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23 thoughts on “Introduction to Marketing Research

  1. easy way to understand

  2. Thank you Dr. Naik for the lectures, i have gone through all the lecture which are really helpful to foreign university students also i am one among them. Kindly include topics like Discrete Choice Analysis, Information Display Matrix and Methods of Prognosis.

  3. Thanks everyone. Kindly use the videos and in case you need any further clarification kindly post a question so that I can try to answer.

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  5. Dear Dr. Naik. I am a fresh marketing girl from China. I have no knowledge about marketing. Could you tell me how can I finish a marketing plan for my customer? Our customer need me to do a marketing plan to drive the sales…I do not know how ..pls help..

  6. Good going sir, very few people actually sharing this content


    I have been searching like this from long, can i have some more resources as well pls

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