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Hi, I am Brijesh before you I am the founder of BM Coder Technologies. I have 12+ years of experience in web and mobile development and have worked with Agencies from United Kingdom London and South Africa Specially London and South Africa I have done my masters in computer science. I am a passionate developer and love working on web and mobile technologies. My competence lies in working on a complex project and managing a remote team across the globe. Apart from development, I like swimming and reading books. I do 500 mtrs of freestyle swimming and recently I completed Adweeks by Sugarman. BM Coder is a tech startup helping SME Startups Digital Agencies and Studios with Web and Mobile Development requirements. Our majority of clients are from Travel, Hotel Real Estate And Gaming Domains And are located from United Kingdom South Africa And few are from United States and India If you are thinking of a project on web and mobile I can help you with database design UX flow, User Journey and selecting the right technology for your project you can visit my website and contact me for one to one chat For your project Thank you for this video. Have a great day!

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