I’m Selling My Business

I can’t believe how fast 25 years have I opened the doors to this business with
my second daughter entered school ready for a change something new and exciting
adventure but most of all in power I was ready to conquer it all things didn’t
always go as planned but all in all I had a very successful run I’ve built a
solid block of clients and I had the flexibility that I always wanted it’s
tough to let it all go but ready to move on and let go of some of my
responsibilities since I knew this day would come and there are a lot of
decisions to make before I sell i working with the financial advisor at my
bank together we have laid out of succession plan to ease my transition
from business ownership I succession plan also includes changes to my health
and life insurance policies to ensure that improperly covered once the
business changes hands my daughters are both successful and their own careers
they’re not interested in taking over the business so I have to decide which
sale option is best for me financially I’ve considered an outright sale which
sounded good at first a major tax if I’m not careful there’s also a gradual sale
option where i transfer ownership to a suitable buyer and they would pay
overtime hi wouldn’t have to worry about running the day-to-day anymore and I
still receive a comfortable monthly income these are just two of the options there
are other options to consider but I will wait to have real offers on the table
before I choose I am so glad I work with the financial
advisor to plan for this day in advance I know the right buyers out there and I
hope they find as much joy and business ownership as I have

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