Invoice2go Small Business Stories: Bill & Ben The Electrical Men

I’m Ben Stuth and I’m an electrician with Bill and Ben The Electrical Men. Bill: The typical jobs we do mainly domestic and commercial like buildings here at Stirling we’re
running data cable and television cables. Ben: My dad’s on the old school path were he wasn’t up with the technology. Bill: I used to hand write the invoices once I did a quote so I handed the quote
into the receptionist three weeks later I got a check for $3000! People actually pay me for quotes; it’d be good if you can get away with it. (Chuckles) Ben: A bloke at a lighting shop recommended using Invoice2go ever since that day I’ve never
looked back. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. When I’m doing a quote I’ll generally walk through the job with the client, get on my Invoice2go app and email him the quote and if I do get the
job I just transfer the estimate over to the invoice and thats all done for me. I do sometimes 3 or 4 jobs a day, so when I invoice on the go it means that I
don’t have to go home and spent an hour sitting at a desk writing up invoices. It’s made my life easier. Bill: Ben has enhanced my business five fold because of the modern innovations it brings in. A lot of people can’t work with their own family the fact that I work with my dad
I’ve heard all his jokes about a thousand times. A lady might say ‘my name is Janine.’ I say, ‘that’s funny Janine — ‘I’ve got your name tattooed on my bum.’
They get all excited — then I turnaround and pull it down and you can see the tattoo and was only $150 dollars. How much fun you can have for that? (Chuckles)

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6 thoughts on “Invoice2go Small Business Stories: Bill & Ben The Electrical Men

  1. We use invoice2go for our business and it has been GREAT…..All wholesale (store/retailer) orders are handled with invoice2go…We still use PayPal Invoicing for individual – retail (non-wholesale) orders, but Invoice2go has been a real blessing for our wholesale orders. A nice side-benefit has been Purchase Orders and client-listings.

  2. Great little program! Just a few shortcomings. Can't create a packing slip with no prices to give to your deliver guy. If you change you discount column it changes all previous invoices! Discounts price per item prices are not able to be displayed, along with for some reason they calculate the % discount to the 4th decimal point which throws all you figures off a little to enter them into a bigger program for accounting.
       On the Great side: its fast, very convinient and is very easy to create invoices on the spot. All devices sync well with each other!

  3. I enjoy your video! Just what I needed to hear today! I love a lot of the comments also! I'll be checking out some more of your rock star vids, please check out mine as well! Thanks and God bless!

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