Introduction to Build Your Online Business

Welcome to Create Your Own Online Business! The internet offers smaller businesses and
individuals the opportunity to sell products or services online. Unlike the high costs and numerous resources
needed to set up a brick-and-mortar store, you can sell almost any product online with
minimal expense. You can build your storefront, promote your
products or services, and even conduct transactions entirely on the web! In this unit, you will create an online business
in order to sell a product or service. As you set up your business, you will… Create a document in Google Docs to identify
your skills, interests, and resources. Think of how you might use them to develop
your product or service. You will conduct research to identify potential
customers and their preferences. Then, organize the findings in Google Slides. Select the website that best fits your product
or service, and launch your own online store. Design a flyer to promote your business and
the product or service you are offering. Use Google Sheets to track inventory, spending,
and profits. And create a customer feedback survey in Google
Forms. Move on to one of the activities to get started!

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