Internet Support Group 4

Hello internet! It’s that time for us to band together as an online community to help each other get through Our relatable first world problems This, is the Internet Support Group Checking my emails, right! What do people want to ask Uncle Dan? That was the creepiest thing I’ve ever said I’m so sorry Okay! Out first problem today Comes from Annie, age 16, from Australia ”Hey Dan, I’ve been crushing on a friend of mine for a few months, and even though I want us to remain as friends I can not stop thinking about him. What should I do?” Here we go, okay Annie If I were you-oh wait, I’ve got another email from her ”Nevermind, I confessed and gor turned down.” [Breathes through teeth] Maybe I should check these emails more often Sophie! Age 14, from Kansas ”Hi Dan, my mom recently found that I ship Johnlock (…) and now I’m not allowed on the internet anymore except for Youtube. [Laughing] I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, I shouldn’t laugh- I feel myself slowly going mad and I need help, what do I do??” Well firstly, that’s mortifying But no really, this is quite tough, I mean How do you convince your mum you’re not an insatiable flash fiction pervert that deserves their freedom back? If she’s on to you, then she’s on to you But, I always recommend lying you know, say that, You were just searching for gifs and you stumbled across it say that a friend linked it to you or say that you just clicked on it once and promise that you’ll never do it ever again Because you think it’s creepy and weird. And then do it in an incognito tab next time Are you kidding me? Ashton, aged 10, from Washington asks ”Since my brother’s fifteenth birthday he just locks himself in his bedroom for ages every evening and won’t play XBOX with me. ¿What is he doing then?” [Laughs] Okay, uh, Ashton- Your brother is probably having some “Special Private Internet Time” And, you might not understand this now, But, you probably will by the time that you’re 15 So until then, just Just don’t knock whenever he’s doing this Nicole! Age 14 from Pennsylvania! ”Dan, so, I have this stalker (well, sort of) He is very socially awkward, and I don’t mean like you and I. Thanks He has no friends and since I am a decent human being, I try very hard to be nice to him when others aren’t, but I guess he took my ‘not being rude’ the wrong way and he won’t leave me alone now. He asked me out at homecoming (…), walks with me to my locker every day, and MADE ME A CANDLE [Laughs] Ok, ok, right, sorry- If it was anything other than a candle That would be adorable and sweet But a candle? A candle? What do I do?” This is a really tricky one ’cause it’s really awkward, but- You’re not doing anything wrong by not wanting to be friends with someone What I’d do is next time he, Stands next to your locker, to give you a homemade candle, just say “I’m sorry, I don’t think we have that much in common but you’re a really nice, sweet person, thank you” And that way, you’ve let him down, with a compliment! Good luck Our next one comes from Jacqui, age 11, in Canada: ”1- So Dan last month or so I ‘lave’ looking for glow-in-the-dark nail polish and ‘insted’ found …a condom ya in my ‘moms’ stuff this month I ‘her’ my mom and her boyfriend having sex I am scared for life please help. 2- I am scared to die and I am so young I constantly don’t sleep because of this, FML HELP.” Right. ‘Be right back Just accept I have a covert full of these for emergency situations, ok? Oh, Jacqui. Firstly, don’t ever look though your parents’ bedside drawers You’re just not gonna find anything you wanna see there. And your mom is allowed to have sex with her boyfriend, but if you can hear it, just play music as loud as you can, and rock backwards and forwards in the corner until it stops. And secondly, death is inevitable, but you’re eleven, so you’ve got quite a while. Mivica, 17, from Cedar Rapids ”Dear Dan, my boyfriend broke up with me after coming out of the closet, now he’s asking me for dating advice…what do?? I wanna be nice, but I’m slightly salty about it.” Well, ok, I think we all get why you may be salty about it, But if you can get pass that and be nice, that is probably exactly what your ex needs from his friends right now, and if you could be there for him in that way, you would be awesome. So you know what? You get out there and be the best dang wingwoman you can be. Okay? Our next correspondence comes from Chloe, age 16, from Nottingham. ”I was looking though my best friend’s computer the other day and I found her nudes, but she didn’t know, what shall I do? Chloe! That is literally the biggest invasion of someone’s privacy imaginable in this day and age. EVERYTHING is on someone’s personal computer, so firstly: bad Chloe! Secondly, I’m talking to you Chloe, your friend and every single person watching this video: DON’T.TAKE.NUDES. Okay? You might have a best friend snooping through your computer who sent it to themselves, you might have a boyfriend who breaks up with your and sends it to everyone; just don’t, okay? You don’t need to, not worth it… Told! Here we’ve got one from Irene, age 21, from Spain ”Hey Dan! So, to use a term you used in one of your videos, I’ve recently hit ‘free fall’. Okay. By that I mean I watched four seasons of Supernatural in five days Four seasons in five days?! Is that even possible? During these five days, I happened to have two of my final exams, so you can imagine how well they went. And if that wasn’t enough of a problem, I, about thirty minutes ago, hit a personal all time low… I started eating icing sugar out of the tub (…)with a spoon. *risa contenida* What am I doing with my life? How do I get out of this vortex of burying myself in season after season of T.V (…)?” Irene, I think we can all relate to you. I will tell you the only thing that could ever stop me procrastinating when I wanted to study: the absolute fear of failure. The day before I wanted to do some studying, I would spend the entire evening thinking about how absolutely miserable my life would be if I failed this exam until I was panicking, and then the next day I found myself quite light-headed. Fear *snaps finger*: it works Kasey, 16, from London. ”Hey Dan, I watched your ‘Existential Crisis’ video at school and for the rest of the week I felt like I never wanted to exist anymore. I watched your ‘Opinions’ video and literally for the rest of the day I got really defensive, I didn’t even realize it until my friend pointed it out… I need help. Do you think I need to stop watching your videos? Wow! I mean: usually when I make a video about something I feel like I’m just helping all the people that might be going through the same thing, but I guess of people haven’t even heard of this problem before I’m just making them aware of it for the first time. Nah, this has absolutely nothing to wth this, Kasey, what can I say? You’re definitely wrong. And Valerie, age 29 from Newcastle: ”Hello again, Daniel! I had a dick in my dream. It was a good, straight and strong tool I think I tea bagged someone with it.What does this mean?” Aaaand there it is. There’s always one. Okay! Good time to end. Believe it or not, I actually really enjoy making these videos, and I’d like to make them more often, but for that I need more problems, So if there is a question you would like to ask me or the rest of the Internet Support Group in a future video, I will leave info down in the description. And I’m suddenly aware that, technically, I am hoping people would have problems… …so I can make videos about them. Meh. Hope you all lol’d/liked this video, click ‘subscribe’ if you haven’t already, to be told when I make more ”Internet Support Group” or future videos, and as always, if you have any advice for the problems I’ve featured in this video leave your advice in the comments down below. And we can all touch e… I mean…embrace…each other… as a community…in a comforting, consensual way. …I’m gonna go now, okay? Bye!

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100 thoughts on “Internet Support Group 4

  1. kiah / 12 / michigan
    lately ive been thinking what is life what are we why are we alive how can we be rememberd all i do is eat ice cream and cry

  2. OMG It took me 10 months to catch up to 14 seasons of Supernatural and it took a week to finish 3

    I have a problem

    Do I care ?


  3. 5:10 omg mEEE. I'M LITERALLY PROCRASTINATING FROM STUDYING FOR MY FINAL EXAMS RIGHT NOW BY BINGING DANIEL HOWELL. i have oral danish tomorrow. i'll probably fail lmao

  4. I watched four seasons of supernatural in 3 days and finished all 14 seasons in the month before school ended… my grades dropped a bit but I’m satisfied and currently waiting for season 15.

  5. So im waching these internet support videos backwards, starting from the most recent. Im seeing him become less emo as time goes on

  6. I think I realised that I have no social life when Irene said she'd watched four seasons of Supernatural in five days and I related way too fucking hard.

    Sidenote, Supernatural is the best

  7. At 6:52 it says
    “as foretold in the prophecies of the great one

    one day your souls will be mine”


  8. And then I'm iver here watching all 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory in two days, not sleeping. Save me.

  9. If anyone is wondering, the text at 6:51 says "As foretold in the prophecies of the great one, one day your souls will be mine"

  10. I suddenly feel weak for watching 11 seasons in 5 weeks. To be fair I was in america for 2 of those weeks and barely had time for anything other than being tired hungry and grumpy

  11. Watching this gave me a funny pickup line. Your the dead to my inside. Wait that's weird. never mind I need to leave and think about shit


    Always knock. Please knock. AND STOP PICKING LOCKS

  13. “I’ve watched 4 seasons of Supernatural in 5 days…”

    I do this like every three weeks it’s nothing to be worried about.

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