Internet Business Opportunities In Nigeria

Hey, do you live in Nigeria and you want
to make tons of money? Well I know I have some subscribers in Nigeria. So I figured
I’d do a video of how you can make Internet money even if you live in
Nigeria and I’m going to show you 4 internet millionaires on my Facebook. I’m
friends with who live in Nigeria and are just absolutely crushing it. So check
this stuff out. Let’s get it. So I’m going to show you a few internet business
opportunities you can take advantage of and start earning real money with even
if you live in Nigeria which is like a I don’t know, it’s a crazy country. There’s
a lot of people there. I know have some subscribers on my YouTube channel who
requested this video. So I’m going to show you a few different affiliate networks
you can use to start earning money with if you live in Nigeria. And I’m also going to
expose you to 4 internet millionaires that you can follow on Facebook that are
making just a ton of money and they’re living in Nigeria probably living like
princes. So let’s go to my computer and I’m going to show you a few different
affiliate networks that will accept people from Nigeria. Okay, so check this
out. Come over here. So here we are on Jvzoo. Okay, This is an
affiliate network where you can sign up to be an affiliate and it says, “begin
your journey right here” And you can sign up there to be an affiliate marketer and
they will accept people from Nigeria and you can find a ton of products. Thousands
of products in which to sell. Jvzoo is one of the places you can sign up to
sell products. Now if we look, we can find products in their marketplace right here
and you’ll see there’s just an absolute ton of products which you can
sell as a Nigerian, okay? That markets all over the world.
Now, the second affiliate network I’m going to show you too is called A4D.
Which stands for ads for dough because most of their affiliate marketers place
ads online too or for making money, okay? For dough. This
is great. What you want to do if you want to sign up is you want to go over here
click partners, okay? And clicking partners will get you, oops these… will allow you
to sign up as an affiliate. See it it’s more than a network. It’s a partnership
with our affiliates. Now one thing to keep in mind is you will need some
experience for ads for dough but what you can do and you need to be referred
by someone what you can do is you can use my name. Only if you’re not going to
badger take up the time of the affiliate managers. Now keep in mind affiliate
managers, when you join these networks are paid only if you’re making money. So
asking them questions before you’re making money, doesn’t really make much
sense but you can get access to the offers. So what I ask is if you are
serious about affiliate marketing and you want to use this network, feel free
to use me as a reference but don’t ask questions of your affiliate manager
until you’re making them money, okay? Now the third affiliate network that I’m
going to show you is a really cool one. It’s called
Above All Offers. I’ve made a ton of money with this CPA network as well and
you can sign up as an affiliate right here. The thing about above all offers is
once again, you will need to be more of an experienced affiliate to sign up for
their or if you’re not experienced, do not ask your affiliate managers any
questions whatsoever until you are making them money. Again, you will get
booted from their network and you won’t be able to use my name as a referral
anywhere if you sign up and you start badgering your affiliate managers with
questions. Again, they’re only paid if you are making money. They they’re paid a
percentage of you know of your commissions. So be cognizant of that but
you can join these networks as affiliate marketers. The easiest one to get started
with as Nigerien is going to be JVZoo. They accept people from around the world
and you can sign up immediately to start promoting products and the millionaires, the 4 Nigerian millionaires that I’m going to show you. These guys are
crushing it, okay? So they’re all working on JVZoo’s
platform. Let’s check them out. These are guys I’m friends with on Facebook. So
here we go. This guy’s a boss. His name is precious. I
can’t even pronounce some of these names but his name is precious okay and
Precious Ngw and that’s him right there.
Internet millionaire. Super badass guy. He’s flashy with his money. He has houses
and all that jazz and he helps people. He also helps fellow Nigerians make money
online. You can learn more about him. Just search his name or something. Again, I’m
not going to share their profile links but you can search them in Facebook, okay?
Here’s another guy. Can’t pronounce his name. Akpomadaye Victory okay and
another Nigerian internet millionaire kicking ass, doing his thing, whatever.
So, another guy right here, Nigerian. Here’s another Nigerian internet
millionaire. His name is Oloodaisi Joseph. I don’t know if I’m pronouncing
this right. Badass dude, works with JVzoo to make lots of money online and the
last person I’m going to introduce you to is Ope Banwo II. Sorry if
I’m butchering these Nigerian names. But he runs the Africa business internet
summit and I guess he just did a… I just looking at his Facebook profile and he
has a couple other Nigerian internet marketers here and he lives a
pretty cool life. He’s got a good taste in fashion and absolutely killing it
online. Super businessman right there. So if
you’re Nigerian and you’re looking to make money online, you won’t be able to
sign up with Clickbank which is my main affiliate network. That’s the one I use. I
make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month with Clickbank. But that being
said, Nigerians have a lot of opportunities to make money. I’ve showed
you some millionaires. Internet marketing is huge in Nigeria and I’ve shown you a
few millionaires right here. You could follow them on Facebook. Just add them
and see what they’re up to. See what they’re recommending, see what they’re
doing to help you along in your journey and I gave you a few different affiliate
networks. I showed you JVZoo, Ads for dough
and above all, offers which are networks you can start with to make money online.
Now I hope this video helped you out. If it did, Give me a big fat like. if it
didn’t, you suck. if there’s something you’d like to see me teach about in the
future, leave a message in the comments below of what topic you’d like to see me
talk about. I’ve made millions of dollars in my internet business without having
any employees whatsoever and you can too. And just let me know what you’d
like to see me talk about in the comments. Subscribe to my channel and
talk to you soon.

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44 thoughts on “Internet Business Opportunities In Nigeria

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  2. There are 54 African countries… You could just do 54 new videos just changing the country name. Just kidding. This is what is great about internet marketing and specifically affiliate marketing… you can do it from every location on Earth in every language… just target the right audience with the right offer and you'll succeed. Another Great Video.

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    I love what you do. Keep it up…

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