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I wanted to share with you something I did
something really scary today. And that was to send out an email to all of my
existing clients I’m shutting down the Drip Drop doors. Drip Drop Creative
is a business that I’ve had for over eight years. So in 2011 I opened it, and about
a year maybe two years if we’re being completely honest, I started
feeling these feelings of wanting more. Wanting something different. I could
continue Drip Drop successfully, continue the business successfully and without any
any issues. And just keep going. But I felt like I was meant to do something
more, do something different, do something more fulfilling. It took me a long time to let
go, a long time. I mean this has been something that I have been really
struggling with because I spent so much time, effort, blood, sweat, tears building
it. To let go of that was this very big deal to me. It was a
huge part of my identity, a huge part of my identity. Where
I took so much pride in being an entrepreneur, in building this business, that the thought of letting it
go made me feel like I was giving up. So I had to really come to peace
and understand that it my identity doesn’t reside completely on owning this
business. And just to be real here, I’ve worked with a coach, I have a therapist, I
have different masterminds that I’m a part of,
I have vented and consulted and received so much different information, so much
different advice from different people about this transition and ultimately it
was up to me. I knew to make this transition I knew that I
needed to do it because I wanted to do something more fulfilling which has evolved into the Status Foe. I was so scared, I was
sooo scared to let it go. Going back to what I was saying
I had to realize that this is just one part of my life
and that because I’m letting go of this business. It doesn’t mean I am less of a person, that I am less of an entrepreneur, that I am
less of a woman. It has nothing to do with that it has
everything to do with being incredibly honest and aware of myself. I’m the type
of person that I have a really big threshold for pain and that could be
mental pain, emotional pain, physical pain. I just I have that type of personality
to push through and continue through things. I have that discipline but when I
really nailed it down and began to realize how incredibly ….as my coach used
to say “I was incredibly bored and pissed”. (laughs) (laughs) I was bored with the work that I was
doing and I was pissed that I wasn’t moving forward. But the thing is is that
with, of course planning, because this wasn’t an easy jump. Right? This again
this took me between a year to two years to send out the emails that I sent out
this morning. I just want to say that if you’re in this position where you’re
feeling this pull to do something differently – you’re not alone. You are
absolutely not alone in this. In this this desire for something bette, for
something more fulfilling. And as someone who is motivating and
inspiring people to move forward in their lives, I want you to know that I’m
still going through those exact transitions that you’re going through! I
have fear staring me right in the face, right in the face, and I have to look
past it. I have to look past it and it’s there it
is constantly there. But I want you to know that when you
believe in something the way that I believe The Status Foe is going to
impact so many lives like yours. It is worth doing it. I have eight years of
phenomenal experience working with beautiful clients, wonderful designers,
web designers, and web programmers; and I have learned so much. And I truly
believe that those eight years have set me up to truly be ready for this next
huge step in my life. I am terrified of the future. Terrified.
Because I have no idea how it’s gonna pan out,
because I feel like it’s going to be huge. I feel like it’s going to be this
just magnificent career that I had no idea existed and I’m so excited about it.
And although I feel these fears I have never been more calm
about this transition – I know that’s a weird juxtaposition. But there is a huge sense of peace
especially with the Universe or God or whatever you believe in that I am being
guided because my why is not about proving anything to anyone
else or making butt loads of money
(not that there’s anything wrong with making butt loads of money) It’s I am feeling called to inspire
people to talk about how
the status quo, how our culture is the blinding people from living their
life. And yes I’m sitting here in my RV working my tail off and living a life that I created instead of
going through the motions that I used to think I had to do when I was 36 years
old. So again,
if you’re out there thinking about this transition, especially if
have a business that you built and you are so scared of letting it go. I want
you to know that you’re not alone, and that it is a big decision. If you need
support reach out to me, I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear your
transition from one business to another or one career to another or whatever it
might be. We need to rally together because that’s how we support each other
is by surrounding yourselves with like-minded people so you can feel
encouraged to move forward. Because you don’t want to do that alone. You’re never
alone but it’s really easy to feel alone the way that I’ve felt alone for a long
time. So yes if you if you want to reach out
to me go for it I’d love to hear from you.

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