Is It Too Late To Start An Online Business In 2018?

– Hey, my name’s Russell
Brunson and I want to answer a really
quick question that tons of my subscribers have been asking. Is it too late to make
money online in 2018? So really quick if you want to subscribe and follow my channel and
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amazing videos like this. But right now, let me talk about this. (upbeat pop music) Everyone’s always asking me,
“Is it too late, did I miss it, did I miss the bulb, did
I miss the .com burst?” And the answer is no, okay. Now I want to rewind backwards so you guys understand kind of what’s been happening, what you missed down here while the sands of time were happening. I got started online about 15 years ago. Back then, guess what was
the big social platform? Curious if you guys remember this. It was called Friendster. Okay, then fast forward a few years later, this company came in and
destroyed Friendster, it’s called Myspace. How many of you guys still
have your Myspace profile? It’s gone, right? After Myspace came Facebook
and now there’s Instagram and there’s YouTube and all
these amazing platforms. K, back 10, 15 years when
I started a business, I have no idea how I got
traffic, people, visitors, actually come and see the products and service that I was selling. Somehow we figured out a way to do it. Today because of technology,
because of social platforms, because of all these
things, it’s simpler than it’s ever been in the history of mankind. You can literally go
to Facebook and you pay Mark Zuckerberg five
or 10 dollars and he’ll start sending people to your
website, into your funnel, to sell your product,
sell your opportunity, whatever it is that you’re doing. You can go to Instagram
and you can click a button and in five seconds be
in front of a live video, in front of thousands of different people. Same thing here on YouTube. It’s easier today than ever before and it’s gonna continue
to get easier and easier. So if you’re in the spot and you’re like, “I think I missed my
shot, the sands of time, it’s almost over, I missed it.” The good news is, now its 2018, the entire clock just flipped. And right now all this
opportunity’s coming and all it means for you is you just gotta jump in and grab it and actually do it. There’s an old Chinese
proverb that says this the best time to plant
a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now. So for those of you guys that are like, “Ahh, did I miss my shot?” Hey, sure, maybe it was
better for you to start a business five years ago or two years ago or two months ago last
time you thought about it. But the second best time is right now. On this channel, I’ll
continue to share videos that are gonna show you
not just the understanding that you can start a business, but I’m gonna show the step-by-step exactly how to do it, how to get the idea, how to create the product,
how to put up a landing page, how to create a funnel, how
to drive traffic and people so that you can get your
piece of the opportunities that are here and available in 2018. If you want more videos like this, that are gonna show you the
actual step-by-step and how-to, please subscribe to the
channel, turn on notifications. I’m gonna keep on dropping
gold and dropping bombs for you guys because it is your time. The opportunities are here
and I want you guys to grab your piece of the
opportunities that are here in 2018. So, with that said,
thank you guys so much. Subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you guys on the next video. (upbeat pop music)

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