Interactive website review checklist for small businesses

Hi. I’m Gill Andrews, a content creator and
a web consultant. And today, I’m going to share with you a pain-free method of how you can
review your website like a pro. It will help discover what has been missing on
your website, what you’ve been doing wrong and how you to do it right to finally make your website work for you. If you have to take care of your website yourself I’m sure you’ve seen articles with website review checklists. Maybe you’ve even used one for your own website. The problem I have with those checklists is
that they are overwhelming – many points and lots of text to scroll through. It’s easy to lose perspective and difficult
to filter out new information if some points are already familiar to you. Many of those checklists are also incomplete,
as they focus only on a particular aspect, like SEO, web design or user experience. But most importantly, those checklists are
just collections of single tips. Yet, single tips won’t work unless they
are a part of a bigger strategy. But generally speaking, a checklist is a great
tool for reviewing a website. I’ve even created one for myself to use
when I’m doing website reviews for my clients. But then I thought, why not share it with
everyone? So after reading over 50 articles to make
sure it is as accurate and as complete as possible, I’ve created this: A free interactive
website review checklist, designed specifically for solopreneurs and small businesses. It is based on a 4-step strategy of how to
win more clients through your website and it takes into account every aspect of running
a successful business website. But because of its special structure, it’s
not overwhelming. After you’ve used it to review your website
for the first time and crossed off things that you’ve already done you’ll be able
to see a clear picture of where you are. In particular, what’s missing on your website,
what you’ve been doing wrong, and how you can do it better. Going forward, you can use it as an on-going
todo list for your website and as a tool to organize new information you find online. What are you waiting for? Click here to get this free checklist together
with video tutorials that will help you use it more effectively and make your website
finally work for you.

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