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36 thoughts on “Ingraham: All the Democrats’ lies

  1. "State opinion over and over, then say its a fact". I have seen people do this since i was a kid. Its one of those secret sadnesses of humanity like yawning is contagious and the telephone game.

  2. Laura ingraham looks just like the crypt keeper from Tales from the Crypt even more so she have the morals a French quarter street walker🤮🤮

  3. Pelosi is gone to hell already. She IS a horrid HATER. She wants to wrest the Presidency from the GOP and will use Antifa riots to succeed but she will fail and we will dress our wounds and Triumph. Trump for monarch and KING !!!!!!

  4. Listening to Laura The Indignant is like listing to an scorned little immature 8th grade girl using the same gaslighting tactics she learned from her parents fighting.

  5. in·dig·nant (adjective)
    feeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment.

    "he was indignant at being the object of suspicion"
    Synonyms[edit]: angry, infuriated, mad, resentful

  6. The definition of indignant is feeling or showing anger because of something unjust. An example of indignant is a person who is disgusted by an act of prejudice that she just saw committed.

  7. This is why hillbillies believe in Fake News promoted by Fox. Hillbillies in America read at about a sixth-grade level, but their comprehension is at around a fourth-grade level, hence Ingram speaking with an eighth-grade vocabulary, all the Fox base can do is 'just believe.' It's either believe Fox, (I saw it on TV), or risk being exposed, no hillbilly will publicly display his/her ignorance. The only people telling lies are the people who know better, do you Fox News much?

  8. I am now forced to admit that my republican party is run by avarious sycophants of a narcissistic pathological liar. Every time I see these fox news propaganda reprobate segments I shudder in disgust.

  9. This is mental illness that happened to spread to an ENTIRE party. Non biased my A$$. The founders…well, they're rolling over in their GRAVES!!!

  10. Woodward and Bernstien were spoon fed the story by Deepthroat …who was a political operative …… They could'nt find a fact if it bit them on the ankle

  11. As an independent voter, it appears to me that if you vote for a Democrat you want a dictator if you vote for independent or republican we want a republic.

  12. Laura take it down a notch you’re getting too dramatic just tell us the news the truth fox was created for a conservative audience stick to the script

  13. Another thought about ma'am Ingraham's thoughts: "It was the 1976 film All the President's Men that made impeachment kinda sexy [in seductive sexy tone] it lionized the journalist who chased down the President's lies. But today… it's the journalists and the Democrats spinning the lies."
    Well, whatever the Democrats are doing today, we shouldn't forget that a Republican President went down by that sexy impeachment, and it seems now that also a Republican President will go down by the great help of Fox News and ma'am Ingraham herself even (as I pointed out below already).
    And the particular irony of all this: "Roger Ailes idea for a conservative news source was conceived in 1970, when he worked as a media consultant for then-President Richard Nixon." Therefore the very idea of Fox News is originated in the Nixon White House.
    The Bible, Proverbs [26:27]
    Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein:
    and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.

  14. l love how Followers of Trump react to Laura The Indignant Ingrahams projecting of her own characteristics and tactics onto Democrats. She can't defend Trump. Pretty funny stuff. The comments from her fans are pretty weak. She gives it all and Ingraham Indiginants can only come up with stuff like "they have no facts" or "Nancy needs to check herself in to a nice country senior rest home." Real weak comments from Followers of Trump. You all are losing your MoJo. The sugar high is fading and Trumps Congregation needs a nap.

  15. Pelosi has trouble holding a straight face. And the truth is, the founding fathers would be disgusted with this farce. Look out all you demonrats, your karma is coming around to bite you in your self serving egotistical asses.

  16. Funny thing its not Political its pure Hatred of Americans, how can this be?? Just listen to the Dems Speak the Way they inflect they way they purse the lips and what is said and look at them face to face they look away.

  17. This impeachment timing is perfect. Nancy will wrap the smear by Xmas, the public will forget most of it going into the new year and then the Senate will nullify it in early 2020 just as the Dems are struggling to choose a candidate. By summertime it will be old news paving the way for Trump mega-rallies all the way to a November Trump landslide. Popcorn,anyone?

  18. When you look at a jackass it has no idea Its a jackass. Kind of reminds me of these people … Straight up stubborn jackasses have no policy so they attack President who does.

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