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Hi, I’m Tirza, 23 years old,
and I’m a fourth-year IBS student. Hey, I’m Jessica, 19 years old,
and a second-year fast-track student at Hogeschool Utrecht. And I’m Niel, I’m 23 years old. I’m a second-year fast-track IBS student
at Hogeschool Utrecht. I chose this study
because of its international focus. And the opportunity to go on internships. I chose this because
I want to broaden my horizons and because the HU offers
quality education at a very good value. One of my main reasons to do IBS is the opportunity to study abroad. In my third year I went to Shanghai
to do a minor Chinese. We’re going to a Global Management
project. What do you expect? I think we’re going to learn
about the Business Model Canvas. I’m really interested in the topic because we can apply that to real life,
to real companies. So let’s get in there and start the class. After finishing my Bachelor’s
I want to do a Master’s. Therefore I’m doing a pre-master
in my third year. After I finish my Bachelor’s
I’d like to get some industry experience before finding a teaching job. I actually just got offered a job
in my internship company. So when I finish
I go work in marketing consultancy. So in your second year you can do an
internship abroad, anywhere in the world. I did mine in Sydney, Australia.
How about you? I found an internship online
for which I applied. It’s in a start-up company in Hamburg, and
I’ll be part of the marketing department. My study career coach has referred me
to a games developer in Utrecht. And I’m awaiting their reply. What grade would we like to get? We’re aiming for the best.
-Very good. I’m here with my IBS teacher Jiyeon. What do you like most
about being an IBS teacher? What I’m really excited about is that
we have a very international staff. 40 percent of my colleagues
are international and of course
so are our international students. So that’s what I really love. I also like it a lot that we focus on entrepreneurship
in our curriculum. As well as the fact that our students
can apply theory into practice during their two internships. We stimulate our very dedicated students
to go the extra mile by joining the fast-track programme
or the Honours programme. To give a quick outline of your studies:
the first year is very broad and general. Lectures with business experience,
which you can learn a lot from. The second year you put it to practice
in your first internship. Then you go study abroad. In your fourth
year a second internship to graduate. Internships are the best part
of your studies. You can actually gain insight and business
experience to see if it’s a fit for you. It definitely was for me. You can easily go to campus by bike
or with public transport. I love public transport in Utrecht. I’m from the north of the Netherlands
and I love to study in Utrecht. What about you, Niel?
-As an international student from China I really like living in Utrecht.
Everyone is so friendly. It’s a nice place to live, lots to do here.
I love Utrecht. What about you, Jessica? I’m from Leiden, which is also
a student city. But Utrecht is great. What I like most about Utrecht is that it
has a lot of cosy bars in the city centre. I like the fact
that it’s a small Amsterdam. But in Utrecht everything is in 20-minute
cycling distance. Good for lazy people. I like how everyone is very nice.
It makes me feel very welcome. And I love studying and living here. Keep in mind it’s no longer high school.
You have to take the initiative. But don’t worry.
There are a lot of guidance possibilities. If you’re interested in this study join the
open day, selection and matching days. Everything to get informed
as good as possible. And we’ll see you in Utrecht. I’m analytical and can think critically. I solve issues
with real-life international projects. I can deliver sound business advice. I’m internationally oriented
and entrepreneurial. I can manage expectations and be flexible. I can contribute
to the needs of my community. Gaining business experience
through internships. Putting theory into practice. A team-player. A strong communicator. Doing an Honours programme
to extend my knowledge and skills. Be willing to take on challenges. How about you?

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