Internet Support Group 8

Hello everyone! It’s time for me to give some advice to a few people on the internet whilst ignoring literally tens of thousands of emails that I got since filming the last episode. Which, if you think about it, is actually pretty upsetting… It’s the Internet Support Group!!! *ironically cheesy music* So I’m trying something different this time. Instead of attempting to completely abstain from drinking and then absolutely losing it when I get drunk gets a ridiculous question Like OH NO This time, I’m accepting it from the start and spreading the drinking throughout the video by taking a shot with every question!!! Alright, let’s do this! Roma, 26, from Poland We are not going to let this be a thing, okay? Interesting…I mean, try getting less fresh air and exercise I guess? Pokemon, what have you DONE to the world?? We all knew our place!! Here we go!! Ugh Okay I wasn’t prepared for that it was nasty as heck but I am sticking with this idea Samuel, 11, USA Shit… Oh god sad animal stories my weakness Alright Vodka on the laptop…everything’s fine! Death is part of life and that is one of the things that pets and families are there to teach us to be honest “Mommy, why isn’t the fish flapping anymore?” “Uh oh…Timmy, it’s time we had a chat about the universe.” You should just cherish the time you have left with this dog and try to make its life as enjoyable as possible so when it does pass, you’ll know that it was a happy dog and you did a good job. I mean, that is all any of us can hope for generally in life and hey, afterwards, you can get a new dog that you can enjoy. Until that one dies too… Cobiah, 24, from Cambridge meh You’re literally a medicine student. What wisdom do you think I could offer you? Yup. This was a really bad idea Hey, wait, I know actually… start the clinical trials and vlog at the same time about all the mutations that you start to experience! That way, you are doubling up on the same opportunity *claps* Boom, there we go, see THAT is why people come to me for advice. okay Sierra, 16, from Canada Now that was a great metaphor, Sierra, here’s to you *drAMATIC MUSIC* okay seriously I can’t keep doing this throughout the video I’m just gonna leave that there for a minute. Humanity is a complete mess of opinions and experiences so none of us should ever generalize a whole community of people or type of person as having one opinion together on a subject just because we’ve seen a few people have one and that is something that applies to everything. Its unfortunate you have experienced this rejection, but there are lots of people who accept whatever identity be it gender, sexual, fandom that they’re a part of that a person might have so love and accept yourself, ignore the people that don’t understand, and keep looking for more people that do. Now we go to Jaden age 19 from Reading Hey that’s where I grew up! That’s funny. What did you think, Jaden? Awful, right? Just abdolutely terrible… I love that that is a sentence that I just read. You’re gonna get me for finishing the whole bottle there, Jaden. You’re right, I am a huge dork with niche interests and for a long time in my life, I did not have friends, but thanks to the internet, and over the years, I met people. So, Jaden, believe in the internet, seek out those fellow robots, and you will find friends eventually. Now Frances, 18, from British Colombia OHMYGOD OH Okay I feel really uncomfortable looking at that photo and the more I think, the more I imagine, and I don’t like this, um Um, well maybe congratulate him on his creativity and appreciate Sherrie’s style, but I would just emphasize the emotional side of this, perhaps because a relationship with a pillow, you don’t get much out of that, and I think it’s about time your friend got something back instead of just…giving all the time… I’m sorry I have to stop I’m just gonna have to There we go, that was the one for this question Kayla, 18, from North Carolina would like to ask me: Let’s see, okay Hm, okay kinda You know what, I can actually relate though, Kayla, as I have something kind of similar: Resting Sad Face. Check this out. *dramatic sad music* Whenever anyone takes a candid photo of me, they’re like “Wow, oh my god Dan’s so sad, look at him” And it’s like, yes I am, but not because of my face, yknow I’d say, either just go like this all the time in your life which, to be honest, might be even weirder now that I think about it, or you could just keep your bitch face and just don’t give a fuck, oh yeah And next we go to Sabrina, who is 16, so she might be a witch just putting that out there, from Sydney, Australia. Sabrina, the five pillars of tumblr are: aesthetics, fandoms, social justice, memes, and porn. You just have to accept that for as long as you want to be on that website, one fifth of the people following you are going to have boobs in their icon. It is what makes it a magical place. Keegan, 13, from specifically Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. That’s good, do you wanna throw in your street address while you’re at it? Okay, sure, whatever Flaming Hot, it is the only acceptable choice, I do not care what you are shouting at me right now, I will break your legs. And Catherine, 18, from the state of New York. Well, there is nothing wrong with being sexually active, okay, so that is nothing to be embarrassed about, good for you, but you did have unprotected sex, and get an STD, so you will have to deal with some mild cringe from that, but as you said in your email, there is a cure, you will be fine. But I will say this, right now, hormonal young people watching this youtube video, Use protection if and when you have sex, okay? Just think of me. When I do my next internet support group video, I do not want to be dealing with teen pregnancies and pictures of peoples’ genital herpes, okay so if anything, do it for Dan, okay? #RubberUpForDan Right, I don’t even feel like looking for a silly one to end on, I am going to quit while I’m ahead today I am gonna flick this over here…The End. *ironically cheesy music* Wow, that was such a terrible idea, okay. Click subscribe if you want to see more of my internet support group videos in the future and in case you were interested in what’s generally happening in my life, I’m about to go to Australia as me and Phil and performing the Australian leg of our stage show, The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire So if you watch my videos and you’re from Australia and you want to come see us in real life, you can get tickets, which are still available, at and in fact, we made a video over on Phil’s channel together where we debated whether we’d suvive the harsh conditions of living in Australia so you can click over there to go see that and I think I’m going to go eat some bread and maybe throw up. Thank you. Goodbye.

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100 thoughts on “Internet Support Group 8

  1. Don't go to the airport drunk and this explains why you sprayed degororant in your eye, on it explains everything!

  2. Honestly, now knowing how much alcohol was in his system, the deodorant story suddenly makes so much more sense.

  3. When a public figure like Dan Howell, with over six million subscribers, recognizes and normalizes an identity that is as contested and reviled and poorly understood as asexuality, it means something. It means that of the one million people who saw that video, at least a fraction might have gone back and googled the word “asexual,” and maybe another fraction discovered something about themselves, or about their close friends, or a relative. thanks for helping us out a bit.

  4. For the person asking for help on the topic of asexuality: I see you and accept you. Maybe this doesn't make you feel any better, but if it does, know that I'm here for you.

  5. 0:15 wtf was that? What are u saying? I know he's saying "it's Internet support group" but it sounded more like " IZZYANE SUPPORT GROUP" ??

  6. There HAS to be a guy out there named Timmy who watches Dan's videos and wonders why it's always him that's being referred to.

  7. The five pillars of tumblr are: aesthetics, fandoms, social justice, memes, and porn.
    I. Will. Quote. This. Till. I. Die.

  8. OMG I HAVE RESTING SAD FACE TOO! like my parents are always like "why u so upset?" And I'm like I have RSF now leave me be please

  9. PSA: isn't HPV one of the STIs you can catch even with a condom, because it is a wart virus transmitted by moist skin contact?
    Vaccination is your friend, people. ?

  10. “A fifth of people following you are gonna have boobs in their icon… that’s what makes tumblr a magical place”

  11. connecting the dots for you
    dan filmed this before going to australia
    we know that’s when he sprayed deodorant in his eye
    he filmed a video right before that happened
    this was the video he filmed
    so he was drunk when he blinded himself

  12. OMFG with the Doritos, I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!!!!! (the rest of my family hates the flaming hot ones, but I think there's something wrong with them soooooo…..)

  13. And then tumblr destroyed one of its five pillars by banning porn and it’s worth went from 1 billion to 3 million. Well done tumblr.
    But the porn bots are somehow still there and a huge chunk of the real user base is now gone.

  14. I’d like to thank Sierra for bringing up asexuality. I have never seen it mentioned in anything other than posts on Pinterest by asexual people so this was important to me.

  15. okie i give, what is it about the spelling of kayla that makes people pronounce it as kyla?? because i've had enough of people calling me kyla all the time

  16. Yep I have resting sad face too. Not only that, but whenever I sit down I sit with my head in my hands (bc it’s comfortable) and people are always asking if I’m okay and it’s so fucking annoying

  17. I'm a 130 pound female and one time I took 9 shots of new Amsterdam vodka. I'm sure you can imagine how that went

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