Internet Safety for Kids K-3

All right, everyone. Let’s sit down at our
assigned computer. Go ahead and log in using your username.
Remember, your student number is your password. Click “OK” to log in. I like to come here. My dad works on his computer a lot at home, but I never get to use it. Yeah? Well I use my dad’s computer a lot. Sometimes he’ll put games on it and stuff.
I get to play for an hour on the weekends. Oh. I don’t get to play on the computer. Hey, did she say use our student number for the password?
I can’t remember mine. Yes. Bobo, let me use yours. I can’t remember my number. Well… Jackster, you can’t use Bobo’s number. Aw, why not? I forgot my number. Well one reason is because the computer
will then think it’s talking to Bobo, and today we have interactive talking software. It will talk to Bobo and to you by name. But a
better reason is because Bobo should never give out or share his password. His student number is his password, and
other students aren’t allowed to use it. Aw, what am I going to do? I can help you get your student number, Jackster. Come up here by my desk. Bobo, just log in and click the “OK” button to begin, then double click on the safety icon for today’s activity. So I type my name and my student number, and then I click “OK.” The teacher said to double click on the
safety icon, so here it goes. Hi, Bobo. Welcome to today’s lesson about the internet. Wow! You talk! Sure I do. I talk and move around,
and I’ll be your own, personal tour guide today. I’m going to teach you some things about the internet. Okay, that sounds fun.
But I don’t know anything about the internet. I don’t even know what that is. That’s okay, Bobo. The internet is all of the
information you can access on your computer that is stored on someone else’s computer.
It’s how you go to websites. Do you know what websites are? Sure. My dad shows me websites sometimes when I tell him I need to do a project for school. Then he goes to the computer and types something in. And then there are pictures and
sometimes words that I can read. Great. That is exactly what I’m talking about. The internet is where we all go to view websites. Sometimes– I can read! Did you know that? Aw, no, I didn’t know that. Yes! I can read whole words, and I can even type my name,
but I can’t read every word yet. I’m only in first grade. But I can read words like numbers and colors– That’s great, Bobo. Well, you will get
better at reading, and in the future, you’ll probably get on the computer
more and access the internet more, you know, look at webpages more, which is why I want to get you prepared for that. -So, let’s start by agreeing on a few ground rules, okay?
-Oh, okay. For example, since you are still in the first grade, let’s have one very important rule that
you will always get permission before you get on the internet or any other website. Rule number one says make sure your
teacher, or maybe your parent, types the right internet address
here in the address bar. Oh, hey, that’s my school website. I’ve looked at that before. Yes, your school website is a great
place to start your training on the internet. It’s always a safe and useful website, and sometimes they will show you new
information if you click on what are called “links.” Oh, a link.
What are you doing? Well, I’m pressing on a link. It’s a button on the web page. It makes new information come up on the screen. Oh, hey, neat. Wait, on this page I see a blank box.
I can type my name there. B-O-B– –Wait, Bobo, don’t do that. Yes, there is a blank box right up here
on the screen, but you should be very careful about
typing anything into a box on a webpage. Webpages that are a part of your school
website are generally okay, but sometimes you’re looking at a
website from another country or some other computer. Really? I can look at pictures and stuff from
another country? Yes. The internet connects computers from
all over the world, but you don’t want to type information
into a box on the webpage that your teachers or parents haven’t
said is okay. –Why? Because the information you type goes back to their computer, and you wouldn’t want to send information
to anyone unless you have permission. For example, don’t ever type your name or
your age on a web page if you weren’t told to do so by your teachers or parents. Oh, I’m not suppose to tell anyone who I am? What about where I’m from? I can type my town, too. Sorry, Bobo, not that either. I’m glad you
can type your name and your town, but you’re not supposed to type those things
on webpages or any other personal information about you or your family. Not on the internet, not on webpages, not unless your teacher or your parent
tells you it’s okay. –This is so important we’re going to make it our second rule.
–Our second rule.
–Yes. Don’t type anything in a box on a webpage or in the little windows and sometimes come
up when you’re on a webpage unless you’re told to do so by your
parent or teacher. Oh, okay. But I like typing things.
I just learned my town last week. Oh, I’m sorry, but, this is a good rule. Unless you have permission, you don’t
want to give your personal information, not even your town, to anybody at some other computer. Do you think you can follow this rule? I mean, sometimes, if your teacher or parent
tells you it’s okay, you get to type on the keyboard. Oh, okay. I guess I could follow that rule.
Are there any others? Just one more for today. Rule three: Don’t give anyone your
student number or your username. Oh, I already know that one! That almost happened here today. Jackster wanted
to use my name and my student number to log in. –He said that he forgot his number.
–Hey. Did you say my name? Aren’t you done yet? I finished mine already. Mr. Erick said not to give you my student number. Yeah, I know, I know. I learned that, too. I’m supposed to always
go get mine from the teacher if I forget it. That’s right. Never give out your student
number or other passwords or anything that helps you log in to a
computer or webpage. That’s very important. It could misidentify
you on the computer, or maybe someday someone will want to mess up
your information on the computer. I can think of somebody who might want to do that. Heh, heh. I know.
Well, that does it for our three rules today. Do you have any questions, Bobo? Um, no. Not that I can think of. Can you remember the three rules? Don’t give anyone my username or student number.
–Hey, I can do this. Don’t go to any webpage my teacher or parents didn’t set up for me.
–Oh, and don’t type anything like my name or anything in a box. Yes, that’s right. Those are the three rules.
If you can’t read this, don’t worry, but that’s what the words say on the
screen behind me. These are the three rules. Well, I’m done for today. Go ahead and press the done button, Bobo, and I’ll go to sleep for awhile. I’ll see you next time. Oh, okay. Here you go. Have a good sleep. Hey, ready for recess? I bet I’ll beat you to the swing set. No, you won’t!

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100 thoughts on “Internet Safety for Kids K-3

  1. ''The computer will think its talking to bobo''

    Yeah no i think its more like ''your password/username is invalid''

  2. Bobo is best trap waifu. I thought he was a chick until I noticed this anime had him looking fat, not just thicc on that sweet ass, but just large all around; regardless, I have found me a new fursona waifu ^-^

  3. do not type anything on webpage without asking a adult huh? *types in the band creature feature then types in Freddy Kruger *

    beat that cause you know i'm bad 😎 lol look at me i'm writing a comment but guys be safe on the internet some things are ok depending on your age but be safe OR GET OFF AND GO OUTSIDE of course when it is warm out tho 🙂

  4. I remember I was in 2nd grade when I got my first computer. I used the internet unrestricted, and did not need permission to use it. I used an first-gen iPad even before that. I used unrestricted internet and did not need permission to use it. Now, in 6th grade, I am one of the top test scores and honors student. If you use the internet correctly, you can learn a lot.

  5. Hi guys, I´d like to contribute translating this video, which will be useful for my daughter. Could you please allow this feature?

  6. I remember my mom setting up rules for me back in the day, but back in my day, she was on the phone too much for me to even get on the internet. xD This makes me feel old…

  7. 5:18 Almost every webpage has you type, and in my opinion parents should not let their kids on the internet until they are at least 6 years old (Depends on how you parent) kids who are 6 years old from what i know, explore places such as youtube. Many kids today grab their moms phones, go on a random video, and spam stuff like "ucuhuhcuhuhu" or "u have god vids!" This generation ignores those rules without a care and since the internet has different… cultures, such as memers, jake paulers, and casual grandmas, kids live on the internet in todays society. We all have broken this rule.

  8. Im average weirdo my age is infinity I live in oxymorontown my family is my average mom and my weirdo dad my studen. Number is @(#:#(-;-#@-“=)

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