And if you end up putting
something in a video because of that, that makes a huge impact on your potential customer, but also might offer
your competitor some fuel to go take to their own
business, let it happen. Your competitor is gonna do that anyway. They’re gonna steal your ideas. It happens. It’s 2019, all ideas have
basically happened at this point. You cannot be afraid to
unleash too much information because it is only increasing your chances of beating everybody else
out and making the sale. And at the end of the day, a business is not an Instagram page. A business has money coming into it. And you do not need to be ashamed of that. Another thing I would
definitely be thinking about is the fact that there is no nine to five. I said this earlier,
you’re going to work a lot. You need to remember that. You also need to prioritize
self-care because of that. You must sleep. You must get your workouts in. You’ve got to take care of yourself if you’re going to be
able to hustle as hard as it’s going to be at the
beginning of a business. I’m still kind of at the
beginning of business. Like 10 years is not that much. In the internet world it might
be a lot, but not really. It’s a lot of work to make
sure the bills get paid. It’s a lot of work to go
after the life you want when you want complete
control over your day. This is not a game of who is more talented or who has more skill. It matters, those things
do matter in certain ways, but most people who start a business, as a matter of fact, the
majority, do not make it. They don’t, especially
in the first five years, most businesses will fail. More than half. This ends up coming down to
outworking somebody else. And that’s why if you see
somebody else show up on the scene and they’re doing something similar and you’re like, “I’m pretty
sure they stole my thing.” Don’t stress out about it because if you keep
outworking, they will fall off. Suddenly they won’t even be
on the same plane as you. It happens. This is how it works. People find an opportunity
because they see somebody who is a success and they give it a go, but they don’t stick it out because they thought they could
just replicate and then win. That’s not how it works. Outwork whoever you’re up against. Mostly you’re up against
yourself because you should be competing with what you
see for your future. And I’m gonna give a
super practical example because some day I think I’m
gonna open a Prosecco bar. Sorry, I was just day-dreaming about that. So if you’re maybe in the
brick and mortar situation and you wanna open a shop,
here’s what I would say. I highly recommend that when you open and maybe a little bit
before, maybe like a preview, don’t think that offering
someone a preview or being one of the first through the door is enough value to offer them. Congratulations on your
grand opening party, congratulations on all this
fanciness that’s happening, but if you actually want
people to walk in the door, talk about you, come back, recommend you, give it to them for free. Like I said, your value
is worth something, but you should also be giving it away when you’re first starting. And I know when I have
a Prosecco bar some day, I’m going to have a huge opening party where everything is free. I want everyone to try to the food ’cause there will be food. I want everyone to try the Prosecco because there will be Prosecco. I want everybody to take
selfies in the bathroom because it is gonna be
a bomb bathroom, okay? Not that kind of bomb,
you know what I’m saying. Give it away for free because someone’s always gonna say, “Oh, I’ll have to try that sometime.” But if they’re a part
of an exclusive group, even if they don’t have
any clout whatsoever, they’re just somebody who
patronizes the local business, if you give them the opportunity
to have it for free 99, they will be so loyal to you if you actually are good at what you do. And then get that
criticism from those people because you need to take
it and make adjustments and Amy, even you have to take it. I’m not looking forward to that part, but you know, you gotta do it. Finally, the thing that I would do if I were starting my business today is that I would surround myself with a personal board of directors. I have a couple of people like that. My husband is on the board. I have a couple of other
people who I trust in and they all have specialty areas, they are not the end
all be all in all ways, I don’t go surveying everybody
on every single decision, I go to specific people about questions I have about specific areas. If it’s about speaking,
if it’s about sales, if it’s about blogging, if I have a board of directors
in each of those areas and I go and talk to them and I’m gonna say, “What am I doing wrong? “What am I doing wrong? “What am I doing right? “What am I doing wrong? “How can I be better?” At the beginning, it
couldn’t be more important. You do not wanna be spinning your wheels on stuff that doesn’t matter. And lack of focus and not
checking the ego at the door and changing things up when
they need to be changed is a great way to spin your wheels. You won’t make any money and then you’ll be one of the businesses that fail in the first five years and I don’t want that to happen to you. Those are just a few
things that I would do if I were starting my business today. There would be obviously
be a lot more to do including the actual work. But those are the things I would do try to get myself set up for success. Let’s sum it all up with a Tweetable. No matter what your everyday looks like, focus on helping others and you will find your way to a life you want. Whether you actually
wanna start a business or you’re just an entrepreneur who wants to help somebody
else grow their thing, you can master it, you
can be awesome at it, if you work hard enough. Alright, I wanna hear from you. Are you thinking about
starting your own thing? Tell me about it in the comments below. Or, if you have started
a business of your own, what are the tips that you would share if you were starting
your business right now? Share that in the comments. Let’s help each other out. That’s all for today. Thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate it as always. Make sure you remember to
subscribe for good vibes, kiss the ones you love, and
go after the life you want. Cheers. (light music)

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    I’ve been a photographer/videographer for 20 yrs… I’m jumping in to being my own boss. I have seen what other “professional photo/videographers” are providing and I simply build a better product. Very curious about “the board” and how to establish one for my company.

  43. I am SO glad I found you! Everything you're talking about is so helpful and shows me I'm on the right path and just need to keep working hard.Thank you

  44. I worked for myself for a year. Loved being my own boss, business was growing, but absoutley HATED what I was doing. So I let my clients go and dissolved my biz. I now work a desk job in a corporate setting and strategizing my next move. I learned that if I'm going to work for myself it needs to be with something I'm passionate about, not just something I'm good at.

  45. Loved this video, especially like the reference towards the end to "actually doing the work". Not many people talk about that! I am a consultant providing a service in getting peoples online presence working FOR them. I've debated for a long time whether to actually make a go of it on my own and I'm doing it! I have a business plan in process and always have clients to work with. So far so good. I love to network and like to help people, as I believe you never know where that connection may take you. I'd love to know a link to find the software you mentioned x

  46. There's a lot of pure online businesses out there, a lot of entrepreneurs start online businesses strictly to avoid people

  47. I cannot for the life of me remember where you mentioned what CRM you use. I have tried so many different CRM's, and would love to check out the one you mentioned… but I can't find it

  48. One of my best tips is to keep track of what you want do AND what you have done and then go back over it regularly. Seeing what you have already done can be inspiring and encouraging especially if you hit those periods where you feel like you aren't accomplishing anything, and you can also gain great insights into your business as well as cultivate additional ideas and improve your followthrough.

  49. My tip is be your first customer be the proof your product works for example if it's skin care use it on yourself an come to a sells pitch glowing

  50. Keep track of your expenses even years before you actually open for business. The accounts can use that for your tax stuff! Use Excel or i recommend one of those full size green ledger books at the the office stores. Date, name of item, cost, tax, total, then staple the receipt to back of the page.

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