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(pop music) – Hi, I’m Maurice. I’m a life coach by
day, wild man by night. – Name’s Monroe. I sell career counseling
and I love to have fun. – Is it on? Okay. Hi I’m Stefan. Most people call me big Stefan cuz I have a huge personality. – I’m looking for clients
who have lots of money and are willing to spend it right now. Click here. – My ideal client is rich,
spontaneous, and doesn’t take a lot of time to make decisions. – I love a client that
visits my website, and in the very first visit, knows
they’re ready to hire me. – My perfect sale happens quickly, if you know what I mean. – My perfect sale is where we take
a long walk through my 2000 word sales page and then
we just click or you click, you click “Buy now.” – You’re probably
thinking, “Hey big Stefan, buy me dinner first.” But I’m in a hurry to make
some quick cash right now. – Those guys look familiar. Let me check my Insta DMs (whistling pop music) – Hey, this is RKA and
this is another episode of Awkward Marketing, because
marketing your small business can be awkward, sometimes awful. I’ll help you make it awesome. (whistling pop music) I’m gonna ask you a question
that might change how you approach online marketing completely. What if your website doesn’t
have to make the sale? Better yet, what if your
website shouldn’t even try to make the sale. So often I see newer
businesses put up a website and then feel like they
somehow failed because they are not making sales overnight,
or businesses that put all of their budget and strategy
into a website, and nothing else, and then sit back, relax
and wait for magic to happen. Here’s the thing, unless you’re
selling physical products like books or shoes, your
website is at the top of your sales funnel, meaning it’s
tasked with other important jobs than making the sale. Like educating your prospect,
building trust and confidence, inviting your visitor into
deeper relationship with you. By the way, this is different
than a sales page that’s part of a launch campaign. The only job a sales page
has is to sell, that’s why it doesn’t have your
main website masthead menu, footers, sidebar elements. But your evergreen website is
not meant to function like a sales page. Am I speaking Greek with all
this funnel sales page talk? Checkout the episode
“What is a funnel?” for my no nonsense take on sale funnels. Now I know what you might be thinking. Hey, what job could be more
important than making the sale? Isn’t that the point of business? Yes. But here’s the truth. Trying to make a sale of
the top of your sales funnel is kinda like proposing
marriage in your Tinder profile. It’s creepy, it’s not gonna work. – Call me. – Sure, your website is one
part of the sales process, just like a first date is
one step towards marriage. You can’t get hitched without
getting past that first date. But there’s a lot that has to
happen between swiping right and putting a ring on it. So, now that we’ve taken the
pressure off your website to take prospects all the
way from have we met to “I do,” let’s talk about what your
website can do for you. Here are the three most
important things your website needs to do so you can
make a sale down the line. And it’s not too different
from dating advice. Number one. Make your visitor feel seen and heard. Nobody wants a second date
with someone who won’t shut up about themselves. You wanna ensure that your
website copy is as much if not more about your ideal
client than it is about you. One key place to do this
is on your about page. The about page is one of
the most clicked pages on any website. Don’t waste your visitor’s click
by making it all about you. Surprised to hear me say that? You might think that an about page’s job is to talk about you. But actually the best about
pages talk about your ideal clients needs and why you are
the best person to help them. So ditch the stuffy bio or
at least put it at the bottom below the part where you talk
about your ideal client’s pin points, and what qualifies
you to be the one that helps them find a solution. Number two. Look clean and presentable. No, you don’t need the
fanciest website on the block to make a good impression. You simply need a website that is clean and easy to navigate. One way you can do this is
by cutting back on too many distractions, and making
sure that the heart of your message is impossible to miss. One form of website clutter
is listing off every possible way that someone could work with you. See my episode on horizontal
scaling for more on this. The truth is, your prospect
isn’t interested in that just yet. They wanna know, ”Can
this person help me?” Not, “Should I buy six sessions or ten?” Focus on results, not a
zillion different ways that you can work together. You’ll have plenty of time
to lay all of that out when your prospect drops
further down into your funnel. Number three. Plan your next date. While your website’s job
isn’t to make a sale, it is to invite visitors into a deeper relationship with you. We don’t want people coming in
and then bouncing off without taking some kind of action first. That’s why no matter where
I am on your website, it needs to be super clear
what I should do next. You can do this by repeating
your main calls to action all throughout your website. Don’t hide that book
or call button on your work with me page and nowhere else. One trick is to have that main
call to action in your menu bar. So wherever you are
it’s impossible to miss. If you visit my website, RKAink.com you’ll see let’s work
together is in the menu bar which is sticky and scrolls
with you down the page. So wherever you are on my
site, taking the next step is within easy reach. Remember, your website is
one part of the sales funnel, not the whole thing. You wanna be engaging
with your ideal client and building a relationship with them, before and after they visit your site. Because expecting to put
a ring on it before you finish the first date,
that’s awkward marketing. (whistling pop music)

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