Invitation To Learn How I Built My Internet Business

Hey, this is John Crestani and I want to
invite you to an exclusive video series with me
this week where I’m gonna show you exactly
how I built my internet business from scratch to the point where it’s making me roughly
5 million dollars per year In this video series I’m gonna show you not only how I built my business from
scratch, using free traffic methods but how you can build your very own
internet business and without hav ing to sacrifice
the freedom of being wherever in the world you
want and waking up, and living on your
completely own time schedule this video series is for you if you’re
looking to learn how to create your very own
internet business but you don’t know how to get started This video series is also for you if you already have a business online but you’re just looking to take it
to the next level Now, if you don’t know about my story basically I began as an internet marketer
back in 2011 and I was trying to make money any
way I could in 2013 I did $100,000 and in 2014
I did $500,000 in 2015 I did 1 million dollars and in 2016 I’ve done almost
5 million dollars in revenues in my online business and I’ve gotten it to the point where I can do anything I want
with my life I can live on my own schedule I can be where I want to be and I live life completely on my
own terms It’s my mission to help others do the same I got started in this industry by coming across a mentor very much
like you are coming across a mentor right now Now at this point, I’ve had hundreds of
successful students get to the point where they’re earning 6 figure or even 7 figure a month incomes
online now I invite you to opt in somewhere on
this page to subscribe to my video series and I will send you daily videos showing you how you can also
create your very own internet business and I look forward to seeing you
in the next video

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79 thoughts on “Invitation To Learn How I Built My Internet Business

  1. Great video, it's alway Inspirational to see someone living on his/her terms! What is the song in the background of this video?

  2. Hello John, I want to follow all of your videos, you can suggest a timeline to start with?
    Hello …. you are great.
    Mario, Italy

  3. this is my channel/
    i want get subscribers to buy my own camera vloging that's my gool: thanks

  4. hey john…ive stumbled upon an ad with your video wtih the opportunity im looking for…i make beats, Photoshop designs, a diploma in general construction and many more but i cant seem to get anywhere with any of these talents…..and im very good with the computer and i want to do the same as you… what i love online..make my own money without a set salary and just as successfull…..maybe this ad was a sign and i take u as my mentor rn

  5. John Crestani, you are a magnificent person. You are an example to follow. When you are a millionaire with your tips, we get together to have some beers in Miami;)

  6. im newbe i have just experience abour reskin android apps if i want to learnd the marketing where i can start ?

  7. I've been skipping this guys ads for a while now. Finally clicked on it and I'm not disappointed!! Awesome content!

  8. JC….I know you're not going to respond to this…but I'm so in the mood to start my business. I made too many excuses and I am about 10 years late doing so. Hopefully, clicking on your ad was worth it. And…if you want to be my mentor let me know.

  9. Hey I am a Youtuber with over 1 Million subs and over 250 Million views not counting my Facebook with over 1.4 Million followers and millions of views. I am really interested in this and looking for a mentor. Love the production by the way

  10. John, i'm 17 And i'm SOOOO excited about online marketing tools and other smart ways to make my own money, from 8 months to now it's all i've been doing all day long: Reading books(35 since July 2016), watching vídeos Like yours, practicing sales . I cant help but love it with all I got. Definitely buying Jetset. If you had 17 years with the knowledge that you have now, what would you do ?

  11. I get a lot of questions about this and to save you from having to ask, I'll address them here:

    1. *You were talked about in Forbes?!*

    2. *You've really helped others get started?*
    Sure – you can view testimonials of some of my students on Youtube here:

    3. *Are you a unicorn?*
    Nope – I exist. You can meet me at events such as Tony Robbins' quarterly UPW events, and you can see that I am a real person.

    4. *Why are you doing this?*
    Because I know a lot of people out there can relate to my hatred of having a crappy boss and being a slave to the 9-5 grind. It was a constant source of anger for me back in the day, and helping others quit that life and move towards something much better is rewarding to me. I genuinely enjoy educating people, connecting with others, and doing it in an entertaining, engaging way.

    5. *Is this actually free?*
    YES! This is a completely free webinar. I go through a lot of foundational information in it and you can take that and run with it to get started. I do also discuss my training program on it for anyone who wants further guidance. The cost of that training program is only forty seven dollars. I'm all about helping people get started for as little as possible to make it easier to be able to start.

    6. *Why the beard?*
    Why not? Don't knock it til you try it!

    7. *Are you Irish Tai Lopez?*
    No. I've resisted the urge to put 10 million books and 50 Lamborghinis in my Lamborghini garage. Say what you will about his videos but everyone knows who he is now…

    I hope that answers any questions you might have! If you are looking for more information, you can go to my page and click the Send Message button to shoot me a message, or check out my webinar at

  12. Would this work for any business? What if I am an artist, I sell paintings, I use my website to sell them. They have a possibility of becoming mass produced. Just wondering like.. I seen the free webinar ad, intuitively curious I searched for the name of the tune that was playing and found this video. Anyone know what tune ? I think it's a hip hop tune but I can't replay the dam ad to listen to it again. It's a sweet riff.

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  15. Hey John I have not began to start yet and I am absolutely positively excited delighted and elated about learning esp starting my own business. Inhave put three kids through college and have little retirement left so I just want thank you in advance.

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