IRC Consumer & Retail Practice Group

We spent a significant
part of our careers in this industry and hence we understand the recent evolutions of this sector. Accordingly, we help our clients attract inclusive leaders through assessing candidate’s agility, innovation and ability to take risks. Retailers want your business and are using ever more
sophisticated tools to understand their
customer’s buying habits. By capturing more information about you companies can build trust and loyalty by offering products, promotions, rewards, and services that you will value. Search executives, discovering talented marketing and technology leaders who are engaged in this capture and analysis of information for customer-facing companies is a tremendous
opportunity to serve our clients that may need that kind
of talent on their teams. FMCG companies used to be
attractive employers per se. In the past, their was an over supply of excellent candidates. Nowadays, candidates
are much more particular. They expect sustainable
products, meaningful jobs, corporate social responsibility and much more. Executive Search consultants have to know their clients really well to be able to deliver proper answers to all these questions. The new business environment calls for even stronger
soft skills for leaders. Firstly, being assertive in understanding his people’s strengths and interests and align them with company goals. Secondly, be persuasive in developing a strong value proposition and purpose. And thirdly, challenging
his team with stretch goals while providing access in
training in new technologies. Such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and so on. We see more and more companies integrating technologies into their business. So what do these trends mean for the search for senior talent? With new technology, business leaders can rely on realtime
tracking and transparency, which then allows them
to make faster decisions. Social media is also
being use to facilitate internal and external communication. And these trends mean the search for senior talent is broadened across multiple industries that are experiencing this new technology bringing in new skills and ideas. Belonging to this practice group gives us a possibility to cooperate with our specialized professional colleagues all over the world and get the latest know-how, trainings and best practices in consumer and retail. It’s a huge advantage
to have this information that we can share with out clients. We also guarantee that we have a qualified consumer and retail
executive search consultant in each assignment. IRC’s practice group in the consumer and retail field has industry expertise and research methodology that allows us to find the right leaders for our clients worldwide. The global reach, the innovative propositions and digital technologies that we apply, together with a human touch and open communication, makes IRC unique.

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