INCREDIBLE VALUE Regional Business Class! Malindo Air, Bali to Kuala Lumpur

Hello and welcome to another trip report,
and good morning from Denpasar, Bali, in Indonesia. Today I’m checking out Malindo Airlines – it’s
leg 7 of 25 of my round the world tour. I’m looking forward to this
one; it’s an airline I’d never heard of before I’d booked it. Let’s go! My car dropped me at the airport quite early
which gave me a chance to appreciate the unique architecture here at Denpasar. The airport
combines traditional Balinese building with modern airport design, and the
result is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. My flight wasn’t until 1135, but luckily check
in opened quite early – three hours before departure. A separate business class line
means I’m soon checked in and ready to go, so it’s off to departures for me. The shopping section here in Bali is quite
something – there are some really high end shops here – well outside my budget! Malindo uses the T/G Lounge here for business
class, which is up on a mezzanine floor, away from the noise of the terminal. This is just a third party lounge but I was
quite impressed. The decor is light and informal, and there was a good selection of hot food
on offer. If you’re ever in the Far East, I can recommend sweetcorn soup,
which is tasty, and not too bad for you! There was even an
egg station. There was also some appetising looking cold food too, and a decent selection
of drinks. I was able to have a bite to eat in peace and quiet, accompanied
by a very quiet seatmate. The lounge wasn’t too busy and although there
was a bar area, it wasn’t manned, possibly because I visited this lounge in the morning. The T/G Lounge was a perfectly good place
to wait for my flight, and I headed off to departures with a good impression of it. Denpasar Airport international terminal is
arranged around one long corridor, so all the gates are easy to find. There’s Scoot pushing back – they’ll be featuring
in a video very soon on this world tour, and you’ll want to subscribe to find out how my
trip went. Let’s just say it was an interesting experience. Malindo’s name comes from the countries Malaysia,
and Indonesia, and represents international cooperation. They’re part of the same group
of companies as Lion Air, who you can see touching down here. Here’s our aircraft; a 737-800, just 3 and
a half years old. Garuda Indonesia operate some A330 aircraft
into Bali, and I’ll be sure to check them out next year. It’s time to board; now’s a good time to tell
you about my other social media. You’ll want to join thousands of others on Instagram and
Twitter to find out the latest about what I’m doing and my exciting plans
for the future. Malindo’s a premium airline and has a 2+2
configuration in business class. You might recognise these seats as being the same from another trip already
covered on this world tour… A blanket and pillow are waiting at my seat
and there’s no problem in fitting my maximum size cabin bag into the overhead bins. Legroom’s
really good – though you’ll want to watch the little obstruction here
– if you’re tall and want to stretch out. There’s also a pre-departure drink – such
a basic little thing that gets you introduced to the crew and the airline’s hospitality.
Note to European airlines: try doing this, it’s easy and cheap! I’m sad to be leaving Bali, which was every
bit as lovely as I’d hoped it would be – but let’s take a look at our route into Kuala
Lumpur. It’s 1,217 miles, and will take us 2 hours
and 40 minutes today, flying at 36,000 feet. The business class cabin isn’t full today and there’s
nobody except me in the last row. The seat controls are all manual but work perfectly
fine, and there’s also a manual foot rest which folds out from the seat. The TV is stowed in the armrest and is easy
to deploy. There’s a USB jack in the TV and also a power point under the seat. Lunch is served shortly after takeoff by the
crew – who were friendly and warm – and I was really surprised. This was a pretty cheap
flight and I Wasn’t expecting lunch to look as appetising as this. The tablecloth
is from Batik Air for some reason; they’re also a Lion Air Group airline. My biryani
is really fragrant; it looks great and tasted delicious; the rice was just right,
and not too dry. It comes with a delicate noodle salad, and the dessert is a vanilla
slice. I was really impressed with the quality of the food…I’ll get onto what
this trip cost me at the end of the video. There’s also a nice thick hot towel handed
out at the end of the meal. I get a lot of comments asking what they’re for. They’re
just there to clean your hands and face. The entertainment system is responsive and
features a selection of English language content – you’ll definitely find something you like
on a short flight like this. Malindo’s inflight magazine is kind of cute,
featuring some sort of wedding theme, and most articles are translated into English. This looks pretty sweet – a restaurant in
a retired 737 aircraft – I wish I had the time in Kuala Lumpur to check that out! There’s also a route map of course,
where I find out Malindo fly as far afield as Australia. Seat recline is good and I’m able to sleep
for an hour until the seatbelt signs come on and we’re descending into Kuala Lumpur. So, as you can tell, I really enjoyed my experience
with Malindo. They aren’t part of an airline alliance so forget earning or spending miles
with them if you use any mainstream miles program. However, Malindo
delivered everything promised with no problems and even a little bit of flair. I paid £105
for this one way flight – that’s about $135. You can still get very cheap fares;
I checked and they’d gone up a little. This flight’s now 2.4 million rupiah, which is
£129 or $168. I still think at that price you’re getting
a great deal, and I recommend checking Malindo out if you’re in South East Asia. And here I am safely on the ground in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia. My first time here but I’m not leaving the airport; I’m connecting through
on Thai Airways 777 in business class, up to Bangkok tonight; a short hop
of about two hours on a widebody aircraft, which is always a novelty. That’ll be the
next video on this channel, let me know what you thought of Malindo Airlines in the
comments below, but until then, see you next time!

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100 thoughts on “INCREDIBLE VALUE Regional Business Class! Malindo Air, Bali to Kuala Lumpur

  1. Hope you’re having a good Monday… WiFi was a bit of a struggle in terms of uploading this yesterday, thanks to being constantly on the move for my birthday weekend – flight to Vienna, deluxe sleeper train to Rome and flying back via Munich (and yes, there will be some videos…).

    Enjoy! And let me know what you think of Malindo!

  2. Usually choose between AirAsia and Malindo for my regional trips. Did fly Malindo from KL-Bali-Perth in economy which was a slight nightmare because the air con didn’t work before takeoff and we were delayed and the transfer in Bali was complicated.
    Flew back direct Perth to KL in the Business class section and it was a fairly decent flight, although AirAsia X does have a better Premium seat (flatbed!).

  3. Flew Perth – Kuala Lumpur on Malindo 737-800 last year, 3 year old plane and failed an inspection having worn out seat belts. delayed for 3hrs in Perth whilst they tried to find spare seat belts as the flight was fully booked. Other than that issue they were what you'd expect from a mid service airline.

  4. They flay as far afield as Australia with the same B737 short haul configured business class, mind you Qantas have been doing that between Perth and Singapore for some years. Presumably the questions about the towels came from the same Indians I had to share a recent flight with.

  5. I personally prefer Malindo than AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines… just that they don't have air ticket promotions as much as AirAsia.

  6. I flew return from DMK to KUL with Malindo. Economy out and Business return. On board experiecne was fine and great value for the price (although having someone play a game on the trouch screen on the back of your Economy seat isn't great). Wouldn't do it again. The aiport experiecne at either end was pretty awful. But the main rason is the apalling service I got from the Malindo agent at KUL, who I first approached aboout upgrading my ticket. I wouldn't let someone with their attitude through the door of my business, let alone put them in front of customers.

  7. Nice, foods looked good. Little quiet. Do you get to keep those cute little salt and pepper shakers? Looks like a friendly airlines, nice and warm there.🌞

  8. I love malindo air… Always my first choice airlines to travel in Malaysia…. i love their atr 72-600… I prefer take a flight from subang(szb) since it's a smaller airport compare to Klia(kul) and that is where their atr hub…

  9. Very interesting since they are part of the Lion Air group and those airlines with Lion in their name get slaughtered in online reviews for either their safety record (in Indonesia) or their service & on time performance (in Thailand). The race to the bottom of the worst airline award is filled with plenty LC contenders. I do hope they manage to build a better reputation.

  10. I never heard of Malindo Air but ive heard of Batik Air….am guessing they change their name (Lion Air takeover maybe??)
    That explains the batik tail wing design….just a thought. Glad u enjoyed Bali

  11. Love the videos! For your next series I'd suggest you do approximately the same trip(s), but go as 95% of your viewers would actually go, in Scum class. The flights I can actually afford to take remind of nothing so much as cattle going to the slaughter house. I'm old enough to remember though when flying was a pleasure and a real treat. Now I'd rather blow torch my nipples off than fly.

  12. Regarding pre-departure drinks on European business class… I suppose it is mainly due to the fact of not having fixed cabins; it would not be practical to offer a pre-departure drink on flights with say 30/40 passengers. I agree with your comment of not being costly to the airline, but not sure if it would be easy for the crew to deliver on a large business class cabin!

  13. Hi paul, its nice decent review for malindo air. I agree that MALINDO is one of the decent malaysian carrier with value of money product. Flew few times in business class and its nice to see them with decent product, there ontime departure is better than malaysia airlines. And small reply to your question in video that why they use BATIK AIR product on board its because malindo air is in rebranding process. Lion air gorup going to make all full service product under one name BATIK AIR.

  14. I flew Malindo last year and I agree. The food was delicious. The plane was clean, the staff were friendly and price was right.
    It's a really good airline.

  15. Hope you enjoy your trip in Indonesia and comeback anytime. Try another airlines and island in Indonesia. I recommended you to use Garuda Indonesia and Batik Air

  16. Another great video. I've watched some of the older non-narrated ones, which are also very nice, but am SO glad you started narrating them! It makes a huge difference! Great work and thanks again!

  17. Today is Hassan birthday but the girls are going to Buy for Hassan a gift from Toys r us and we are all going to Doha Qatar for his birthday

  18. I have to say, the Star Alliance lounge in Bali is one of the best I have ever been in! As it was a morning flight, I had the best breakfast in any airport I ahve been in. It had a great view of the tarmack and runway where you could also sit outside!

  19. Pay 4-5 times the price for slightly better airline food and couple of inches of space, piss off. I believe you should give the airlines as little as possible!

  20. Just scored a £75 KUL-HAN ticket in business class with Malindo, delighted! Any reason for not choosing the seats in row 1? It'll be my first chance to fly in any "seat 1A", wondering if you noticed any downsides to them compared to the other rows.

  21. Paul, please stop fast forwarding parts of your video, it is so annoying and breaks up the sound and continuity

  22. Good loved it, I'm looking for same around the globe with my wife, will surely vlog everything on my channel. Credits goes to Paul for inspiration

  23. The food tasted great, I presume! 🙂 Some prime air carriers offer worse, and it is not the concern for sure.

  24. Nice to see this report Paul, i fly with Malindo few times every year to Indonesia and Thailand and recently flew business class to Bali from KL. Service is always good and it's a great value for money. You can get cheap promo business tickets.

  25. another great video…always interesting content especially to see the different kind of food offered

  26. I love how in Asian countries ground staff always wave as you leave . Here in UK use get a finger up 🤣

  27. I flew Malindo BKK-MEL and really enjoyed the business cabin. Flew back on Scoot Biz and it felt like prison transport in comparison.

  28. Thank you for this one. Whenever I'm feeling stressed out, and that's almost ALL the time, I tune into your channel and instantly feel soothed. Obviously the travel presented is interesting, but your presentation and narration is great. I noticed in your videos of a couple of years ago you didn't narrate nearly as much. So I'm glad you're doing it now. You provide instant relaxation and I appreciate that. Thanks again.

  29. I love flying with Malindo Air too 🙂 flew a few times with them in economy class. seat was comfortable, the food was good and the cabin crews were friendly. i’m hoping to try their business class next time!

  30. all I can say is you must be worth a bloody fortune to pay for the amount of all the traveling that you do paul

  31. That airport is beautiful, very unique for sure. I loved the mixture of architectures (old and modern) I’m not sure I’ve seen this before. It looked like you had a great experience on this flight. It seems Malindo Air is doing a great job against the bigger name competitors. Thanks for sharing Paul, I hope you had an excellent birthday. Happy Travels 😉

  32. used to be my favourite airlines before they change the business model…the fare is no more competitive…miss my old malindo

  33. Are the blankets and pillows clean? I don't like the fact that they give the blanket without a plastic cover, how do we know it's washed and clean?!

  34. If you see a new airline chances are that it was set up by an existing operator or people involved with existing airlines. Sometimes it is the old airline itself doing it as marketing differentiation, other times it is the people involved with an airline stepping out to start their own with same equipments and experiences from old airline. So a new airline is NEVER NEW in these days and age.

  35. Paul, your videos are great. You give us honest reviews, which many in the community don't! Glad to have someone like you on here

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