In Wake of Newtown, Bushmaster Gun Owners Sell Company

style this just breaking holy cow this is interesting because last night
high heard debt the the c_e_o_ of serb rights alone by billionaire financier steven
feinberg there was going to be a march on his
home in new york city tomorrow night over cerebral ross’s capital management uh… owning the country’s largest gun maker the
freedom group um… there was going to march on prime
bartels and one other things that eliot spitzer
when i was on uh… current last night was talking about was there has to be an attack to shame this
guy because there are pensions public pensions in this fund there are
uh… uh… investments in mutual fund e groups in this fund and uh… this guy can be shaped and i gotta say that is the most uh…
the quickest hired her it is now being reported by uh… the new york times that the
investment firms sarah does capital management has announced it will sell at stake in
the country’s largest gun maker after one of the company’s guns was used
in the connecticut school shootings freedom group is going to put up for sale just hours
after one of its largest investors the california teachers pension fund said it
was reviewing its relationship with the firm also late monday the california
treasurer raise concerns about the state of pension funds investments in gun
companies this is extremely affective we need to make gun makers stigmatized we need to make of people
who own large caches of weapons in their home
stigmatize they need to be shamed in some respect they need to be aware that it’s perfectly within their rights at least as interpreted by these uh…
right wing court for them to own um… semi-automatic rifles that can rip up art people and just
uh… matter of seconds it may be within their rights uh… has interpreted by this is a prine court but they’re going to be seen ads lepers they’re going to be seen as uh… as people who well i haven’t talked manners to their
kids or whatever days whatever the social mores are and if you’re going to be a billionaire
hedge fund owner you’re gonna profit off of the death and
destruction uh… then you’re going to be ostracized
for so this is good news uh… very good news freedom group just another way of saying that we make
a lot of weapons uh… that in-depth the telling a lot of
people the

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100 thoughts on “In Wake of Newtown, Bushmaster Gun Owners Sell Company

  1. Nice job, you did exactly what was expected of you with that reaction. Sorry, I noticed your profile said you have a degree in Criminal Justice. I thoughht you would be mature enough to understand logic. Oh well, what do I know I am just a carpenter and electrician. I actually produce something !! Thank you, come again

  2. An ar15 is a big powerful weapon???? Since when???? Have you ever looked at an AR15 in real life, seen the ammo it uses compared to that of the average deer hunting rifle…. Apparently not with your idiotic response you have there. here's some news for you. Your typical ar15 round uses anywhere from a 55-75 grain bullet. The FBI uses a .40 S&W round which is nearly twice as large caliber wise (as a ar15 round which is .223/5.56 but a) but the FBI rounds weight in at 165 grains.

  3. Japan wasnt allowed to have firearms due to WW2 when the U.S made that law. People in china arent allowed to have guns either. Yet that same friday a man in china ran into a school and injured 22 students of the same age as the Newton kids also killing I believe 4 adults. FBI statistics show that 2.5 million times a year people with guns stop violent crime in the U.S. So by banning guns the violent crime rate would increase by 100% or more. Britian after banning gun has slowly watched an

  4. increase in violent crime. Actually a recent report says it went up by nearly 600% since the gun ban. Yet state run media says it only increased by 2% this year, while others say it way above 12%. FBI statistics also show that places where Concealed carry weapons are carried happen to have a lower crime rate. The average mass killing when a civilian intervenes with a gun is 2.2 deaths. When the police are the first to intervene that number jumps to 20+. Just like the newton school shooting.

  5. The AR-15 was made for the army, it is a semi-automatic. This is not a Ruger Model 96/44, this is more like an AK-47. It's some serious shit. Ok, this is not an howitzer M1, but it is efficient enough to say that it is something else.
    Just like any late model is not a Porsche 917/30, but it's certainly not the everyday Ford Mustang. Or just like a gallon of rum is not a methuselah of absinthe, but it's not your a common beer.
    The scale is not just in relation to the size of the round.

  6. I whole hardheartedly disagree, not one person says a damn thing about a M1 garande, a M14, a M1A, an M1 carbine. The ruger mini 14/30. I

  7. damn keyboard. I happen to own a AR15 and many other guns and am very well versed in guns and FBI statistics. There are many other guns that these guys could take, hell just look at a Kel-Tec KSG or a USG 15. There shotguns that hold 15 rounds of 00 buck or slugs. Yet not one have ever used these weapons, yet these are way more deadly then your average ar15. The reason nobody uses them is because they havent heard of them.

  8. What I'm trying to bring is there is a scale of damage that a gun could do, and there is proportionality of responsibility that should come with that. Gun like AR-15 and AK-47 need different regulation than a ruger mini.
    And the howitzer M1 need a very different regulations than an AR-15, because it could do a lot more damage.
    By the way, we see the same thing in cars (insurance, sometime licence) and in the bar with alcohol.

  9. The average person who wants the AR15 banned has never even looked at, or held a gun.. My one buddy at work when I showed him a .223/5.56 round laughed at me. Because he thought it was some huge bullet they fired and was highly disappointed when I showed him the size. Your average person knows very little about guns so therefore they are afraid of them. It would be different if the people who wanted them banned had any real knowledge of the gun there trying to ban.

  10. LMAO. Japan did their legislation in recent yrs. And hey guess what? The children in China DIDN'T DIE! They were seriously injured but they're still with their families. The children in CT not so much… Ah yes the solution is more violence. Bravo. You have proven you are a sick fuck.

  11. Lmao you're a dumbass. Your solution is more violence. You're just nothing but a sick fuck and not worth responding to. You need a therapist. Since I am not one I'm not going to respond to your sick shit. And guess what dipshit? You remember the incident with the Congress woman? A guy there had a gun. He got out his gun and was about to shoot. But he didn't and a damn good thing cause he would have been a murderer of a staff members of the Congresswoman who was trying to help.

  12. The man later said in the press that he was wrong. Civilians don't deserve guns cause you don't be responsible with them. You can go on a search engine like Google and look for stories where time after time a gun shit like you has hurt an innocent person with their gun like cleaning it and showing it to their kid and they got murdered. Now stop wasting my time and go see a therapist.

  13. You can go on the FBI actual website (not some right wing shit rag) and see stats of violence done by a gun and the yrs everything from deaths involving law enforcement to terrorism. Now go see a therapist for your disease.

  14. The ar-15 fires a 5.56 mm standard nato round. These were designed to slow the enemys advance on the battle field by WOUNDING enemy soldiers not dont stop to tend to a dead soldier. It is too small to really use hunting so what is its purpose. Ban all handguns and assault type rifles. 10 yr minimum sentences for possession of a hand gun and stop the drug war. Legalize and regulate drugs and most gun violence will disappear.

  15. The mini-30 is also one that should be put with the AK-47 and the AR-15, not the mini-14 ranch riffle or the Ruger Model 96/44 (which is not the mini-14) – because there is a difference between gun made for military usage or tactical use, and gun for hunting or for normal target shooting.

  16. Firearm do not really protect any citizens: there is more death in USA due to firearm than any other industrial state, per capita. It's create a false sense of security. At the place of punching one another&having concussion, you're shooting each others.
    You forget that this idea from game theory take the basic idiom that humans are rational – not always truth. Proof? Have you wake up aside of a women, after a night of heavy drinking&tough "What did I find in her? She is ugly and annoying!"

  17. It's a delicate line that must be draw somewhere on a spectrum… And this is always somewhat arbitrary. Personally, I put it a bit over the Mini-14 ranch riffle – because this is more of a police gun than a military gun to me 😉
    I know it's a weird place to put it, and it's a bit off of where legislator usually leave it in other countries. The reasons why it's because I think that sometime that legislator are often too unflexible toward gun owner, but I also want some functional limitation.

  18. What the hell are you talking about? I mean they posses weapons that will be banned, thus making them felons (assuming it will be a felony offense)

  19. What is the probability of an armed BG entering in my house?
    Let's look at the police report for my neighbourhoods for October 2012: 14 arrest for assault, 5 for robbery, 28 arrest for Burglary, 10 for theft of over $5000, 60 for theft under $5000, 0 case of arson, 20 mischief, 1 case of prostitution, 6 cases of offence with weapons & 2 car crash. Pop-density : 16,121 ind per sq.miles.
    Why would I think about changing the opportunity of an outcome that never happen? This is real safety 😉

  20. Well, why would a neighbourhood be that bad to begin with? Already that I find my neighborhood stats not that good in real life.
    It is the role of society to do something about these unsafe neighborhood, bring some social program, offering help in school, and maybe change some laws so that it does not finish to look like "hell". To me, gun laws are just there to limit the cost of social dysfunction, but some attack on these dysfunction have to be done so no-one would think about needing a gun…

  21. Well, is it the USA or some banana republic that we are speaking about? If it's a banana republic, I could understand why having a gun is important, but… Ain't it suppose to be generally safer? I mean, you got the money to pay for 40% of the world military, you got the money to do something at home. Or is it an economic sickness similar to Spain in the 1600's, which will mean that you are running toward a civil war in less than 100 years due to a long story of picking the wrong priorities?

  22. If I was in the US and had a gun company… I'd refuse to sell to americans, but only to countries with proper gun laws.

  23. They should ne able to buy a weapon if they are mentally stable (no crazy gun owner), that they have no serious criminal background and if they know how to use a gun (like passing a driving licence). However, no military weapon without showing some level of competency : except if the government can't insure some level of basic security. For instance, in some area of Algeria & Mexico, I would approve the use of AK-101 (even if it's your first gun) because there is virtually no police.

  24. Right. So you're saying your family is effectively a group of terrorists and the rest of us have to give them what they want, or else.

  25. Well, look: it is a sad situation in Mexico, and they are getting in USA because they want to expend their market which been successful at the business level. There is like 80 different drug organizations, and there is like 35,000 arrest a years of these criminal in Mexico alone. MS-13 alone have 70,000 active members. If I was in power, I would do something like Trudeau did in Montreal in 1970.
    However, if I was a dad over there, I would get the biggest weapon I could find and gtfo asap.

  26. Mexican cartels don't come straight at in you in a fair gun battle. They ambush you and murder you while you're pumping gas or taking a piss. The reality is that you could walk around 24/7, armed to the teeth, and you still wouldn't be as safe as you'd want. All the Mexican politicians were protected and they still got murdered. Gun ownership is an illusion of safety, like a cold metal, teddy bear.

  27. "do you think that a person that wants to own a firearm responsibly and legally should be prohibited from doing so"

    The Virginia Tech shooter bought his guns legally and was a responsible user, up until he killed a bunch of college students and teachers. The same with the Aurora, Colorado shooter. Many mass shooters were responsible legal owners until they turned on society.

  28. That's your solution to children dying when they go to the movies, to see Santa and even to school? To tell them to move? You're a sick fuck.

  29. And fyi dumbass shit changes. And the nation doesn't want this shit anymore. Even right wing dipshits in the Senate are saying shit needs to change. So why don't YOU move?

  30. That happens every week in the "gun free zone" of Chicago. Meanwhile a Texas town allows teachers to carry concealed guns, for years. Google it. Kids are safe; zero school shootings. Apparently when you allow citizens to defense themselves kids don't die.

  31. It's the radical right-wing nutbars who take gun ownership to the extreme, and who are unwilling to compromise in the slightest. Arming the population won't protect civil rights, and it rarely protects property rights or families. I've known two families who owned a lot of guns –in the first, the wife shot her husband dead during an argument, and in the second, a gun was used in a son's suicide. There's responsible gun ownership for you. Two families destroyed.

  32. Up until the shooting, he was a legal and responsible gun owner. A criminal only becomes a criminal after the crime. We can't know what's in someone's mind. whether or not they're planning a mass shooting. So when they go to buy a gun legally, they're treated like anyone else.

  33. Radical? Look who's talking. Your dumbass doesn't even know the current laws. You take rare cases and blame everybody who has nothing to do with them. Not a surprise coming from a guy who claims his ancestors were monkeys!

  34. Yeah blame and punish everybody but the killer. I'm a sick fuck because I don't want to be a victim. We should just ban all guns it sure as hell worked for Mao Stalin & Hitler.

  35. They're selling Bushmaster before it goes out of business if the assault weapons ban kicks in again. And I think Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods are not selling assault weapons for now, just so they can sell them later for more profit if the assault weapons ban kicks in.

  36. How bout not let him win and get the best of us. Those victims wouldn't want people to mope around the rest of there lifes and punish others because of a psychopath. You can ban all the guns you want but you'll never bring back those lifes. And making it harder to access guns only means it will take longer for a psycho to prep for a shooting. When it happens again it's not gonna matter if it took him 8 months or 8 days to devise a plan. The result will be the same. Defenseless victims dead.

  37. Are you an extremest? Why is it an either-or-question? The conversation isn't about banning all guns; it's about banning certain types of weapons. And yes, senators should have more rights to self-protection than average citizens. They're leaders and routinely receive credible death threats. Where are all the examples of regular people righteously defending themselves with a gun? They're few and far between. Most of the time it's innocent blood being spilt from stupid mistakes or paranoid acts..

  38. Fyi Mao armed his people so you're a dumbshit along with being a sick fuck and Nazi's had guns too dumbass. And look at your avatar. What a piece of work you are. Go see a therapist. You've got more issues.

  39. And maybe you shouldn't have to worry about being a victim if it wasn't for paranoid freaks like you. Guess what dipshit? The killer of CT's Mother was an Alex Jones type of shit person. She took him to the gun range. So bravo sweetie. Bravo.

  40. I would love to live in a country where I could go down to the super market without thinking one of you dipshits was going to come out in the middle of the night. In a country like Korea for ex people can go out at 2am and leave their babies in their cars to run into a store and nothing happens to them. People leave their scooters running at 2am as well. Why? Because they don't live in a country where people give a shit about guns and paranoia. They aren't sick fucks.

  41. You can go on Google and search for stories of you dipshits who don't know how to use your weapons going around and killing boys going home with snacks for their brother, teens who had their music a little too loud and other stupid shit like that. So yes you are a sick fuck in a sick country. You are part of the problem. Now fuck off. Don't bother responding to me cause you're a sick person not worth reading shit from.

  42. Lame arguments. Congressmen are not assigned bodyguards. They have to pay for their own protection outside the capital buildings. And arming US citizens wouldn't hold back a well-trained modern military in any way. And your media-bias comment is just more right-wing paranoia. Quit being scared of your shadow and join the human race.

  43. Maybe you should should stop watching the mainstream media. Adam Lanza mom was murdered. "Oh No We Got To Ban These Assault Guns Because Lone Shooters Are Everywhere" So what if she took him to a shooting range I can take you to a range. That doesn't mean you'll shoot me and take my guns to go on a rampage. These shootings are rare and unfortuanty exploited for a politically agenda. It's to bad you won't give me a chance maybe if you did you would learn the truth. Sorry for being rude.

  44. Here's a National Institute of Health study showing the facts about guns in the US. "For every time a gun in the home was used in a self-defense or legally justifiable shooting, there were four unintentional shootings, seven criminal assaults or homicides, and 11 attempted or completed suicides. CONCLUSION: Guns kept in homes are more likely to be involved in a fatal or nonfatal accidental shooting, criminal assault, or suicide attempt than to be used to injure or kill in self-defense."

  45. You haven't proved anything. Have you ever bought a gun? How about shot one? Do you not believe in your self? Guess not. If you call the human race being a controled little dependant sheep than I gueass I'm an Alien.

  46. You're a dumbass. And you have mental issues so why would I give your shit a chance? You wouldn't know the truth if it smacked you in the face. Oh and fyi dipshit I don't watch main stream media. It's a bunch of claptrap. Now fuck off.

  47. And fyi dipshit I'm working on a b.s. in criminal justice. I probably know more shit than your pathetic mental illness brain could comprehend. You're just a paranoid sick fuck who is part of the problem and not the solution. Now I'm done engaging in someone who has mental issues.

  48. Now don't bother responding to me anymore cause you're sick and need help and not yapping with an anonymous poster on youtube. I feel sorry for you so I'm going to stop engaging in your shit.

  49. Now fuck off for the uptenth time. You seriously need to worry about your reading comprehension than other shit. Now I'm done with engaging in someone with mental issues.

  50. Bushmaster is just the name imprinted on the side of the rifle.It has nothing to do with the rest of the rifle.A Bushmaster in less than 15 seconds can be put on a Colt upper and vice versa.A Red Jacket lower can be put on the Bushmaster upper and again vice versa.
    What amazes me is the total lack of knowledge news reporters have when it comes to firearms.They are like a Parrot,they repeat everything they hear without checking it out first.
    They think a US AK47 is a real Russian AK47.

  51. Sorry for caring about people that don't know they are walking off a cliff. You don't understand when they take the 2nd amendment away there will be a ripple effect on the rest of your rights. Your being fooled by deception in eventually giving up all your liberties. Just do the research with out the bias.

  52. Congressmen spend about 150 days in session, which means not in the Capital. And have you been to Washington DC? Most of them just walk down the street without bodyguards. The Secret Service provides protection for the president, presidential candidates, foreign visitors, and embassies. NOT congress.

  53. Yes, I have been to DC. Your point being? There are snipers all around the area. Pentagon police are in the area as well who protect the Pentagon and workers there. There are capitol police and secret service and other fed agencies in the area like the FBI and NCIS. SS does protect members of Congress if they are in the line of succession so you are wrong about that.

  54. I looked it up. Congress doesn't get SS protection. And as I said, congressmen are only in Washington about 130 days a year. So I'd accept them carrying a gun more than some moron off the street who scared of shopping at the corner store. Statistics show that for every legitimate act of protection with a gun, there are many more criminal acts and suicides. So it's a myth that it makes people safer. It only makes people FEEL safer.

  55. You didn't look up shit. On the SS website (go there sweetie) it says that members of Congress IN THE LINE OF SUCCESSION (you know, for the presidency?) do get protection if they are threatened. As far as the rest of your post having members of Congress be armed would be the most ridiculous shit ever esp since they are above law in things. For ex if they get pulled over by a cop for some reason they can just say who they are and get let off. Imagine if they shot someone.

  56. All the member of Congress has to say is he/she is off to DC and the cops let them go. I remember it happening once before in recent yrs but I can't for the life of me remember who it was that it happened to.

  57. *Sigh*

    I don't want a police state so this idea of putting police in every school, on every corner, in every building… PISSES ME OFF.

    Your NRA & gun manufacturers got all the money & now want me to pay higher taxes to turn the country into a police state. No thanks.

    You might have an addictive/dependent personality if you find the same answer for every problem. A.K.A. If you think the solution to gun crime is to buy more guns, you're a tool.

    Slow down. Think about what I've said to you.

  58. Thank God a voice of reason! Not like Obama is anything short of a pro-gun moderate anyway. Would you agree that the answer does not lie with banning firearms in general, like I hear all day long?

  59. Yeah I'd rather see a removing of the stigma of mental illness and some government spending on mental health. We can call it 'defense spending' since it would be spent on keeping us safer… from ourselves 😉

  60. Yer wrong about this one. it wont be stigmatized and they wont be seen as lepers ar anything else. Just like people call you a wimpy ass effeminate liberal shithead yet it hasnt stopped you from being one. You havent run and hidden in your hermaphrodite cave have you? WHy would a little shit like you laughing at anyone cause anything but your own bodily disfigurement? Btw I am a Liberal, I voted for Obama (even if he isnt one), but you cant cherry pick the constitution, its hypocritical.

  61. If you tried to ban firearms in this country then you might as well start overturning any constitutional right that you dont like- how about freedom of speech next? Privacy? Slavery? Sorry but you dont get to choose. Your request will never be accepted and if the government tried to take guns away from the people we would quickly have a new government.

  62. It is irrelevent how it makes them feel or if it makes them safer or not. it is a right under the constitution and therefore you might as well move on to a topic equally valid- like secession, or the establishement of a national church. (now watch how many idiots get this all backwards lols)

  63. Yeah how many people did him and his 'gang' shoot to death with guns? You are suggesting vigilantes should shoot people until there are gun bans? Do you have brain rot?

  64. Constitutional Rights aren't absolute. They have limits. Free speech doesn't cover lying about people or shouting fire in a crowded theater. And the 2nd amendment doesn't cover ALL weapons. Congress has the power to limit the range of weapons that can be owned. The issue isn't about banning ALL weapons. Or haven't you been listening?

  65. Score one idiot so far. No 'dude' i dont agree with you. I dont give two shits about what you have to say. I wont accept degradation of the constitution just so fuckers like you can move on to everything else next. When do you want your slave delivered? Is it the new Republican plan to win the white house by eliminating women's suffrage? No? Well thats what this is all about. WTF man havent you been listening? Take that dick out of your ear and pay attention you worthless hunk of rat feces.

  66. So do you think there should be no limits on the 2nd amendment? Quit your whining, name calling, and false equivocations, and answer a legitimate question. Should all types of guns be available or not?

  67. Quit your whining, name calling, and false equivocations, and answer a legitimate question. Should rights provided by the constitution be taken away or altered to remove thier purpose and protection? Any gun available to the average army infantryman should be available in all 50 states to anyone with a clean record over age 18. Stick that in your next joint and smoke it.

  68. Then you're the radical. And you don't know your history; even the NRA in the past has backed restrictions on certain military weapons. And your stupid comparison to voting rights just shows your ignorance. The voting age wasn't set at 18 until 1971. Do you think 10-year-olds should vote? All our laws have limitations, dumbass.

  69. Who said anything about voting DUMBASS? Learn to read ya shitfuck. Its that fascist education that is plaguing you. You aksed for an answer and i gave you one. I go by the same standard they had when they wrote the damn thing. I dont think they intended citizens to have cannons or warships but the same standard weaons available to the average infantrymen were certainly what they DID mean. I can suggest many countries that have different laws if you dont like living in this one.

  70. Women's suffrage has nothing to do with 18 year olds voting in 1971 and calling that a standard normal restriction is bizzare – at best. Naturally my point sailed over your 3 foot high head. Fucking intellectual midget. Of course I was making a point, you were just letting more of that smelly brown stuff slide out of your ears. Bottom line is the law is the law and good luck trying to change it. Besides, only a fuckhead like you would think criminals wouldnt get guns. Criminals DONT OBEY THE LAW

  71. I strongly disagree with the tyrant on the video, but his right to speak his mind, as interpreted by today's Supreme Court, is for now the law of the land. But after the ruling elite get done with destroying one natural right of man, they will be coming for the rest, one at a time. Clowns like this are the true enemies of freedom! They use one freedom to take away another. If they live long enough, they will see the error in their way.

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