Introduction to the PCC Library Website

The Library is here to support you! In addition to the books, journals, textbooks,
computers, study spaces, librarians, and more that you’ll find in our four campus libraries
at PCC, the Library website is full of resources to help you be successful in college. You can access the library website from the
PCC website by going to Resources and then Library or going to MyPCC and looking for
the Library under Quick links on the front page. You can also just type in The vast majority of the Library’s resources
are actually available in electronic format and you can access them from the Library website
both on-campus and off. If you’re off-campus, some resources you
click on may just ask you to first login with your MyPCC username and password. You can use the search box in the middle of
the page to find a lot of what is in the Library’s collection, but not everything. Type in your search terms here to find print
books, eBooks, DVDs, and streaming videos available through the Library as well as from
our partner libraries in the Summit system. Did you know that the Library might have your
textbook? The Library keeps a collection of textbooks
that instructors have placed on Reserve for their classes. You can check to see if the Library has it
using the same search box, just be sure to check the box to search for Course Reserves. If we do have your textbook, you can go pick
it up at the Library Check Out desk and borrow it in the Library usually for 2-4 hours at
a time. If you click on the Articles tab, you can
search for and find articles from newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals from our
two largest library article databases. In addition to those two databases, the Library
has over 100 databases that you can use to find articles, eBooks, videos, and data. Many of these databases are designed for research
in specific subject areas, such as biology, business, and communications. You can look at the whole list, or just see
databases that are good for research in a specific subject area. We don’t necessarily expect you to know
what the best resources are for you to search when you’re starting a research project
for a particular class, so librarians have developed online research guides for every
subject at PCC. These make suggestions about where to find
sources and also provide helpful research tips and information about citing sources. Librarians have even created research guides
to support research in specific classes, like Reading 115. You’ll see that it covers the whole research
process from choosing a topic, to finding sources, and finally citing them. No matter what class you have to do research
for, there is a guide that can help you. Want to visit one of our campus libraries? You can see our current hours here and click
to view hours for the entire term. Each library has a variety of spaces in the
building for different types of study needs. This includes quiet spaces, collaborative
spaces, and group study rooms. You can book group study rooms on the library
website. Just use the Reserve a Study Room link to
make a reservation for a specific day and time. The PCC Librarians are here to help connect
you with the information you need. Need help finding articles on your topic? Not sure how to cite that source? Looking for a good book to read? Need to find the PCC shuttle schedule? Ask a librarian! You can visit the research help desk at each
campus library to get one-on-one help from a librarian in-person, but you can also call
the research help desk, email the library, and chat with a librarian. Our online chat service is available to help
you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can access it from the upper right hand corner
of every page of the Library website. You are not expected to be an expert in how
to use the library or how to do research, but it gets much easier with experience. Please don’t hesitate to ask a librarian
for help if you have a question or hit a roadblock in your research. We’re happy to help! Thanks for watching! We look forward to seeing you in the library
or working with you online!

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